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Thread: Makeover pictures

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    Makeover pictures


    unfortunately it's just the close-ups for the makeover shots, but still fierce anyways

    her makeover sucks, but it doesn't show in this pic

    doubt it's her best shot



    much better

    I love the before shot actually ... although the after is nice, very mollie-sue-esque

    Jaslene: pretty!

    I like the color, not sure about the bangs

    ugh, so pretty! why does she have to be evil

    Sarah: I like it

    Whitney: Nice, but the fact that her right (our left) eyebrow is always higher bugs me

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    Do I even have to say it? Looooove Felicia's.


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    I love these. Love Diana's, Dionne's, Renee's, Felicia's, Sarah's, Whitney's and Natasha's.

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    Jaslene looks so old in her after shot! Natasha looks so much better with her new look.


    "There's nothing more beautiful than this kind of sleeve" - Celine Dion


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    Did Ty Ty got obsessed with black hair or what ?.

    Whitney, Sarah, Renee, Jael, Felicia and Dionne had the best makeovers.

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    Brittany's weave is SO nasty! It looks like a pile of straw on her head (well I like the picture, but in the show it looked HORRID).

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    I felt sorry for Brittany.
    Anyways I love Renee's makeover. I didn't like Natasha's, I thought it would've been like Victoria Beckham's hair. She'd look good with Posh's hair.

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    Renee's beauty just overpowers her evilness.

    Wow. Dionne also FTW. Beautiful.

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    Didn't really like any of the pictures, the girls look in their 30's. Very old especially Jael and Jaslene with the rings around their mouths. It's a shame what they did to Cassandra.

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    Brittany - it looks great in the pic, okay in person. They could have done SO much better with her. I don't find her attractive - she looked like a soccer mom before and while this is a slight improvement, it's not enough to make me want to root for her at all based on looks. I'd be extremely disappointed if she won at this point. Nothing against her personality, but her look is not the best of the girls and she should not win (at this point).

    Cassandra - I don't really like it. It doesn't look terrible, but her face has such big features that I think they should have went less volume. Something sleeker that balances out her features.

    Diana - I like it. Looks good. It's not WHOA in your face fakey blonde and I'm glad they didn't do that to her. I'm also glad they didn't chop all of her hair off either.

    Dionne - I normally am not a fan of super short hair, but she really, really looks good. She can carry it off nicely.

    Felicia - not exactly what I would have done with her, but she looks amazing. Very beautiful!

    Jael - Same as Dionne, she can totally pull it off. I think she could pretty much rock anything and look good I totally didn't even think much of her before the show started, but I am very impressed by her now.

    Jaslene - I LOVE it. Perfect for her! That photo isn't the best, but it looks gorgeous on the show.

    Natasha - I think this is my favorite makeover. The photo doesn't do it justice, but she looks so good. It makes her blue eyes stand out so much and it's so edgy, while still feminine. Hopefully this means she'll be around for a while, since it was such a drastic change.

    Renee - The worst makeover in my opinion. It makes her look like an elf/troll. This is personality aside too. She could have been the nicest girl on the show, but I'd still think it sucks.

    Sarah - she looks even more like Miranda from Sex in the City now! I like it though. It's not like WHOA omg wow this rocks, but I think it suits her nicely.

    Whitney - ladies and gentlemen, we have a Diva! Yeah, she's rocking this. I think her makeover photo is the best here. On the show though, I hope she takes care of her hair and her weave doesn't start looking like Danielle's weave was there for a while.
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    ty ty is obsessed with rosemary baby(sp?)!!

    poor jael.i'd like to see jael rock the long weave.

    whatever.i'll still root for her.btw,her 2nd makeover is edgy!!

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    Oh man that before picture of Brittany had me laughing for a while. I dont even think I can begin to describe it.

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    I love Felicia's new look so much, much more younger and softer!
    Dionne's, she surprises me. I love her new look too, that hair cut fits on her, and at least no more 1b30. :D
    Renee's makeover is my third favourite. Once again, she reminds me Keira Knightley.

    I hate Jael's, this hair cut not match her, too short. Ew.. she looks like a drug addict. Cassandra's also, before the show I hope Tyra will give her a VS hair cut (like Keenyah's from Cycle 4), but now..?! Hello.. This hair style not work on her. She reminds me Ebony from Cycle 5, ugh..

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    love whitney after Makeover

    love Renee, Brittany, Dione & felicia's MO pictures

    Jael looks like mollie sue took drugs for many years

    Hate Natasha & Jaslene (i'm sure Jaslene took drugs, look at her body & face)

    Cassandra, i'm sure lielie know she would eliminated her in this episode, so she gave her such ridiculous MO, poor cassandra, her original look much more better

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    love Felicia hair, starting to like her now... i still love brittany..

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    MAkeovers are horrible in general...

    Brittany's was completely screwed! It looks comical even! Her original hair can still be seen, she looks so weird!

    Cassandra's "afro" looks like something a cheap doll would have.

    Jael's washes her out and makes her look so much older.

    Natasha's seriously looked like a wig (And her before pic totally reminds me of Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) when he was a man)

    Cut Renee's an inch shorter and it will be perfect. It looks like an undone job right now.

    Sarah's alright but the picture looks weird.

    Whitney's look plain cheap.......

    The only ones with decent makeovers are Diana, Dionne and Felicia.


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    Jaslene looks like she is on a hair cover product for vogue :D

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