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Thread: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Episode 2)

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    I love the promo! It's so RHOBH! <3

    Can't wait to see the catfights!


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    that promo looks faabb ! And gurrl we all know these housewives lying bout their age. They all are probably in their 50's

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    Gorgeous, stunning, couture

    Aafreen//Da Eun//Kyle//Bruna//Danika

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    Production on episode one will hopefully begin today ^.^ I will be starting to write it up. I want it to be perfect!!

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    "Life, Love, & The Pursuit of $$$"

    Episode 1. Part 1.
    8:36 AM. Monday. Beverly Hills, California

    The camera pans up & zooms in on a grand white mansion, the home of Maryam Noor.
    The frame changes & in an office we see a beautiful white woman..... *scratch that*
    a tall, tan, raven haired goddess. Wearing glasses, & talking away on the phone.

    See, this is the beginning of the rest of Maryam's life, as she prepares to release her highly anticipated sock line!
    Nooreys¡ This moment has been months in preparation & this week it will all be revealed
    at a beautiful star studded event. The best of the best will all be there, you know trying on socks & takin shots.
    Maryam hangs up the phone & looks through her cellphone, smiles & calls her next door neighbor.

    The camera pans right accross a beautiful home with pillars before the door. Inside a phone rings &
    Marisol Mendoza Perez answers "Hello" on the other line "Remember, tea at 11:00. Then we will
    discuss plans for the party this weekend" says Maryam. "Oh yes, how could I ever forget. I'm probably more excited
    thanyou are for this, I'm just going to jog & then I'll head right on over" responds Marisol.
    "Ok see you later" says Maryam. She hangs up the phone crosses Marisol off a list &
    gets up to go have breakfast on her patio.

    Across town the cameras look through the trees at a beautiful home with a green grass yard.
    Lined with flower bushes. Inside Priscilla Reznor sits on a stool at a kitchen counter,
    looking sort of hungover. She mumbles to her mother "Are you coming
    To see the saucks get launched? Free drinks!" Her mother replies in a loud tone
    "I can't I'm going speed dating tonight, why don't you bring Amelia along with you?
    And isn't DiDi going tag along with her" Priscilla looks out the window & replies "I guess"

    The cameras focus in on a beautiful house. With a fountain, lined with glass windows &
    beautiful palm trees. Inside a doll like figure hands out what seem to be lunch boxes to
    children getting ready to go to school The contents being, a piece of in toasted toast!
    ....(Because well Amelia Marshman doesn't know how to use a toaster) with what seems to be protein
    shake spread across. To drink is seltzer water & for snack pure wheat.
    The not so excited children single file out of the home & Amelia is left alone. As she usually is.
    She receives a text from Priscilla which reads
    "Get ready to meet new friends this week. Toots" & she sort of... Smiles!

    In a beautiful house, on the most beautiful hills of Beverly Hills sits a house,
    with the perfect view &in this house with a perfect view. Lives Tina Blueparrot.
    Whom just finished having hot, rough, sex with a sexy male model...
    Who is her husband by the way! She rolls over & looks at him
    "You're attending the launch with me this weekend right, yes so if you have any
    plans cancel them because you're already busy" she says.
    He replies with "Ok, now lets do it again" she smiles & they go under the covers.

    On the same hill, a few streets away the cameras zoom into a beautiful home.
    Inside sits a fierce Asian woman! Doing what she does best, preparing what looks like
    a dream board for a bride. Styling a wedding is not her ideal booking but Mao needs to get her
    name out there & if a wedding does it she will so what she has to do. Her Bluetooth blinks twice &
    she answers it. A woman's stern voice talks into her ear
    "What should I wear to the launch, I have like nothing in my closet! I think we need to get together & shop"

    In another neighborhood sits a gorgeous cottage style home belonging to highly talked about
    lawyer Phillip Carlstrom. Inside sits his wife, the young &vapid. Vesper.
    "Well if you want to I am free this afternoon I believe, I'll be busy until then" replies Mao quickly.
    "Perfect, I'm definitely ready. I'll just pick up a few things because I honestly don't
    know what mood ill be in come the night" the camera pans away as the ladies continue chatting.

