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    NO @ Dina and Alex!!!

    I think if I made a list all of the RHONY housewives (but Heather and Cindy) would be very high up.

    As long as CountGoddess LuAnn isn't out next I'm happy

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    Luann NEEDS to leave next. She is f*cking awful.



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    place where u dont wanna be in :(
    i hope Mary from Vancouver and Queen Teresa place high but some things in my head thinks Jody & VickiG will be..

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    Hello everyone !

    I hope everyone had a great July 4th! I know I did !

    Sorry I haven't posted in the past few days, I have been very busy.

    But, I am back today with the next three housewives.

    Today, I will be ranking the housewives at #47-45.

    Here is #47:





    Tagline: (Season 1 and Season 2) “If It doesn’t make me money, I don’t do it”

    Lisa Wu-Hartwell is #47 on my countdown. Lisa was an original housewife on the hit show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Lisa stood out to me already from the opening credits, her tagline definitely caught my attention.

    Lisa is an entrepreneur in her own right. Lisa has a clothing line, her real estate business, she paints, and a lot more. On the show, she is married to Ed Hartwell, who was in the NFL and played for the Flacons at one point until he was unfortunately injured. Much of the first season regarding Lisa Wu-Hartwell was her worrying about her husband getting back into the NFL and how there lives would change.

    One thing that stood out to me about Lisa Wu-Hartwell was, that she had an edge to her. Although we didn’t see her temper that much while she was on the first two seasons of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, we definitely saw moments of it. I have not watched the seasons with Lisa Wu-Hartwell in a long time, but from what I remember, she had an issue with fellow housewife; Kim Zolciak.

    Lisa had a pretty big storyline in the first season, with her husband going back into the NFL, but by the second season, I felt like she got a bit overshadowed by the other housewives. In Season 2, her and Sheree did have the “battle of the clothing lines”, but for the rest of the season, it was a lot to do with NeNe, Kim, Kandi, and Sheree.

    I do think in a sense that Lisa belonged on that show because she was successful in many different businesses and it was good to see Lisa supporting her husband. It has been said that Lisa didn’t return for Season 3 because she didn’t want to deal with the different dramas between the housewives, but we did see her making cameos in Season 3 a few times.

    In recent years, apparently Lisa and her husband Ed, sadly got divorced. Lisa was fun at first to watch on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” because she really did add to the show, but by the time it was towards the last half of season two, she was overshadowed by some of the other housewives of the show. She is at #47 because she didn’t leave a big enough impression on me and I have not seen episodes of her in a while.

    Credit for the video goes to dhfanpaul:

    Here is #46:





    Tagline: (Season 2) “Vancouver’s beauty is one of a kind, just like me”

    At #46, we have the 26-year old gorgeous Russian beauty; Ioulia Reynolds. Ioulia Reynolds along with Amanda and Robin were brought on as the new housewives for Season 2 of “The Real Housewives of Vancouver”. Ioulia Reynolds is originally from Russia and her and her family moved to Vancouver almost 12 years ago. Ioulia even goes onto say that “I’m not a mail order bride like some people might think, definitely not”.

    Ioulia is married to her husband Damian Reynolds on the show. We didn’t see that much of Damian on the show other than just a few episodes. Her husband was a little older, but age is just a number. We are first introduced to Ioulia when fellow housewife Mary Zilba invites her to Ronnie’s barbeque in the Season 2 premiere.

    Ioulia was probably my favorite “new” housewife on “The Real Housewives of Vancouver” Season 2. She brought a certain sense of class and beauty and that attracted me to her. She is very confident in herself but she wasn’t stuck up at all. Ioulia got along with all of the girls for most of the seasons, only with a few arguments.

    Ioulia might have been a sweet girl, but she had a fierce temper. Her and Amanda got into a verbal argument at a party and it seemed that the conversation got heated between both of the housewives. I did feel bad that Ioulia was put in the middle at certain points because she wanted to please the girls. I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying to be friends with everyone and I think she did it better than somebody like Robin, who also tried to be friends with all of the housewives.

    In one of the later episodes, Jody hosted a party the same night as Mary’s birthday party and pressured all of the housewives to come to her party and not Mary’s birthday party.

    All of the housewives except Robin, went to Jody’s dinner. Ioulia showed up at Mary’s birthday party with a present, but as soon as Mary thought Ioulia was going to stay for her party, Ioulia said that she was dropping off the present and had to go to Jody’s dinner. Mary was crushed and it seemed at Jody’s dinner, Ioulia regretted not staying at Mary’s.

    Ioulia is at #46 because I wanted to see her develop more and it was hard because of the strong personalities and that Season 2 was only 10 episodes or so. I do look forward to seeing Ioulia on the next season when “The Real Housewives of Vancouver” come back for Season 3.

    Credit for the video goes to dhfanpaul:

    Here is #45:





    Tagline: (Season 2) “If you don’t like my smile, then don’t look my way”

    We have Karent Sierra at #45 from “The Real Housewives of Miami”. Karent Sierra was one of the four “new housewives” added to spice up the Second Season. Karent Sierra is known as the dentist to the stars, and from the pictures in her office, she has connections with celebrities like Eva Longoria and Pitbull.

    What caught my eye about Karent Sierra was how beautiful she was. Not only was she gorgeous, but she also had pretty good style as well. She always seemed to carry herself well and that was great to see such confidence yet someone that was so down to earth.

    Karent was brought into the group through fellow housewife; Adriana. Karent instantly clicked with new housewives Joanna Krupa and Lisa Hochstein. Karent was at the center of the drama and had a big storyline from the very first episode of Season 2 to the Season 2 Finale. Karent was dating a soap opera star named Rodolfo. Many of the housewives felt that there just wasn’t something right about Rodolfo, some even accused him of being unfaithful. Karent sees that a girl named Ana was texting Rodolfo and she confronted the new housewife; Ana Quincoces thinking it was her, but that comes full circle in the Season Finale.

    Karent pissed Adriana off after she “beat her to the tweet” in regards to an artist that Adriana really likes. Much of the season was centered around Karent and it seemed that she got under a lot of the housewives’ skin just by a simple smile. Towards the end of the season when Joanna Krupa took the housewives to Bimini in The Bahamas, Alexia showed some of the girls in her room an article showing Rodolfo cheating on Karent.

