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Thread: ANTM8 Episode 3 Recap - Prom Princesses Gone Wild

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    ANTM8 Episode 3 Recap - Prom Princesses Gone Wild

    ANTM8 Episode 3 Recap - Prom Princesses Gone Wild

    Still in shock over Kathleen?s elimination? *hands tissue* Don?t worry, you won?t be the only one crying yourself to sleep this week, because it?s MAKEOVER time! Errrm?.wait, this is episode three, right? And, in every single cycle, they always do the makeovers this week, right? Well, guess what kids, we?re all going to have to wait one more week for the historically most dramalicious episode of every cycle. However, have no fear, for this week, is not without drama. In fact, this week we had plenty of eye rolling, complaining, smack talking, crying, a few random pixilated boobies, and another ?shocking? elimination. So grab some CoverGirl Waterproof mascara and some Herbal Essences hair gel, and get ready for Episode 3 of America?s Next Top Model!

    We start off with Jaslene, who has the first confessional of the night, on the phone with her mother recounting the positive feedback she received at panel. She emphasizes that when she is focused, that is when she does her best. Samantha clues us in on how she misses her family and feels out of place in the house. She likes to write in her journal when she?s feeling stressed. Her father consoles her on the phone, reminding her to not forget who she is. She tells us how she wants to be on the cover of a magazine and on the catwalk one day. The little foreshadow warning bell in my head starts to ring and I am a bit concerned for this random confessional from Samantha early on in the episode.

    The Catwalk of Cattiness:

    Felicia reads the Tyra Mail that says, ?Babies learn how to do it. Can you?? Everyone guesses that the next challenge will involve walking. The next morning, the girls meet Miss Jay on a high school football field. He?s dressed in marching band uniform and they see a high school band perform. Miss Jay tells them that marching bands are known for their ?timing, precision, and choreography?, traits that they will need to have on the runway. The girls go to change into school uniforms and high heels and return to the field to find Miss Jay now dressed in a schoolgirl?s uniform. He never ceases to amaze me. They take turns going down the track, at first by themselves, and later in groups of three together. They have to walk down the track and at certain points, one girl will stop and the other will cross and move to the next lane and stop. It?s not terribly intricate, but the girls seem to stumble with this choreography quite a bit. Heh, I would have LOVED to see Kathleen attempt this.
    During practice, Miss Jay gives out several girl specific critiques, including that Samantha is a bit stiff and Natasha walks like she is marching (which she pronounces as ?Martian? and thinks she is ?doing great?). He tells both Felicia and Jaslene to take longer strides. Renee bitterly snarks that ?Miss Chacha Diva didn?t get all of the praise she was expecting to get?. Jaslene, however, feels very confident and isn?t worried about her performance. She also thinks the other girls? runway walks are funny to watch.

    Later, the girls meet Roy Campbell, fashion show producer (remember, from the church fashion show in Cycle 6?) in the high school gym. He informs them that their challenge today will be to compete in a prom-themed fashion show. They will be modeling three different styles: 1) modern contemporary style, 2) the 80?s, and 3) ghetto fabulous. They will be performing this fashion show in front of the students that attend this school. Man, why couldn?t we have fierce stuff like this when I was in high school?!?!

    Before the show, Natasha tells Jael to go faster when they walk together. Jael seems slightly annoyed, but thinks it?s funny how everyone takes it so seriously. Renee is convinced that Jaslene is ?full of herself? and thinks it?s her time to shine instead. Cassandra attempts to make small talk with Jaslene, but she?s not really giving much back. The show begins and up first is Natasha, Sarah, and Jael with the modern contemporary look. Roy notices Sarah as standing out in a good way. Next is Renee, Dionne, and Cassandra, followed by Samantha, Felicia and Whitney, and Brittany, Diana, and Jaslene. When it?s time for the 80?s look, he notices Natasha not being very cognizant of the other girls she is walking with. He notes Samantha as being pretty, but not having enough attitude. Renee is said to be bland and average and not standing out, but connecting well with the audience.

    When it?s time for the ghetto fabulous look, Sarah?s dress comes open and her boobs are exposed to the audience. She isn?t bothered at all by it. Jael thinks it?s great and happy that Sarah got to feel so ?liberated? by the experience. Samantha feels shy about wearing such a short dress and thinks it should be burned. Ha! Be lucky you didn?t get a nude shoot right off the bat, honey! Felicia and Whitney bump into each other several times. Roy notices that Brittany has a very strong runway look and ?gets the catwalk?. He says that Jaslene did not get the choreography or where the other girls were or ?seem to care either?. Dionne bumps into Renee and she gets very annoyed at the girls? ?lack of experience?. Hmm, now I wonder what would happen if RTVG had a fashion show like this?