    Confessional. Mao. "Vesper is such insensitive bitch, she calls me to look for an outfit
    & now he wants to go on a shopping excursion. Ain't nobody got time for that" she says as she rolls her eyes

    In a prominent celebrity ridden neighborhood in Beverly Hills a brick home comes into view,
    beautiful and peaceful... The cameras instantly cut to the back yard. Where a tiny blonde
    woman with what seems a thousand extensions is running out with a huge shotgun
    that looks to be too big for her "Get out my yahd, you stupid niglets. I wish yo momma
    woulda swallowed you, you imbecilic Lil bastards" she yells as an angrylook crosses her face.
    3 children are seen ducking into the bushes in to the house next door
    As you can see Dimarcaela doesn't like anyone trynna touch her apples. She huffs & walks back inside.

    The cameras drop into a back yard where two dark haired women sit in the patio.
    Maryam & Marisol. "Im really excited for Thursday, this is the culmination of so many months of work.
    I can't wait to show my socks to the world. They're so perfect" Maryam says
    "It really excited me that you are finally venturing into the world of business. It was about time,
    I have many connections coming on the night" says Marisol to Maryam as she sips some of her Strawberry-Lemonade tea.

    Confessional. Maryam. "I'm really happy I have my best friend & next door neighbor
    supporting me in this big step I'm taking. You know, normally when I have a next door
    neighbor they hate me because well I'm so much better than them.
    But me & Marisol. We're so perfectly equal, no one can top it"

    "Thank you I can always count on you, you know I really hope Priscilla doesn't bring her mother.
    The last thing I need is for my event to turn into the Beverly Hills meat market"
    Maryam says as both the ladies crack up in laughter.

    Confessional. Marisol. *laughing* "No really it's actually kind of hilarious watching this
    80 year old woman with Botox up to her up do... Which is obviously fake, just trying to get all these young
    & eligible bachelors. I hope she knows that when they see that face,
    they most definitely do not desire to see below the waist. & it's funny how
    Priscilla is so big & tall, her mother is the complete opposite. What a pairing!"

    "Oh goodness, don't get me started on that one. I'd actually rather her turn it into a meat market
    though than have Priscilla get **** faced. So if you see her overdoing the drinks cut her off"
    says Marisol, her phone vibrates & she looks into the screen. "Talk about the devil" the text reads

    Priscilla. "Is the event open bar, please ask Maryam. Just don't tell her I asked"

    Marisol shows Maryam the text & the both exchange hilariously intense glances.
    "She really thinks people are a fool, as if she isn't going to have her bra stuffed with nips & a bottle in her purse"
    says Maryam "if she kept it classy it wouldn't be a problem but it gets embarrassing after awhile"
    she completes her statement "Well I mean, I really would be surprised if she respected
    herself for once. She's fun but I agree" says Marisol.

    The scene changes. & it is 3:00 in the afternoon. A Porsche pulls into a promenade shopping center.
    Lined with label shops on both sides. Out walk Vesper & Mao wearing oversized sunglasses.
    "Thank god you picked me up, my car still hasn't been looked at & I called a mechanic yesterday"
    says Mao as they enter a shop.