    I have met a good amount of the housewives including Karent Sierra, and she is so nice and down to earth. I really like that she created her own charity and it is for a great cause. Karent is very friendly and I can see how much editing went into play against Karent Sierra.

    Lisa said it best at the reunion that she was glad that Karent didn’t give the girls the reaction they wanted because it wasn’t coming from a good place, and I would probably have to agree with Lisa. Karent added so much to Season 2 and I am upset not to see her on Season 3. Karent brought a lot of drama and many of the girls did not like her but I’m glad that she stood up for herself at the reunion and that is why she is #45 on my countdown.

    Credit goes to rhfanpaul for the video:

    I will post the hints for the next three housewives later on today.

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    Yay LuAnn! I haven't watched RHOA in forever but I remember loving Lisa.

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    place where u dont wanna be in :(
    hope to god Mary and Teresa are in top 15 <3

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    Big Brother 15: Elissa - Nick - Candice - Jessie
    Bad Girls Club 11: Sarah - Janelle

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    Hello everyone !

    Italiaguy2468 ranks "The Real Housewives" is back!

    It's been a busy summer so far but I am back with today's ranking.

    Today I will be ranking the housewives #44-42 .

    Here is #44:





    Tagline: (Season 3) “I live a life that most girls only dream of”.
    (Season 4) “I never throw the first punch, but I’m always a knockout”.
    (Season 5) “Sexy life, loyal wife, take a page from my book”.

    Here we have #44, Melissa Gorga. I have quite a lot to say about her. Melissa Gorga first appeared on Season 3 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, but she was first mentioned on the “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Season 2 reunion when former New Jersey Housewife; Danielle Staub mentioned something about Teresa’s family, which ultimately caused Teresa to flip out and push Andy back in his seat (which by the way he seems to bring up at every “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion. Lol).

    I am not a fan of Melissa Gorga, but I will give credit where credit is due. Melissa Gorga is a very beautiful girl with a very beautiful body. I think Season 3 was when she looked her best in my opinion. It seems as the seasons went on, Melissa kept getting worse and worse. Melissa was pretty tame towards the beginning of Season 3, but fast forward to Season 5 and she really is starting to annoy some fans and even some of her castmates.

    “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” was on a roll after having an extremely successful second season and when it was announced that two members from Teresa’s family was joining the show in Season 3, we knew that there was going to be some drama. The first episode of Season 3 was very odd but at the same time very sad. The whole atmosphere was pretty weird I would have to say.

    I did like Melissa Gorga at some points during Season 3, but past Season 3, I did not like her that much. We did see both Teresa and Melissa making little snide comments and some action that they both did to get under each other’s skin. Joe Gorga obviously looked hurt that he was not that close with his sister at that point, but I can’t lie and say that it’s fair to blame everything on Teresa. That was “easy way out” for The Gorga’s, if you would like to say that.

    My biggest problem with Melissa Gorga is that Melissa is an instigator and she knows what she is doing. There were rumors going around that Melissa would be shown in a “better light” or edited to be better while Teresa was going to be portrayed as the villain. It seemed like her and Joe Gorga were friends with some of the producers of Season 3 and Season 4 at the time, there was even a picture of them together, but the rumor surfaced on many websites and it seemed that those producers were let go after Season 4.

    Melissa seems to blame many things on Teresa. The incident that happened at The Posche Fashion Show in the Season 4 Finale seemed to be set up more by the producers rather than Teresa. Teresa stated at the Season 4 reunion that everyone knew that something was going to go down involving Melissa. So, why didn’t the other housewives’ warn Melissa? As I said, it seemed the easy way out for Melissa to blame Teresa for many problems. Even with one of the more recent episodes of Season 5, she blamed Teresa for not sticking up for her when one of Melissa’s best friend tried to tell her, Kim D., and Jennifer Dalton information about Melissa. Not only did Teresa say she got up and walked away when Jana started to talk, but multiple people backed Teresa up such as Jennifer Dalton, but that wasn’t good enough for Melissa.

    I was happy that we started to see the real Melissa in Season 5, the most recent season. She comes off as a bit jealous and blaming Teresa for everything kind of makes her get disliked by some fans. Melissa seems jealous and kind of mean especially in her interviews and her blogs. Teresa and Melissa are said to be in a good place, but all Melissa does it tweet about Teresa and writes bad things about her in her blog week after week. Teresa has been pretty smart this season in not really tweeting or blogging about the housewives in a negative way. It seems as Melissa is making herself look really bad.

    In one of the most recent episodes, Melissa , while on the topic of making her own book, has dissed Teresa about her books. I’m sorry, who’s books have been extremely successful and have made the New York Times Best Seller? Oh that’s right, it’s Teresa.

    Melissa definitely made the show interesting, but the storylines are getting bland and it is the same storyline Season after Season. Next season is going to be interesting since it has been said that some of the housewives’ might not be returning. Melissa has been going hard for Teresa online, but I wonder what she will say to Teresa and Caroline at the reunion since she seems to have a problem with both of them on Season 5, and that is why she is #44 on my list.

    Here is #43:





    Tagline: (Season 1) “Are the Police involved?”
    (Season 2) “I was poor, I was rich, I was poor again, and you know what, having money is easier”
    (Season 3) “You know what, I’m living the OC lifestyle again, I feel like royalty”.
    (Season 4) “I still get pampered and I still get treated like a princess, I deserve it”.

    Here we have #43, Lauri Peterson from “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. Lauri was an original housewife on the first ever housewives’ show “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. I give a certain level of respect, because she with the other original Orange County housewives helped pave the way for the rest of the housewives’ shows.

    I really did not watch the first two seasons of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” that much. I have caught up with Season 3 and Season 4 with the Orange County marathons. I do remember certain moments and clips on Youtube, and I can say one thing, Lauri was not boring on the 4 seasons she was on the show.

    Much of the Lauri’s storylines centered around her family, especially her daughter Ashley and her son Josh. I did feel a bit bad for Lauri because it seemed at times that she let her kids push her around a bit, I wish she had more of a backbone in that sense, but I’m not gonna judge her parenting skills. I do have to say that both of them are old enough to make their own decisions.

    I feel that her daughter took advantage of her when Lauri was nice enough to let Ashley stay at her house after she just showed up one day from school. From what we were shown, Lauri had to pick up Ashley’s slack. I really felt bad for when she had to deal with her son, Josh. Josh was involved in drugs and went to rehab and it must have been really hard for Lauri.