    During the post show critiques, he chastises Natasha for not being aware of the other girls, Samantha for not having a ?swagger?, Sarah for not attempting to be more modest when her dress opened, and Renee for being a being ?lost in the shuffle? and ?lagging in the choreography? (to which she says via confessional she doesn?t care, since she thinks the crowd loved her *flips hair*), and Jaslene for being out of sync with the choreography, making the most mistakes (to which Renee makes a point to look over to her and smirk). Actually, you know what, I have about had it with Renee at this point. Ugh. What is her problem? Maybe it?s something in her diet.

    Perhaps we should switch to some Sugar Smacks instead k thanx. Anyway, Roy announces that the winner of the competition is Brittany. She wins a huge trophy that has a big golden shoe at the top and?.umm?.that?s it. Okay, I can sort of see not having a major prize the first week, but what the HECK is up with not giving out decent challenge winner prizes? It?s nice to see the winner get a nice reward and also very good to see who she picks to share her prize with (to make it very indicative of who is friends with who, etc). Maybe the prize budget has been cut to allow more money for Mr. Jay?s hair gel budget.

    As soon as they get home, Renee asks Jaslene how she felt about her critique today. She brushes it off, saying that she wasn?t the only one who made mistakes and still feels she did well. Renee obsessively reiterates again via confessional how she thinks Jaslene is self centered and cocky, but insecure at the same time. Felicia and Whitney both pick up on the tension and Felicia starts talking smack out in the open about how Jaslene probably wishes she had that trophy and now she went from being on top to being on bottom. Jaslene is right nearby and confronts her on how it?s not necessary to bring the drama, and Felicia gets ghetto defensive. Jaslene calls her a ?dumbass?, gets upset and cries on the phone with her mother. The other girls can see her in the phone room (which is clear/see through) and someone feels bad for her. Renee laughs and thinks it?s funny that she?s ?putting up a front? and crying. She seems happy that there is tension/drama in the house now. I can just picture her and Monique from Cycle 7 bonding over chips and salsa ANTM Wrap Party. shead

    High School Haute Couture:

    Natasha reads the next Tyra Mail that says, ?I?m so glad we?re BFF?s. Good luck in all you do and don?t forget to K.I.T.? She is met by some blank stares, as she stumbles over the acronyms and Sarah tells us via confessional that she is a bit hard to understand with her thick accent. The next day, the girls meet Mr. Jay back at the high school gym for a high school clich??s photo shoot. Le sigh. This is about as high fashion as last week's shoot.
    The girls will be cast in the following roles: Brittany ? valedictorian; Jaslene ? weirdo girl; Sarah ? class flirt; Diana ? student body president; Renee ? class clown; Jael ? book worm; Natasha ? teacher?s pet; Samantha ? girl with the bad reputation; Whitney ? mean girl; Felicia ? jock; Dionne ? bad girl; Cassandra ? cheerleader. Jay introduces them to Hallie Bowman, a professional stylist from Herbal Essences for some product placement, I mean, styling.

    Jaslene gets tons of praise from Mr. Jay. Brittany, Sarah, and Felicia also get a lot of praise. Jael, Dionne and Diana seem to do fairly well. In fact, Jael seems the most comfortable out of all the girls on set. Cassandra and Whitney do okay, but Jay wanted more from them. Natasha has trouble understanding what a teacher?s pet is supposed to do and cries later because her English is not very good and she doesn?t understand a lot of things. She says she feels like she ?talks like a foreigner? and she?s ?failing?. Aww. She looks gorgeous though and reminds me a lot of a certain fierce Columbian booty shaker.

    Renee is not happy with her assigned role and is upset that Jael and Sarah watch her do her shoot without her permission. Oh mah worrrrd!!! The audacity for anyone to watch her do her shoot! I mean, models always get top notch privacy and closed sets for every shoot. LOL hasn?t she ever watched ANTM before? Girls are always watching each other?s shoots. In fact, that?s where a big chunk of the juiciest comments end up coming from. In the words of Jaslene, all I gotta say is ?dumbass?. Mr. Jay called her shoot ?painful to watch? and wasn?t pleased with her limited range of expression. When?s Samantha?s turn, she has a lot of trouble being sexy and actually seems rather embarrassed. She gets even more embarrassed when Mr. Jay encourages her to pretend like she is umm, spending some ?alone time? with herself to help get into character. As Renee watches on, she is downright tearful, saying she could have done ten times better than Samantha at being sexy and it?s ?very easy to be sexy?.

