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Thread: Renee Alway

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    yup melrose got the same moment in C7, so as eva in C3~~

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    Still <3 Renee. I'm glad she's proving tha hataz wrong!

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    Gorgeous Renee:

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    Okay you guys... I think that... I actually like Renee now.

    I only wish she had more of a neck!


    "There's nothing more beautiful than this kind of sleeve" - Celine Dion


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    URGH I love her headwrap thingies! So fierce! For some reason the bitches always seem to be really gorgeous. Bitches 4 life~!

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    She has too much makeup on! I think she looks much better without it.

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    I can almost see a little of kahlen in that first picture I have no idea why

    she's growing on me, ever since the makeover I've been liking her more... although still iffy on her attitude/behavior

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    i dont know why everyone are so concern on the attitude thing......

    for a model, you can just see her print work, commercial or runway performace, as an audience how come you can see their real face/ attitude??

    Do you know if Sasha P, Gemma Ward is a bitch from their works?? Bitch like Naomi, kate moss and lielie still be the top model~

    thus i dont care about the editing, i just see their pictures and walk, since this is NOT America's Next Top BEST friend!!

    let go the attitude thing ok???

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    I agree to be a fashion model you really don't need to worry much about personality. However, this competition isn't really about finding the best fashion model. It's is more of a spokesmodel and being a good representative for CoverGirl and Seventeen, someone that younger girls should be able to look up to.

    As for the editing thing in the article ILK posted, wow. Yeah editing can be a beyotch and in that instance, that sucks for her. However, there have been plenty of times Renee's said bitchy things that can't be blamed on editing. She flat out said them.

    I don't not like Renee just because of her attitude - I don't like how her photos have been turning out since her makeover. I thought Jade was straight trippin' sometimes, but I'll admit she took some damn good photos. I can't say the same for NeNe (at least in my opinion).
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    CoverGirl and Seventeen, someone that younger girls should be able to look up to.
    That's true, lol, althougth I found it funny how a magazine that puts Paris Hilton on the cover claims they are supposely finding for a "good role winner", same migth go to covergirl.

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    The bitches are always in head scarves!


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    America's Next Top Spokesmodel?
    America's Next Top CoverGirl?
    America's Next Top Seventeen CoverGirl?
    America's Next Top Good Role Girl?

    Lielie you should change the show name~~~ RenRen you participant in a wrong competition~~

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    Haha, but first lielie should rename the show 'America's Next Top Base Bitch Model', since she loves these types. I hope RenRen could make the F3, I felt so sorry for her family situation!

    ~* *~

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    OMG,Renee why you so gorgeous?

    Credit:TokyoNigths at another forum

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    her nose is a bit weird, but she's gorgeous anyway

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    Hi, I'm new here, but I love Renee. She's gorgeous! :D

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    Renee looks so amazingly gorgeous in the previews! .

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