    Lauri had a lot on her plate and she seemed to not get in that many arguments from what I remember. She did get married on the show and by mid-Season 4, Lauri Peterson left “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. I feel that it was the right thing to do because of the issues with her family and she wanted to focus more on them.

    Rumors were swirling around that Season 8 of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” was going to see Lauri Peterson return to the show. I was pretty happy because I have always liked Lauri. To be honest, Lauri Peterson made Season 8 what it was, entertaining. Season 8 of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” started out slow, but once Lauri was back on the show as a “Friend of the Housewives”, things started to get really entertaining. Season 8 might have been boring without her and whether she was right or wrong about what she has said about Vicki, Season 8 would not be the same without her. I look at this show as entertainment and some take the show way too seriously and Lauri is fun to watch because she is entertaining, and that is why she is #42 on my list.

    Here is #42:





    Tagline: (Season 3) “I’m the hottest housewife in Orange County”.
    (Season 4) “I’m not the new girl anymore, so watch out”.
    (Season 5) “Housewives come younger, but they don’t come hotter”.
    (Season 6) “I’m done being a trophy wife, freedom only makes me hotter”.
    (Season 7) “I call the shots in my life now, and I have good aim”.
    (Season 8) “ The best thing about starting over, is not looking back”.

    Here we have Tamra Barney at #42. Tamra Barney first appeared as the newest housewife of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” in Season 3 and she has been on the show for 6 seasons as of Season 8. Tamra has definitely been a hot topic since she has been on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” since Season 3.

    I do not remember that much about Tamra on Season 3. Tamra did definitely made her mark on Season 4 when Gretchen entered “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. Her and Vicki where known as the bullies in Season 4. Both seemed to be either jealous or cause a lot of drama.

    Probably one of the biggest moments we all remember was when Vicki and Tamra wanted to get Gretchen “naked wasted” at a dinner party. That was a really awkward scene and really made me dislike them a bit. Tamra to me always has a backbone and isn’t afraid to say anything, but that can rub people the wrong way.

    I would say that Tamra was known for fighting with only 1 or 2 housewives, but she has fought with a good amount of them. Gretchen, Alexis, and Vicki are a few of the housewives she has fought with. It seems that each season, Tamra is friends with a knew person and she has a new housewife to target. That really doesn’t help her editing wise because it makes her look a bit unlikeable.

    Yes, she gives us entertainment, but most of the time is when she is yelling at someone or involved in drama, and it’s not really fun to watch. Tamra has fought with Gretchen many times because of her boyfriend Slade. After 3 seasons of feuding, Tamra decided to put the drama aside with Gretchen and made up with her at the beginning of Season 7. Many felt that she made up with Gretchen because she was getting a lot of hate over the last few seasons.

    Tamra has fought with Alexis since Alexis came onto the show. She has fought with Alexis for many things, but she decided to make up with Alexis in Season 8. In Season 7, Vicki and Tamra seemed to drift a bit apart and by the Season Finale, they had a fight having to do with Brooks. Vicki and Tamra made up in Season 8. Tamra and Gretchen seemed pretty close in Season 7, but they seemed to not be as close in Season 8. Tamra has always been the center of much of the drama over the six seasons that she has been on “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. Much of her drama hasn’t been entertaining to watch, and I like other housewives more and that is why she is #43 on my list.

    Here are hints for the next 3 housewives on the ranking :

    Has fought with NeNe Leakes, Has fought with Tamra Barney, and Has fought with Karent Sierra.

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    I really want to continue this! Will people still tune in if I continue this countdown?

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    could you plz continue this ranking

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    ya please continue!

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    Hey everyone!

    I am back from a little hiatus but I'm ready to get this countdown back on track!

    I've ranked about 30 of the "Housewives" so far, and there's plenty more to go!

    I will be updating the list A.S.A.P!

    In the meantime, feel free to look back at the countdown so far and I have compiled the list of the "Housewives" that I have ranked so far:


    71. Cindy Barshop (RHONYC)
    70. Catherine “Cat” Ommanney (RHODC)
    69. Marysol Patton (RHOM)
    68. DeShawn Snow (RHOA)
    67. Aviva Drescher (RHONYC)
    66. Taylor Armstrong (RHOBH)
    65. Lynda Erkiletian (RHODC)
    64. Michaele Salahi (RHODC)
    63. Robin Richmond Reichman (RHOV)
    62. Stacie Scott Turner (RHODC)
    61. Peggy Tanous (RHOC)
    60. Lynne Curtin (RHOC)
    59. Mary Amons (RHODC)
    58. Adrienne Maloof (RHOBH)
    57. Heather Thomson (RHONYC)
    56. Kelly Killoren-Bensimon (RHONYC)
    55. Larsa Pippen (RHOM)
    54. Amanda Hansen (RHOV)
    53. Lydia McLaughlin (RHOC)
    52. Porsha Stewart (RHOA)
    51. Reiko Mackenzie (RHOV)
    50. Cristy Rice (RHOM)
    49. Dina Manzo (RHOJ)
    48. Alex McCord (RHONYC)
    47. Lisa Wu-Hartwell (RHOA)
    46. Ioulia Reynolds (RHOV)
    45. Karent Sierra (RHOM)
    44. Melissa Gorga (RHOJ)
    43. Lauri Waring Peterson (RHOC)
    42. Tamra Barney (RHOC)

    Get ready for some more fun!

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    I am back everyone !!!!

    The housewives ranking is back after a hiatus!

    I am so happy to be back and I have the next 3 housewives reviews ready for you right now.

    Here are the Housewives that are #41-39 on the list.

    Here is #41:





    I’m back for the countdown with #41; Sheree Whitfield. I will admit I only really started watching RHOA starting with Season 3 and caught up with the first two seasons on marathons, so my memory of the first two seasons isn’t that good. From what I remember, Sheree was a strong, independent housewife who occasionally was a bitch on the show. She was a bit of a bitch on the show in the earlier seasons and she became more likeable by the time her time on RHOA was up.

    Sheree wasn’t the most “relevant” housewife in my opinion on RHOA, but she did have her moments that stood out to me. One moment in particular was the infamous business meeting between her and another man, and an argument erupted that was so heated that it seemed it might have become physical, which is a no-no! I believe security stepped in as well. I give her the upmost respect for standing her ground. A moment I bet she isn’t proud of is the infamous Kim Zolciak “wig-snatch” argument between her, Kim, and NeNe.

