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Thread: ANTM8 Episode 1 Season Premiere Recap - Phi Beta Fierce

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    ANTM8 Episode 1 Season Premiere Recap - Phi Beta Fierce

    ANTM8 Episode 1 Season Premiere Recap - Phi Beta Fierce

    Welcome back to another fabulous cycle of America’s Next Top Model! It hasn’t been quite that long since Cycle 7’s Season Finale, but….oh well who am I kidding? You know you, myself, and everyone else has been pinning away for the past few months frantically searching for any ounce of news on Cycle 8 way back in the days when Melrose was crying over a ripped dress, Tyra wasn’t screaming for everyone to kiss her fat ass, and Britney Spears had hair. I’ll let you all in on a little secret. Come on now, come closer! *whispers* Sometimes, when ANTM is on hiatus and it’s really quiet, and I’m all alone:
    Ermm really I do! But shh, don’t tell anyone. While I’m at it though, allow me to introduce you to Sarah (as shown above). She’s one of the first girls we meet on this eighth journey to the center of the modeling world. After a self-promoting montage of Tyra’s career, she gives us our first glimpses of the thirty three semifinalists of this cycle. We see a variety of Amazon women, including Jaslene, the stunning Latina with tons of personality, who we met during last cycle’s casting special. JasJas isn’t the only exotic beauty this cycle, we also meet blonde bombshell Natasha, who is originally from Russia. The girls quickly pile into vans and are whisked off to a location that is apparently undisclosed to them. They pass by a beach, and one of the model hopefuls is worried as she didn’t bring her swimsuit. Life may be a beach girls, but that beach ain’t got nothing on the two beaches you are about to meet.

    ”This is Modeling, We Aren’t Curing Cancer Here!”

    After pulling into what looks like an army base, the girls hop out of the van to see THIS coming at full speed towards them
    It’s The Jays! Ghetto girl, Jessica, admires Miss Jay’s “tight” booty (which she claims is better than hers). They inform the girls that they must go through Model Boot Camp and get themselves into shape before they are allowed to meet Tyra. Miss Jay tells them he is tired of their “busted walks, whining, bitching and complaining” and refers to them as “Model Maggots”. The girls line up as the Jays interrogate them on model trivia. Heather, whose father used to be a boot camp instructor, cannot identify who famous designer Carolina Herrera is. Le sigh. It astonishes me sometimes how clueless some of these girls who try out for ANTM can be. The Jays then order them to change into white tank tops, camouflaged capri pants, and high heeled combat boots. As they are changing, Renee tells us via confessional that she thinks she’s got this in the bag, as the other girls do not have the amount of “character” and “determination” that she has. Gag.

    After the girls return they strike impromptu poses as the Jays bark orders to them. Mr. Jay is not impressed with Jael’s fashion mag pose and orders her to drop and give him ten push ups. She obliges and laughs via confessional that she will try to follow along and that “this is modeling, we aren’t curing cancer here!” Next, they ask them to give a concave back Richard Avedon couture pose. Every stares blankly and blinks. Mr. Jay asks if anyone even knows who he is, to which he gets more staring blankly and blinking. Sarah, however, pipes up and is able to identify him, earning herself not only a badge of honor, but also some hateration from the other girls. Fellow semifinalist, Bethany, attributes Sarah’s win as “B.S.” since Sarah is a fashion photographer. Yeah Sarah! How DARE you speak up when you knew the answer to a question and the fashion world. You might make someone else who sat around eating Doritos and watching Room Raiders reruns on MTV all weekend instead of brushing up on their fashion knowledge feel uncomfortable. Pipe down next time, eh!

    Afterwards, the girls get their heights and measurements recorded, and polaroids taken of them. We discover two plus sized models have made it into the semifinals, Whitney, who firmly believes that a plus sized model can walk on the same runway as Naomi Campbell, and Diana, who isn’t threatened by Whitney and actually thinks it’s great that there are two of them. As Natasha gets measured, she tells us that she thinks she will make it, since she is “unique” and has a different look from the others girls called “pretty”. Haha! I definitely think I like this one. Later, Tyra makes her grand entrance doing a step show accompanied by some Phi Beta Sigma fraternity brothers.
    As I watch I am thinking, you know, I have SEEN these some of these exact moves somewhere else before, flailing arms around, whipping hair, dancing in front of some guys. I just can’t quite pinpoint where I have seen this before. *stares off into space for a bit*
    She is much more FIERCE this time around, and paces back and forth, proclaiming how much she “loves the smell of hair and makeup in the morning”. Hmm, while some pancakes and coffee sound a bit more appealing, I guess it’s better than cigarettes and crack. She encourages them all to strike a fierce sign in the air and to “be all they can be and not bitch all they can bitch” during their upcoming interviews. Renee says as funny as it sounds, she got a bit teary eyed at the spectacle and we see a clip of her wiping her eyes as Tyra prances off.

