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Thread: Raquel "Rocky" Santiago - "The Cali Contender"

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    I just noticed that since her arrival, Rocky's been involved in every fight in the house except for Paula vs. Shannon. Her haters just keep making her the star of the season.
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    can't wait to see her at the reunion

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    Some interesting things that I learnt on other sites in regards to just how much happened in the house:

    * When Jenniffer poured the beer in Rocky's mouth, Valentina and Alicia wore their fighting clothes and threatened Raquel, saying that if she touched Jenniffer, they will jump her. This is why Nicole called out Alicia because the 2 of them also threatened Nicole and Nicole was ready to call their bluff. That is what caused the 2nd fight between her and Valentina.

    * Rocky was jumped because Valentina and Alicia told Nancy that Rocky was the one laughing about her tampon string hanging out while she was dancing. This was to cause a rift between Rocky and Nancy. The phone conversation was actually used for editing purposes to make it seem as if Valentina overheard Rocky. If the reunion was filmed after the show, Nancy would have known the truth hence why she apologised to Rocky in a video.

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    I'm from Tampa where rocky and zuly live....they go to this club called honey pot....mostly lesbians oo there

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    i felt for her when she got news of her father's death on BGC: All Star Battle.

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    New haircut.

    Not feeling it at all. Short hair really isn't for her IMO, she's a bombshell and she should stick to that.
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