    By the time Season 3 came along, Sheree got along pretty well and became pretty close with fellow housewife Kim Zolicak. That became almost like a dynamic duo of sorts. Season 3 was a great season for me and it was kind of nice to see Sheree be a bit more calm. Sheree did have a fashion clothing line coming along that never really quite took off according to TV, but I respect her struggle and hustle none the less. Then there was Season 4 where we saw a different side of Sheree. She was going through a difficult divorce and trying to build her dream home. She also had a pretty big blow-out with NeNe in Season 4 that not only left her in tears but it seemed to end their friendship altogether. By the end of Season 4, it seemed the only person she really hung out with was Kim. Although there were moments I really liked Sheree, it did seem like it was her time to exit the show. Sheree Whitfield was a prominent housewife when the show started, but by the time Season 4 came, she faded into the background a bit, and that is why she is #41 on my list.

    But something tells me that this isn’t the last we have seen of Sheree on the housewives.

    Here is #40:





    Adriana De Moura from “The Real Housewives of Miami” lands at #40 on my list. Adriana De Moura was part of the cast since Season 1. The revamped Miami Social show, oh, I mean “The Real Housewives of Miami” didn’t sky rocket in ratings due to several factors, but they do collectively have one of the most beautiful casts in my opinion. Adriana De Moura is no doubt very beautiful and gorgeous. She exudes sex appeal and she’s comfortable with her body, all in a good way, no shade.

    I gotta give it to Adriana that she does speak her mind and she doesn’t bite her tongue for anyone, similar qualities to her “rival” on the show, Joanna Krupa. Adriana was the most likeable in the first season to me. Adriana was probably one of the most interesting housewives in the first season with a pretty good storyline. Adriana would tell the ladies stories at their dinner parties, that according to the other housewives was like a soap opera. In Season 1, we got to learn about her and her fiancé and her desire to get married once again.

    Season 2 came along and we saw a bit of a different side to her. She brought her friend Karent Sierra on the show, and as we know about friendships on reality shows, they turn sour. Adriana started to come out as more of a bully against Karent along with some of the other girls. From what I saw on TV, she was a lot more harsh and abrasive that on the first season. Adriana finally met her match with Joanna Krupa. I do feel that Adriana instigated the rivalry with slick and snappy comments as well as Adriana felt a bit threated of Joanna Krupa’s beauty. I think the “high-point” of the second season was the Adriana vs Joanna fight and that carried on to the rest of the season to the reunion.

    By the time Season 3 came along, accusations were made about Adriana’s marriage. Adriana also tried to turn over a new leaf with Joanna. By the end of the season, all seemed to be good with Adriana and Joanna, especially since Adriana went to Joanna’s wedding. But, by the time the Season 3 reunion came, it seemed they were back to not liking each other. In the end, Adriana was definitely a major part of the Miami housewives whether you like it or not and she definitely made her mark in the “Housewives” series.

    Here is #39:





    (Tamra came up with this quote)

    We reach #40 and is none other than Alexis Bellino. I went back and forth where to place Alexis on my list. There are qualities that I do like about her and sometimes she just irked me the wrong way.

    I haven’t watched the O.C. housewives seasons with Alexis on it in a while so most of her write up will be off of memory. Alexis came in mid-season 5 after housewife Lynne left the cast. Alexis was more of a religious person than some of the other housewives and it added a dynamic to the show. When she entered the show, she befriended fellow housewife Gretchen Rossi who at the time, was not getting along with the other housewives.

    Especially after the “Naked Wasted” argument, Gretchen needed someone in her corner, some support, and that is where Alexis came in. I do believe Alexis was a good friend to Gretchen and they both were able to fight their own battles. My problem with Alexis is that she should have stood up for herself a lot more in regards to Tamra.

    I did feel a bit bad for Alexis when in Season 7, Gretchen befriended Tamra, she probably felt a little backstabbed. I do think however that Alexis did overreact quite a bit in many situations during Season 7, such as the “ganging up” confrontation during a girl’s trip to Costa Rica. It was brought up during the first few episodes of Season 8 where new housewife and friend of Alexis Bellino; Lydia agreed that Alexis overacted a bit. According to articles, Alexis was originally fired after Season 7 but was re-hired at the last minute for Season 8 because a housewife dropped out. I did like Alexis during Season 8 but I agree that Alexis’s run in “The Real Housewives of Orange County” should’ve ended at Season 8.

    Which housewives are next on my ranking? Here are some hints :

    She's on a upcoming reality show
    Blonde Barbie
    International Housewife

    I wanna hear what you all think about my ranking, comments are appreciated .

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    I hope everyone is having a great day and I am back for our next set housewives on my ranking .

    Here are the housewives at #38-36

    Here is #38:





    Alexia Echevarria is #38 on my list. Alexia was another tough one to rank because she goes up and down in my book. The first season of “The Real Housewives of Miami” was pretty rough but she was one of the highs to me of the first season. Alexia to me is one of the most beautiful housewives out of all the series. She has such an exotic look and she caught my eye.

    I do think Alexia is definitely considered a Miami Socialite, she is the owner of a successful magazine company and she does know many people in Miami. Much of Alexia’s storyline was more about her children. In the first season, it seemed that her son Peter had a promising career in modeling as well as a girlfriend and her other son Frankie was a nice kid.

    By the time Season 2 came around, Alexia’s son Frankie was in a serious accident and thank god he was able to make a full recovery. I couldn’t imagine going through what Alexia went through during that tough and difficult time. I took a lot of her bad actions with a grain of salt because she was dealing with a lot at the time. Her other son Peter also seemed to do a complete 180 and got in trouble with the law, whether it was with drugs or getting arrested.

    Alexia wasn’t considered a main housewife on Season 2, but she still did appear in almost every episode of the season. I did like Alexia a good amount of Season two but she didn’t have to get involved with the Karent drama. Her and a few of the other housewives came off as a bully sometimes to Karent and didn’t change at the reunion.

    Season 3 came and Alexia became the first housewife in Housewives History to comeback to the show as a full time housewife. More of Peter’s problems were exposed and showed how Alexia was with her son. Alexia seemed a bit snappy with Joanna Krupa at the Season 2 reunion show when they barely knew each other. I did see many pictures online of Season 3 before it aired and it seemed she was getting along fine with Joanna, even attended her wedding, but the Season 3 reunion came around and they were at odds again.