    Later, at the house, she rants to the other girls about how unfair it was that some girls got roles they are good at and she cuts Jaslene off when she tries to talk, annoyed and jealous that she did well and got more praise this week. That night, Jael comes out NAKED and wearing a black wig, reading the Tyra Mail announcing the upcoming elimination. Samantha thinks that there is a time and place for everything and she can?t fathom how people can be so hyper all of the time. Natasha is nervous about elimination, but Jael comforts her, saying ?no one is sending [her] home?.

    I?m Just a Simple Girl, In a High Tech Digital World:

    The girls enter the judging room, where Tyra is dressed as a pirate slash fortune teller once again. She compliments the girls on looking good, as usually the girls each cycle are still looking ?broke down? this early in the competition. She introduces the prizes and panel as usual. This cycle, Miss Jay is wearing ruffles around his collar, and will be adding a ruffle each week until there are 12 (representing the 12 girls who wanted to be America?s Next Top Model?.but didn?t make it). The guest judge at panel this week is Roy Campbell, from the fashion show who Tyra says wrote the very first article about her.

    Here is each girl?s evaluation:

    Sarah ? her photo is good, but Twiggy thinks it?s a bit too sexy and Mr. Jay says she needs to hold her poses longer.
    Cassandra ? the long shot is good, but there is ?no fire in her eyes? and she seems bored.
    Diana - good body language and she seemed in control
    Dionne ? she gets rave reviews all around

    Brittany ? Twiggy loves her ?timeless face? and she nailed it
    Samantha ? doesn?t look ?trampy? enough and was very unsure of herself. Tyra says ?a lot of modeling is looking like a hoe, but being high fashion?. LOL I bet exotic dancer Cyndel from Cycle 7 casting is still pissed right now!
    Felicia ? she also nailed it and everyone but Tyra feels like she looks like Tyra.
    Jael ? she gets mad props all around for looking nerdy, but high fashion
    Jaslene ? is deemed fabulous and Miss Jay warns the other girls too look out for her. She gets tearful, saying they are already on her and some of them are being fake to her. Renee can?t stop smiling and rolling her eyes in the background. The judges encourage Jaslene to keep a thick skin, as the modeling world is full of fake people.
    Whitney ? they like the close up, but is told to work on her body language. Tyra says it was very hard for her to pick a photo. Whitney tells them that she had to stay on certain marks, but Tyra says there are ways to give more variety while staying on those marks, so that?s not an excuse.
    Renee ? ?good, but not great?. Tyra warns her to watch her face and Nigel feels she had a lot more than she gave in the photo.
    Natasha ? Natasha?s is okay, but is told she needs to relax her mouth. Mr. Jay also said that her shoot this week was the hardest to direct in top model history and compared her to Ann from Cycle 3. Natasha sweetly replies that remembers Ann and she was one of the most beautiful girls. They seem to like how she turned the critique into something positive.

    The judges quickly deliberate. The photos are given back in the following order: Jaslene, Felicia, Diana, Renee, Brittany, Cassandra, Dionne, Jael, Whitney, and Sarah, leaving Samantha and Natasha in the bottom two. Tyra says that both girls have the strongest faces, however Samantha seems so young and weaker in personality, while Natasha has trouble translating her beauty to a photo. Natasha receives the final photo, as they feel her inner beauty and Samantha is eliminated. Natasha is overjoyed at the chance to continue on, while Samantha gives the strangest expression and spits a strange, green substance right on top of Natasha?s head:

    Okay, actually Samantha is teary, but says she is a simple girl and maybe this wasn?t it and this wasn?t her time. Who knows what is in her future, but I am sure if she really wants to model, she will be a-ok. She?s definitely got the look, and like Tyra said, maybe it?s just a matter of time. Good luck to you Samantha!

    The CoverGirl of the Week is Jaslene!

    Next week, it?s makeover time! Renee and Brittany face off in an argument, and Jael receives tragic news from home.

    Thanks for reading and tune in for next week?s episode! Let me know your thoughts and be sure to come hang out with fellow ANTM fans in the RTVG ANTM Cycle 8 Forum!

    *flips hair, smacks gum*

    GlitterxGold, RTVG

    For More America's Next Top Model news: SirLinksalot: America's Next Top Model
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    Amazing recap GxG !

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    Quote Originally Posted by i love kahlen
    Maybe RTVG should have a fashion show like that!

    great recap gxg!
    That accually would be kinda cool. All the RTVG'ers Get together and have a real life reality competion. Great Recap btw

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    Aww Glittah, you're so much better than TROF's bad recaps.

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