    Dinner at Tiffany’s (Without The Beer This Time)

    During interviews, we meet a variety of girls. First girl up is Kathleen who has the tallest red fro I have ever seen, and who SCREACHES as how pretty Tyra is. Tyra asks her how she would make her over and she says she would punk her out a bit more. Mr. Jay asks how she would react to getting a makeover, and she starts to answer, but then quickly gets distracted again at how “pretty” Tyra is. Kathleen has learned quickly that flattery can win many people over, especially on people who rely on their looks for their main source of income. As she models her gold bikini, she tells us via confessional that she has no experience other than “modeling on the streets of Brooklyn” but this is what she really wants to do. We meet Sarah again, who the judges see a lot of potential in. Sarah also thinks she has a lot of potential, in fact, she thinks that “none of these other girls can hold a candle to what I have”.

    Up next is Cassandra, who comes out in what Tyra describes as a “Little House on The Prairie, meets Superman, meets Wonder Woman” type outfit.
    She also has a weave sewn onto her head, as she wants to be like Tyra and be able to whip her hair around. Heather’s father is a boot camp instructor and has no trouble yelling at the Jay’s in the face when prompted. Brittany is very loud and has trouble controlling her voice, but is very self aware and makes friends easily. Russian beauty, Natasha, got married at 18 to a 40 year old American man, who brought her to America from Russia. Even though she was not born in this country, she is very grateful to be here and wants to represent “the country that changed her life”. She is very confident in herself and thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the competition.

    Back at the hotel, Kathleen is showing off her lack of booty to the girls and boasts that even though she doesn’t have a booty, she does have these *unzips her jacket*. She exposes her boobs to the other girls, by accident it seems, as her tube top has fallen down and we see two big pixilated circles. Over in another corner of the room, Sarah is bragging that she was once in a runway show and had to wear 5 ? inch heels for Chanel (she thinks). Natasha disagrees that it was a Chanel show, but Sarah then quickly asserts that it was, and appears annoyed that Natasha would challenge her facts. Renee smirkingly fans the fire and says “you modeled for Chan-el?” *grin* Natasha asks where was this show, and Sarah replies “Cleveland”. Natasha presses, “not New York, or Miami or LA?” Sarah, obviously pissed off asserts, “No, I DID the fashion for Chanel!” She rants via confessional that she doesn’t like how Natasha was trying to say it was Dior instead and she would know what shows she’s modeled in. Natasha says she just doesn’t remember a Chanel show where the shoes were that high, and later tells us via confessional how there are girls in the semifinals who look very masculine *camera pans back to Sarah* and she isn’t sure why they are here. She is worried though, because she knows she can beat them all.

    Micheline is makeup artist with twenty tattoos. She’s actually quite pretty in my opinion. She sort of reminds me of a fiercer Dita Von Tease.
    She has a good knowledge of the fashion world and wants to one day have girls who look like her open a magazine, see women like her and be an inspiration to them. Next, a Natalie Portman pre-head shave look a like comes strolling in. Samantha is small town country girl, missing one tooth. The biggest thing in her town to ever happen was something called “The Butterbean Festival”. Sounds fierce. Melissa is sassy girl from the Bronx who once loaned her weave out to a friend. She even shows us some of the tracks that are falling out via confessional. Mr. Jay is worried that she is a bit too short though. We also meet Dionne, who loves to talk and gives tons of facts about herself such as she is a mother, she has three sisters, a former pianist, she used to have a pet tarantula named Sassy (but she died), her favorite food is spaghetti, followed by T-bone steaks and salad, her favorite color is blue, she loves to swim, but is afraid to get into large pools of water past 8 feet, she likes to wear her hair long and in the color 1B30, her other passion is dentistry. Natalie says she love Audrey Hepburn in “Dinner at Tiffany’s, oh wait Brunch a Tiffany’s” Jaslene, who we met in Cycle 7 casting is back and much calmer than last cycle and is sporting a slicker, straighter hairstyle. Tyra pushes her to bring back some of that wildness from last time as she is feeling a bit bland in comparison this time around. Jessica is a ghetto girl from Inglewood, California has a bit of a temper. She and Tyra get into a schoolyard pseudo argument that involves a lot of finger wagging and head bobbing. I could have sworn I sat behind this chick in 10th grade English class, only her hair was black from roots to about four inches below the bottom. Yeah, that part was dyed yellow blond.

    Renee, a beautiful young mother from Maui (but currently living with her mom in Palm Springs), describes herself as “catty”. She warns us via confessional that if any girls get in her way, she will “plow them over” and she “takes no prisoners”. Back at the hotel, while the girls are eating, Kathleen is shown proudly proclaiming that she is a burper and a farter and Renee chimes in that she can burp the alphabet. Someone chirps that they should have a contest and Natasha asks that they not do that as she sips her drink. Renee gives her a look and says that she thinks models should “be themselves” and burps. Cassandra fills us in via confessional and says Natasha said she thinks models should be ladies and Renee started arguing with her. Natasha tells the girls that she was raised in a different country and that is “normal” and maybe Renee is not normal and she is tired of her telling her bad things. Renee retorts that she is sick of Natasha’s “know it all” attitude. She camera whores to us in the hallway that she didn’t like how Natasha tried to “make her look stupid”. We go back to the girls and Natasha is saying she will not apologize, as Renee pretty much called her a bitch to everyone. Back to Renee in the hallway, and she is saying that she is here for ONE purpose, to win America’s Next Top Model, and not have anyone else tell her how to live her life. For the love of tacos, everyone chill out, have a cookie.