    I do respect Alexia a lot, especially what she has been going through, she is such a strong person and she is trying her best. I wish her nothing but the best for her and her sons and I hope everything turns out for the best for her.

    Here is #37:





    We see Gretchen Rossi at #38 on my list. I went back and forth where to put Gretchen because to me she is a huge part of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Gretchen entered the show in RHOC Season 4 was probably the youngest housewife of any series at that point. I think many of the Housewives on RHOC at that point were intimidated by Gretchen’s youth and beauty.

    Throughout the 5 years Gretchen was on the show, yes she doesn’t look how she did on Season 4, but she is still one of the most beautiful housewives on RHOC. Gretchen to me still has one of the most interesting stories of any housewife when she entered in Season 4. She was still in a relationship with a man named Jeff who had cancer. Throughout the show, we saw how Gretchen and Jeff were towards each other and that irked the rest of the wives a bit, whether it was the age difference or that it seemed that she didn’t really love him and might have been a “gold-digger”. I do think some of their comments were out of line. I think Gretchen was well liked by the viewers at that point, especially after the “Naked-wasted” fiasco where Tamra and Vicki wanted to get Gretchen drunk so she can spell the beans about things and talk ****.

    By the time Season 5 came along, so did a new buddy for Gretchen; Alexis Bellino. I think they did make a great time and they genuinely cared about each other and it was pretty much those two versus Tamra and Vicki for a while. After Gretchen’s fiancé Jeff passed away due to cancer, Gretchen started to date a familiar face; Slade Smiley.

    Gretchen’s biggest rival throughout her time on the show was fellow housewife; Tamra Barney. They pretty much battled it out for the first 3 years of Gretchen’s time on the show. Gretchen wasn’t really the center of the drama on Season 6 because it was mostly about the friendship between Alexis Bellino and Peggy Tanous. By the time the Season 6 reunion came and went, it seemed Tamra had a bit of a change of heart, or she read the news and saw how the viewers saw her. In the premiere episode of Season 7, she made up with Gretchen and that started new drama with Alexis Bellino. I do feel Alexis was a bit jealous but that also started to create tension between her and Gretchen. I do think Gretchen used Alexis a bit but not to the extent that they made it seem.

    In Season 8, Gretchen and Tamra’s relationship seemed to be at odds, and soon enough, it seemed that the tables flipped on Gretchen. Alexis started to make up with Tamra and was friends with the rest of the housewives. Gretchen was friendly with the wives but nowhere near what it was a year ago. I do think most of the drama with Gretchen that season wasn’t really about her, but that they think Slade was controlling Gretchen and that he was a problem. I do feel that Gretchen’s time on The Real Housewives of Orange county ended on a sour note, but I feel if they weren’t on a reality show, I think all of them would pretty much get along. I knew even when Gretchen didn’t return for Season 9 that we would see her again and we were right, her and Slade are going to be on an upcoming reality show called Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars.

    Here is #36:





    Christina Kiesel is the next housewife on my ranking. Her review is going to be a bit shorter because she was only on the first season and I haven’t seen her episodes in a while. Christina was a very interesting housewife. She did have an accent that intrigued me and she gave me a “cougar” feel to her. She got along with most of the housewives and was very well received by the viewers.

    Christina was a world traveler and grew up all over the world. I do think what also attracted me to her was that she had some sort of wisdom and she was very level-headed. She didn’t have many major feuds while on the show, but she did butt heads with fellow housewife Jody a few times. Christina did have an interesting relationship with Jody’s daughter, I remember their being a conversation with Christina and Jody where Jody’s daughter Mia drank and slept over Christina’s house, and that pissed Jody off.

    Christina didn’t seem phased by the drama and to me at the end of the day, I think she was too normal to be on that crazy of a reality show. She wasn’t with the drama and it was clear that at the Season 1 reunion that she didn’t want to come back for Season 2. Christina is a bit lower then I was originally going to put her on this list because she was only on for one season and I feel we didn’t get to know enough about her.

    Here are the hints for the next 3 housewives:

    An O.G. of the O.C.
    A Jersey Girl
    Celebrity Apprentice Canidate

    Comments are appreciated please .

  15. #51
    Hello everyone !

    I hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend !

    I am back for the next housewives of my list!

    Here are the housewives at #35-33.

    Here is #35:





    We have Kenya Moore from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” at #35 on my list. Kenya is probably one of the most controversial housewives in many years. Kenya always seems to be in the press and I guess she believes all press is good press. Kenya Moore was Miss USA 1993 and join “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in Season 5. As soon as Kenya walked onto the scene, I knew she was definitely going to keep the show interesting.

    One of Kenya’s highlights of her first season on the show was her relationship to Walter. That was always a topic among the housewives on whether their relationship was real and whether or not Walter might have been homosexual. Kenya always defended that her relationship with Walter was real, even after their relationship ended. I feel that created a rift between Kenya and the other girls.

    Kenya had many memorable moments on the series, but nothing was as memorable as her saying; Gone with the wind fabulous!. After Kim Zolciak’s dramatic exit from the show, the Atlanta housewives went on a trip to Anguilla. There was drama surrounding Kenya in the fact that she said that Phaedra’s husband Apollo was flirting with her, obviously Phaedra didn’t appreciate that. Kenya and Porsha always seemed to be at odds, I never really found out what Kenya really had against Porsha, but their argument lead to Kenya storming off, or should I say twirling away with the famous catchphrase; “I’m gone with the wind fabulous!”

    Kenya definitely had her fair share of props during the reunion shows. On her season 5 reunion show, she definitely made good us of her fan. By the time Season 6 came around, it seems that most of the girls were over Kenya. The Kenya and Apollo issue was still a hot topic and Phaedra didn’t appreciate what Kenya was saying about her husband. When the Season 6 reunion came, it was the housewives and the husbands against Kenya. Things got so heated at one point that a physical altercation happened between Kenya and Porsha. Porsha was sent home from the reunion and Kenya wasn’t able to use anymore props, that also put a ban on props for any reunion show theirafter. Yes Kenya did provoke Porsha but Porsha’s freakout after she fought Kenya was a bit much. In the end, Kenya definitely brough the drama and gave us some great quotes and memorable moments. She also may or may not be on the next season of “The Celebrity Apprentice”.

