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    Barely remember Fiji. Rooting for Yau-Man and Dreamz and I don't really care who else is up there with them (though Cassandra's FIC orgasm makes her deserving of the top half along with Lisi and her tighty whities). I do know Rocky would've been last for me though. I'm also happy that Alex isn't bottom five. His jury speech is easily one of the worst ever, but he wasn't that bad besides it.

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    I have to say that I think Fiji is extremely underrated. Although it's definitely in the bottom half, I wouldn't say it was the worst season ever. I enjoyed it plenty more than I did with some other seasons and there were some stand-out characters too.

    Rooting for Yau-Man, Earl and Cassandra. CAN'T STAND Lisi, and I don't understand why she's so loved.

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    not surprised Fiji is on the bottom with so many antagonistic characters but I'm exited to see your takes on them

    credit to Ejy

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    Michelle such a flawless free-falling QUEHN

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    what the actual fuck at Rocky not even being in the bottom 5. He's in my bottom 5 of all-time. He's just... gross and awful and he needs to leave immediately. No matter what he "brought" to the show, being a gross bully is not, in any way, entertainment. Speaking of which, Anthony kinda sucks too. And since post-swap Ravu should keep getting slaughtered, Alex sucks too. Hoping for the 3 of them to diaf in the next update.

    Yau/Stacy/Lisi/Sylvia top 4 plz with LISI as the top 1 <3333

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    Stacy needs to win for being the biggest female challenge dominator of all time. 15 challenge wins in one season

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    So this obviously isn't coming back... I've moved on, I guess.

    Anyway, for those who are interested, I'm now blogging about Survivor (and other reality shows eventually) at I'm recapping the current season and am going to be starting a retro-cap of Amazon within the next week, so if you've enjoyed reading what I've written in the past, please feel free to swing by and check it out!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jigsawce View Post
    I was actually referring to the tribe as a whole even past the point where they were persuading Cochran to flip though. The only person who cared for him at all on Savaii was Dawn. Coach continued to show compassion to Cochran even after Keith's elimination, and so did Brandon, Albert, even Edna at times.

    The problem I have doesn't lie with people pointing out Cochran's physical weakness. God knows that was painfully apparent to everyone from the get-go anyway. I'm talking about the way Cochran was ostracized by the "cooler kids" and the way his insecurities or fears were exploited and treated as a joke (i.e. Forcing him to kill the chicken despite strong visible cues suggesting that he'd really rather not).
    In the recap eylse said she couldn't help but love cochran also on reddit jim claimed that cochran was his best friend out there idk if i believe that though

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