    Whitney is a lovely Ivy League African American plus sized model who is determined to prove she can make it. Jael is a multiracial punkish girl (her mom is African American and her dad is German and Jewish) who cries at the sight of Tyra and is very emotional. She seems a bit spaced out, but sweet and quite nice. Diana is another plus sized model who used to be skinny; she used to be picked on by her dad about her weight but she stood up to him. Finally, we have Felicia, an H-town diva who gets called “Baby Tyra”.
    She isn’t intimidated by the others girls, but does name Jaslene and Melissa as two girls to watch out for. The rest of them “are just cool to talk to”. Tee hee! She sweetly freestyle raps on her way out.


    At the end of the evening, the girls meet with the Jays to make another cut. The girls who make the first cut will be invited to a party where Mark Ekco and Jermaine Dupri are in attendance. Micheline really wants to make it, as she quit her job to come here. They are let loose to run to a room to see if they have a party bag for them, since if they make it, they will have to immediately get ready for the party. The models that make it include: Bethany, Lauren, Kathleen, Gelecia, Sarah, Dionne, Heather, Chelsea, Samantha, Felicia, Brittany, Natasha, Cassandra, Hannah, Melissa, Jaslene, Renee, Diana, and Whitney. Micheline sobs as she says that personality must count more than looks, as Jael, who she said “acts like an idiot”, made it over her and this makes her very angry, to point where she wants to just “punch her”. Also angry to not make the first cut, Jessica calls this “bull%*$” and storms off in a huff to “go back to work”. Bethany feels bad for them, but happy because “if they couldn’t cut it, they couldn’t cut it” so she was glad to see them go. At the party, the girls mingle with guests, have fun, and get their photo taken by photographer Russell Baer. Natasha starts dancing crazily in the middle of the party and Kathleen thinks she should tone it down a notch. Oh, dancing at a party is out of line, but she can burp up a storm while others are trying to eat? What-EVAH. *makes W with her fingers*

    Tyra and The Jays meet to cut the girls from 20 to 13. Miss Jay says he’s going to keep quiet, because every time he says who his favorites are, “they dis-appear!” They quickly go over each girl’s Polaroid, boot camp photo, and their party photo. Mr. Jay notes that he thinks Whitney will serve it up over Diana. One girl who photos stand out to me in particular as being especially fierce is Bethany
    The judges also think so too, but Mr. Jay is concerned over whether she knows how to pose for a photographer when she is supposed to. *blinks* In other words, she’s probably doesn’t fit into this cycle’s storyline or something. Whatever. I think she’s fierce. They compare Samantha to Janice Dickinson and have a lighthearted dispute over how many magazine covers Janice has had. When Sarah’s pictures come up, both of the Jays cover their mouths. Tyra teases them that they must really like her and are afraid to say so, since Tyra usually cuts those they like. Mr. Jay finally blurts out that he thinks Sarah was the ONLY girl who looked like a fashion model at the party. They feel Jaslene was holding back too much this cycle in casting. Mr. Jay asks Tyra if she sees her winner in this group of girls. She doesn’t reply, but gives a sly smile. (PRE-SELECT!!!! *shakes fist*)

    In the end, the final 13 contestants are: Natasha, Kathleen, Sarah, Cassandra, Renee, Samantha, Dionne, Whitney, Brittany, Felicia, Jael, Jaslene, and Diana. Some girls screeeeeeeam and get super emotional as their names are called, while others barely even give a little chirp, but look very gracious to make it. Diana, the last girl called, looks like she is about to fall apart as she waits for the last name to be called. Tyra notes how this is the first time in Top Model history that there are two plus sized models in the competition. She then goes over to the girls who were not picked and gives them the signature “don’t give up” pep talk. Of course, this wouldn’t be the end of a casting special without some booty shaking:
    and Tyra never fails to deliver, throwing in some bizarre, new dance moves and more step show chanting of “A-N-T-M-UHHHH!?!?!”

    The show isn’t over ya’ll! Click on Part 2 of this journey into the land of fierce for the next half of RTVG’s ANTM Cycle 8 Season Premiere coverage.

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    Heather, whose father used to be a boot camp instructor, cannot identify who famous designer Carolina Herrera is. Le sigh. It astonishes me sometimes how clueless some of these girls who try out for ANTM can be.
    Yeah Sarah! How DARE you speak up when you knew the answer to a question and the fashion world. You might make someone else who sat around eating Doritos and watching Room Raiders reruns on MTV all weekend instead of brushing up on their fashion knowledge feel uncomfortable. Pipe down next time, eh!
    Kathleen has learned quickly that flattery can win many people over, especially on people who rely on their looks for their main source of income
    Dinner at Tiffany’s, oh wait Brunch a Tiffany’s
    In other words, she’s probably doesn’t fit into this cycle’s storyline or something.
    I missed your recaps

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    This recap is great !

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    GxG, Great Recap!
    I'm going to read the other one.

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