    Here is #34:





    Jeana Keough from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” is #34 on my list. I do like Jeana but I didn’t start watching “The Real Housewives of Orange County” until she was pretty much off the show, so her review is going to be a bit shorter. I did catch up on some of the earlier seasons and Jeana Keough seemed to be one of the few housewives with a level-head and not about the drama.

    Jeana was very much a family oriented type of housewife, much of her scenes was her doing activities with her kids such as her son’s baseball games. Her son Shane had wanted to follow in the footsteps as his famous father as a professional baseball player. The show did show some awkward moments between Jeana and her husband and you could tell that their might be problems in their marriage.

    Jeana did eventually got divorced from her husband I believe, whether it was during or after the show I’m not sure of. Jeana did make a brief guest appearance in the Season 6 Finale of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and caused quite a stir. According to Tamra, Jeana was talking about Tamra and her ex-husband, it seemed to Tamra that she was siding with Tamra’s ex-husband; Simon. Tamra confronted Jeana at Vicki’s party and things got so heated that their conversation ended with Tamra splashed wine in Jeana’s face.

    Eventually in Season 7, Jeana and Tamra did have a talk and seemed to make amends. Jeana is this high on my list because she did seem to be pretty normal and she seemed to be like a pretty cool housewife. I couldn’t really rank her higher because I did not know her well enough because I have not seen all of the 5 seasons that she was on.

    Here is #33:





    We have Kathy Wakile from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” at #33 on my list. I went back and forth where to put Kathy because I really did like her, but on her time on the show, she went back and forth from being in the drama, to being a background character. Kathy came onto the Housewives scene in Season 3 along with Melissa Gorga. Kathy Wakile was related to fellow housewife Teresa Giudice and you could definitely tell.

    Kathy Wakile to was always beautiful and I would definitely say that she is a cougar. I always liked Kathy because for the most part, she was pretty neutral. Kathy and her husband Richard always had a great relationship and I thought some of the stuff was pretty hilarious, they would take jabs at each other and they would be fine with it most of the times. Kathy has two children, her daughter Victoria had a surgery when she was younger and a surgery not that long ago and has made a full recovery.

    I wouldn’t say that she was a “confessional thug”. She did talk crap sometimes in her confessional and sometimes she did say it to the person’s face, but I wish she was a bit more consistent with that. Many thing she would say pissed Teresa off. I didn’t think that was necessarily fair on Kathy’s part because Melissa said things that were a lot more harmful in my opinion. I do think one of the great things that Kathy brought to the show was her sister, Rosie.

    Rosie was always the comic relief in many situations, especially when “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” stopped being fun in the later seasons. She always so funny and had some pretty funny comeback comments as well. Even when the family was fighting, she was kind of the mediator of sorts. Kathy wasn’t really liked by Caroline at the beginning of Season 3, but by the season finale, she was getting along with pretty much all of the housewives except Teresa.

    At one of the reunions, Kathy made a comment about one of Teresa’s kids being unattended and that set Teresa off. At another reunion, Teresa made a comment about Kathy’s deceased father and that set Kathy off and sent Rosie into a fit of rage. I do think regardless of how her relationship is with Kathy, that she would probably be one of the first people to be there for her if she needed help.

    Kathy Wakile was one of the nicer things about the show as the seasons went on, for most of her time, she didn’t get as nasty as some of the other housewives. She did get demoted to “Friends of the Housewives” for Season 6 of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, I do understand why. I feel that Kathy wasn’t as prominent in the show as some of the other housewives on the show. She did fade into the background sometimes and I guess she didn’t make that big of an impression in Season 5. But, I do look forward to seeing her on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Season 6.

    Here are hints for the next 3 housewives on my list:

    An actress
    A loudmouth
    A housewife for one season

    Comments and feedback are appreciated .

  16. #52

  17. #53

    Hey hey hey !

    The next 3 housewives are ready to be ranked!

    Here are #’s 32-30 .

    Here is #32:





    We have Kim Richards at #32. Kim Richards is the sister of fellow Beverly Hills housewife; Kyle Richards. When the show first started, she did seem a bit familiar. I did see her on a few tv shows, including her niece, Paris Hilton’s show.

    When we first meet Kim Richards, she seemed like a cool kooky mom. She was a single mom with 4 kids. At the beginning of the series, it seemed like she was having a mid-life crisis with wanting to have another kid and being married. But I just felt like Kim just wanted someone to be her rock because all of kids were leaving the nest, so to speak. You could tell throughout the show that there was a bit of tension between the two sisters and you could tell that something was going to happen.

    By the time the first season finale came along, Kim Richards felt like she was being attacked by the other housewives. Adrienne Maloof drove around in a limo trying to calm Kim down, but as soon as they got back to the house, Kyle got into the limo and all hell broke loose. The two sisters had a pretty heated argument and she revealed to us viewers something about Kim that she shouldn’t have. When the Season 1 reunion came around, it seemed that the sister’s relationship with each other was pretty hurt.

    Kim did go to rehab and her status as a housewife was in limbo. I think it was good to see Kim back because being on the show now, she was able to be an inspiration to those with a problem just like hers. Eventually she did make up with Brandi and her relationship with her sister Kyle did get a lot better.

    Most of Season 4 for Kim was her with her dog and her youngest child was going off to college soon. I just feel that there isn’t really much of a storyline for Kim anymore. There isn’t that much else to say about Kim because she hasn’t had major drama with the other housewives in the later seasons. But regardless, I am so happy she has gotten the help that she needed and I wish her nothing but the best.

    Here is #31:





    Brandi Glanville is the next housewife on my ranking. I have very mixed feelin s about Brandi. My mixed feelings can only be described as I can only tolerate her to a point. She is a bitch, at least she owns it, but sometimes she’s too much of a bitch and in turn, turns into her being way too extra.

    After the huge success of the premiere season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, the producers wanted to keep the drama going and keep things spicy, in comes Brandi Glanville. About the middle of Season 2, a party was held where most of the housewives attended, and that is where they met Brandi, specifically Kyle and Kim. They decided to hid Brandi’s crutches and that set off a chain of events between the three ladies. It ended with Brandi making an accusation against Kim, as well as Kyle defending Kim and Kim almost hitting Brandi. I do think Kyle and Kim definitely antagonized her, it was really unnecessary in my opinion.

    From then on, it was an all out war between the three for the rest of the season up until the Season Finale where it seemed Kyle and Brandi patched things up while Kim was still pretty mad at her. I think the fight between Brandi, Kyle and Kim secured her a spot as an official housewife in the next season.

