NAME: Desdemona Ariszio
AGE: 25
LOCATION: Providence, Rhode Island
PROPOSED NICKNAME: The Missing Kardashian

PERSONALITY: Desdemona is most definitely a diva and loves attention, she likes to play innocent and nice because she does not want to be hated but will stand up for herself if disrespected, she hates being wrong as it may ruin her image, she hates trashiness and thinks a bad girl is somebody who can stand on her own two feet
FAVORITE THINGS (SHOWS, FOODS, MOVIES, ETC): Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Never Been Kissed, The Notebook, stilettos

WHAT MAKES YOU A BAD GIRL? The question should be what makes me the baddest girl? Just look at me. I look damn good and Iím a strong woman. Iím independent. People compare me to Kim K. all the time, but unlike her Iím a bad girl because I donít need a man to be happy. I donít need a man to make it. I earn my own way. And Iím ****ing classy girl.
WHAT DO PEOPLE KNOW YOU FOR? Iím known for looking a lot like Kim K. But at the end of the day, people need to understand that Iím my own person and they will see a very different side to me on the show. At the end of the day, people will know that Iím badder than Kim.
HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN A FIGHT? Iím not even gonna lie. Like, last time I was in a fight was in 6th grade. That was my first and last time being in a fight. Because I grew curves and boobs before all the other girls my age. Them **** sensitive. I paid a lot to look as good as I do now and Iím not gonna mess it up. And you best be sure that means if a bitch hits me, I will destroy them Ďcause then theyíre messing with my money.
WHERE DO YOU WORK CURRENTLY? WHAT IS YOUR ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL? Iím actually a board game designer. Like, when people decide to create new board games, Iím the person they call to design it. Iím financially independent and I wanna keep it that way. So, when Iím done with the show, I plan on opening my own art gallery and maybe venture into a clothing store way down the line.
WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES AND TALENTS? I like to shop. I live to shop. Not only do I get to buy cute clothes, but I also like having people staring at me and I can, you know, do hair flips and itís okay. I love the attention. My talent is using people. I know how to get what I want from people. Iíve done it all my life and look how far it got me. But, Iím also a great artist. I graduated from an art trade school.
DO YOU HAVE ANY FEARS? I hate insects and snakes. Eurgh! Iím not a really outdoorsy person, so I really hate bugs and stuff.
WHAT ARE YOUR SECRETS AND STRUGGLES? Iíve struggled with my identity. Iím confused for somebody whoís much more famous than I. But is Kim better looking than me?...Thatís a definite no. Is she a badder bitch than I am? Weíll let the cameras speak for themselves.
DO YOU SMOKE? DO YOU DRINK? HOW OFTEN & HOW MUCH? I donít smoke. I love my skin. I used to roll though. I drink responsibly. Itíd be easy for people to take advantage of somebody who looks as good as me if I blacked out or something. Letís be real.
ARE YOU DATING OR IN A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP? FOR HOW LONG? You could say that. Iím kinda on and off with these twin brothers, Damon and Matthew...not at the same time! I have class. But theyíre like both so hot, I just had to see what the other one had to offer. :D

I loved Tasha because she was a classy girl and didnít need to prove anything to anyone. I loved Tiara because she just cracked me up and she also knew how to conduct herself. I also loved Mehgan. Sheís so beautiful but was a little devil underneath. But my real favorite Bad Girl is Kristen. She is just the definition of bad.

Season 7 was the best. My favorites made it far and everybody was solid. Then Season 9 for having an overall strong cast and some good ass fights. Season 4 and then Season 5 are next for having some really memorable girls, moments and quotes. Season 6 is next. It had too many weak and annoying bitches. Season 3 started good but after KC left, it got stale. Season 8 had too many jumpings. These girls were not about that life. I never watched Season 1 and 2.