    Brandi made housewives history by being the first girl to go from “Friends of the Housewives” to an “Official Housewife” after one season. I think the peak of Brandi’s time on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was the drama of her, her ex-husband Ed Cibrian and LeAnne Rimes. Brandi’s marriage ended in divorce because of infidelity when Ed cheated on her. Some of Brandi’s biggest drama while on the show was with fellow housewife Adrienne Maloof and Scheana Marie; the other woman. She has had an interesting relationship with Kyle Richards, it seems that they are fine one minute, and fighting the next. I feel as if they had never really “made-up”.

    By Season 4, Brandi had been close to Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster and those three were coined “The Dream Team”. It did seem they ran in a pack and it was always them against the other housewives. As the season went on, we saw her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump crumble and eventually they were at odds at the reunion. Although Brandi is a straight shooter, I feel that a lot of what she says is pretty unnecessary and sometimes really leads her into getting trouble. At the end of the day, she does own who she is and she is pretty good tv.

    Here is #30:





    The exotic Ana Quincoces from “The Real Housewives of Miami” is up next. I just got to stay that not including the reunion, I really liked Ana. She entered “The Real Housewives of Miami” in the second season to spice things up and boy did she. She entered the second season with 4 new housewives and funny enough, the dynamic was the new girls vs the old girls for a while during the 2nd season.

    Ana’s storyline for the second season was almost like a soap opera. Her and her ex-husband got along very well, they even have a law business together and both still worked together after the divorce. Ana had texted Rodolfo, who was Karent’s boyfriend at the time. Neither Karent or Rodolfo admitted it even though Ana had proof. It turns out that at the end of the season that Rodolfo was caught with another girl, a different Ana. This definitely made for an interesting storyline that played out during the season. I don’t think most of it was staged but it was just like a movie because the scandal was brought to us in the first episode and it came with a shocking ending on the Season Finale. I think Ana was one of the very few housewives on that season that got along with mostly everybody, except when the reunion came around.

    When the Season 2 reunion came around, Ana came in pissed, the reason why, Lea Black. Ana made accusations about Lea, one in particular was saying Lea has gotten everything while laying on her back. Throughout the reunion, Ana made little digs here and there but they had nothing to do with the issues with her and Lea.

    I have to say that I was shocked that she didn’t come back as a full time housewife in season 3, she was still around but not as often as in Season 2. I appreciate what Ana brought to the show, she brought a pretty good storyline, she was gorgeous and her family dynamic was definitely interesting. But, I see great things for her in the future.

    Wow! We are now in the 20’s for this ranking! It feels like it was so long ago I started this ranking and now we are getting closer and closer to finding out which housewife is ranked #1 on my list.

    Since I started this ranking, a brand new international housewives series premiered; “The Real Housewives of Melbourne”. At this point in the ranking, there are a few housewives from that show that are going be ranked between #’s71-30, so my next update will be for the Australian Housewives series; “The Real Housewives of Melbourne”.

  18. #54
    Hello everyone !

    The next housewives on my list are here! This update is dedicated to the newest housewives series “The Real Housewives of Melbourne”!

    I am adding 6 housewives to the list which brings the list to 77 housewives! Three of the housewives from this series fall on the list between 77-33. After this update, we will have 32 more housewives to rank!

    Here are 3 of the housewives from “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” !

    Here is #55:





    We have the first of the six housewives from the brand new series “The Real Housewives of Melbourne”; Andrea Moss. Andrea Moss seems like the Australian version of a housewife on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Andrea Moss is a mother of three and is married to one of the top plastic surgeons in all of Australia.

    Andrea seemed to be like an entrepreneur in her own right, she was married to a plastic surgeon, she was writing her own book on parenting, and her and her husband was opening up a skin care center in Toorak, a suburb of Melbourne. Andrea had several nannies that she could call at anytime for help, that seemed to rub viewers the wrong way by the time the reunion came around.

    There is a saying “I’m a very could friend but a very bad enemy” and I think that kind of describes Andrea Moss’s journey throughout the first series. Andrea was a very nice person towards the beginning, she kind of seemed to be a ring leader of sorts of the “mean girls” group later on in the series. Andrea said she is not a petty person, but many of the things she got mad at not only had her holding a grudge, but the things were petty.

    The first time we meet Andrea, she was having lunch with fellow housewives, Lydia, and her then friend Gina, who she knew for several years. She called them true friends and all seemed well, until a tennis match at Andrea’s house. All the drama and attention seemed to be around Gina Liano. Andrea and the other housewives were getting upset with Gina at the tennis match because it seemed that she was always late, including for tennis, and that she left Andrea’s bathroom a mess with bronzer and makeup. That seemed to really rub Andrea the wrong way.

    There was a infamous scene in the first season that became a turning point in the series was when the housewives gathered for dinner. Gina and Janet went to the bathroom to discuss her issues with Andrea and Lydia. It seemed by the end of the dinner, Andrea was told that Gina called her the “C-word”. From then on, it was an all out war between them. Andrea and Lydia became the mean girls and most of what came out of their mouths in the last few episodes were bad things about Gina. Granted, both sides said things about each other. Andrea said that all she wanted was an apology from Gina. Housewife Chyka said it best “Either you apologize to each other or just have to move past the issue”. Neither of those got accomplished at the dinner between Andrea and Gina in the Season Finale.

    It seemed at the reunion that her and Gina were in the same place that they were when filming ended. Things at the reunion were said from both her and Gina and I don’t know if I seem them being friends again. They both feel that they don’t want to be on the show next season if the other one is on. I think Andrea showed promise at the beginning of the show, but I think the drama really got to her by the end. Regardless, she definitely kept the show entertaining.

    Here is #34:





    We have our next Melbourne Housewives on the list; Lydia Schiavello. Lydia was one of the more “edgier” housewives on the show I feel. Lydia was one of the housewives that really wasn’t afraid to say anything and voice her opinion. She was a bit of a “hypocrite” because when Gina said that Lydia talked a lot of sexual things and had a sexual tone throughout the show seemingly talking about her vagina, she denied it and seemed appalled that Gina would think that way. But throughout the show, she did give off that kind of a vibe and did talk about her vagina a few times.

    Lydia was married to an architect and had six kids, including step children. She did have a step kid that was a bit older and the producers made it seem like Lydia was giving off a “Misses Robinson” type of vibe. She did talk a lot about how her and husband had a great sex life and that they each wear the pants in the relationship. She also referenced that she and her husband like to do a bit of BDSM as well. I do like that she was pretty open about her relationship and pushed the envelope a bit.

    Lydia and her husband had a lot of money, and that was pretty clear. I mean, they flew their own jet a few hours to go get cheese at this great cheese market and they spent quite a bit of money on it. Lydia had also been friends with Gina for many years, she even went on to say that she was one of her closest friends.

    After the “infamous” dinner, Lydia stood by Andrea’s side after Lydia also heard things about herself being said. I do feel that in this friendship, Lydia was Andrea’s mouthpiece. Andrea wouldn’t say a lot until it was confessional time, but Lydia was always the one to say it out loud. You could say she was being real, but she was also being real mean as well. I feel that Lydia didn’t necessarily hate Gina like Andrea did, but I feel that she just went along with it just to keep things interesting, and a story line.

    Sometime during the show, Lydia made a joke about her own vagina, and Gina made a joke of it as well and that pissed Lydia off. If you already said it, don’t get that pissed off if someone else comments about it. It seemed that she forgave Gina at Jackie’s party on the Season Finale, but they seemed to be a bit at odds at the reunion. I couldn’t tell if her and Gina were friends at the reunion, but by the end of the reunion, they seemed to smooth things over and it seemed that there was hope for their friendship. I definitely see them being friends because I feel Lydia is easier to forgive and just move on. I really hope she is on the next series because I feel that Lydia is an interesting housewife on the series and helps keep things fresh.

    Here is #33:





    Jackie Gillies is our next housewife on the list, and the last housewife from “The Real Housewives of Melbourne” on the list for right now. Jackie Gilles was a fun and eclectic type of housewife. Jackie was born in Croatia and moved to Newcastle with her famous rockstar husband; drummer to Silverchair and front man of Bento, Ben Gilles. She even says her husband looks like Johnny Depp. Her and her husband then moved to Toorak and became the “new girl” in the social scene.

    Jackie is a one of a kind housewife because she is the first psychic housewife of any series. She was definitely an outsider among the housewives at the very beginning. Every housewife from the series except Jackie at least knew 1 of the housewives on the show. Jackie was the only one that had no ties to any of them, maybe that was even an advantage. The first housewife Jackie met was Janet when she came to her house for a psychic reading.

    It seemed the two had a lot in common and Janet invited her to Andrea’s party where she would meet the rest of the housewives. Jackie went and she immediately seemed to get the cold shoulder, especially Andrea. Jackie I say gets credit for turning up the volume of the show even from the first episode.

    Towards the end of the first episode, all the housewives have a dinner and Janet reveals to the ladies that Jackie is a psychic. That intrigues all of them and Gina asks Jackie to give her a reading right then. Jackie forewarns the girls that she really doesn’t want to do a reading because she is just getting to know the girls and she might say things that they don’t want to hear. She eventually does a reading for Gina and insinuates that Gina’s boyfriend, who lives in Miami, is having an affair. Gina doesn’t believe it and doesn’t seemed bothered by it, but you could see that it did.

    Gina and Jackie have lunch to discuss the reading and it turns pretty ugly when she insults Jackie and her reading, which brings her to tears. I like Jackie in the sense that she always wants everyone to have a good time and she always tells the person she has a problem with whatever she has to say. She didn’t talk much crap in the confessionals that she didn’t say to the person’s face. Although Jackie seemed to want everybody to have fun and not be about the drama, should would insert herself in the middle of it sometimes. Yes, she wanted to defend her friends but she shouldn’t have been in the middle of it.

    Her and Gina seemed to have a Brandi and Kyle RHOBH relationship, sometimes they liked each other, sometimes they didn’t, but it never got really vicious between the two. Jackie and her husband seemed like they were a great couple and supported each other in anything they wanted to do. The couple even created their own drink called “La Mascara” and they even hosted a party on the Season Finale, unveiling the drinks. At the reunion, it seemed the she was friends with all of the housewives, including Gina. I do feel she might be back for next season because she does seem to get along with all of the housewives while adding a bit of drama as well.

    Here are the housewives that have been ranked on my countdown so far:


    77. Cindy Barshop (RHONYC)
    76. Catherine “Cat” Ommanney (RHODC)
    75. Marysol Patton (RHOM)
    74. DeShawn Snow (RHOA)
    73. Aviva Drescher (RHONYC)
    72. Taylor Armstrong (RHOBH)
    71. Lynda Erkiletian (RHODC)
    70. Michaele Salahi (RHODC)
    69. Robin Richmond Reichman (RHOV)
    68. Stacie Scott Turner (RHODC)
    67. Peggy Tanous (RHOC)
    66. Lynne Curtin (RHOC)
    65. Mary Amons (RHODC)
    64. Adrienne Maloof (RHOBH)
    63. Heather Thomson (RHONYC)
    62. Kelly Killoren-Bensimon (RHONYC)
    61. Larsa Pippen (RHOM)
    60. Amanda Hansen (RHOV)
    59. Lydia McLaughlin (RHOC)
    58. Porsha Stewart (RHOA)
    57. Reiko Mackenzie (RHOV)
    56. Cristy Rice (RHOM)
    55. Andrea Moss (RHOMEL)
    54. Dina Manzo (RHOJ)
    53. Alex McCord (RHONYC)
    52. Lisa Wu-Hartwell (RHOA)
    51. Ioulia Reynolds (RHOV)
    50. Karent Sierra (RHOM)
    49. Melissa Gorga (RHOJ)
    48. Lauri Waring Peterson (RHOC)
    47. Tamra Barney (RHOC)
    46. Sheree Whitfield (RHOA)
    45. Adriana De Moura (RHOM)
    44. Alexis Bellino (RHOC)
    43. Alexia Echevarria (RHOM)
    42. Gretchen Rossi (RHOC)
    41. Christina Kiesel (RHOV)
    40. Kenya Moore (RHOA)
    39. Jeana Keough (RHOC)
    38. Kathy Wakile (RHONJ)
    37. Kim Richards (RHOBH)
    36. Brandi Glanville (RHOBH)
    35. Ana Quincoces (RHOM)
    34. Lydia Schiavello (RHOMEL)
    33. Jackie Gillies (RHOMEL)

    We have 32 housewives left on this ranking!

    Check back soon for the next update!

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