    Confessional. Mao. "Yeah, well I obviously lied. But honestly, Vesper is so into herself that she
    won't even notice. I was not going to drive to pick up ten outfits that weren't even for me.
    .. & will probably never be worn. Vesper is a spoiled brat, I feel like if she didn't rub everything
    in people's faces shed have better friends, & no I don't feel bad"

    "Oh no it's fine, thank you for coming along" Vesper says back to her. They immediately
    split up. Mao quickly pulling things from racks everywhere as if it were her job. Vesper
    going about it a bit slower. Taking her time & feeling fabrics & looking at prints. Yet
    she doesn't exactly know what she desires. She picks up a few things while Mao walks
    back to her & says "Ok, come on time to try on everything" Vesper smiles & says
    "Oh darling no, I hate trying on clothes, we can just decide what we think is best &
    take a few with us" Vesper picks a few of the gowns & dresses from Mao's arms &
    heads on over to pay. Mao looking annoyed stands beside her, knowing that soon sshe'll
    be holding a few shopping bags that aren't even hers. Vesper pays & the pair walk
    out of the shop & into the sunny day.

    To Be Continued...

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    I love that DiDi is living in the CamaraU sorority house! Well its a great place for gardening and she loves her apples!

    I love when Amelia sort of smiles makes my heart jump!

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    speed dating and Amelia barely making an smile

    and based on editing Vesper and Mao are so gonna fight in future episodes

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    omg Amelia barely being able to smile that cracked me up so hard and work Marisol/Maryam being friends can't wait for the rest.

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    This is so good! You write so well!!! :D

    Aafreen//Da Eun//Kyle//Bruna//Danika

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    So glad it was up already Lou!

    I'm so busy now but I'll read later.
    It seems so fierce as hell.



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    ugh fantastic and fabulous

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    omg i died, amelia and her smiling incident really cracked me up, love it!!! xx
    (11.12.10) RIP DAD, ily <3 (10.8.11) RIP MARY, ily <3

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    HAHA. thanks you guys. So much! Means lots. I've already started working on part 2! So hopefully that will be done maybe by tomorrow. Sorry it's really slow but I'm not a natural writer so it takes me a bit ^.^

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    "Life, Love, & The Pursuit of $$$"

    Episode 1. Part 2.
    Wednesday. 3:00 PM. Lil Dim's House.

    DiDi sits on a stool on the tiki bar outside her home. Her legs dangling off
    of it as they usually do. Oversized glasses are placed over her face & her hair
    blowing in the wind as usual. She's waiting for Tina to arrive so they can spill
    some T& talk about the recent happenings in the nightlife scene.

    Across the yard from a pair of glass double doors comes out a fiery red head.
    Her mane rolled up into a chic bun atop her head. She too wears sunglasses
    over her piercing blue eyes. She walks over to the short blond lady and says
    "Hay gurl, what's up, how you been?" they air kiss. DiDi smiles & replies
    "Oh you know, the usual. Just laying back here, baking my special cakes,
    & chasing ugly midgets out my yard" Tina laughs. "What you need
    back here is a Rottweiler, they'll never mess with your yard again"
    DiDi gasps "Oh My goodness, gurl, you is so right... Imma need
    to tell Derrick to get me one of those babies"

    Confessional. Tina. "DiDi is hilarious, I love that she took my suggestion, but she's s little
    I wonder if she could even train a Rottie. Even as a puppy I'm sure he'd be as big as her" *laughs*

    "Yeah that would be a good investment, make sure you tell him
    to order you a saddle too, y' know so you can ride him around the
    yard & chase after everyone" Tina says as she laughs, DiDi rolls
    her eyes "Oh please, the only dog imma be ridin is my man, can't no
    one else get a piece of this. So are you taking your man to the launch?"
    DiDi asks Tina. "Actually yes, I am. Are you bringing yours along?
    I mean I usually only bring mine so I can show him off & so he can
    hold my purse when I'm too drunk" Tina says as she shrugs
    "I'm not bringing mine, I don't think anyone is bringing their men
    it's you know a gurls night thang" DiDi says

    Confessional. DiDi. "S*hit is boutta pop off, I mean I don't give a F*uck if Tina rubs her mans sexy abs in
    anyones face. But a lot of the other gurls don't like it because they're such jealous bitter bitches. They
    are all married to old men, & well Tina be over here breakin cradles & they're still gettin botox. But
    you know I can't wait to see the reactions, so thats always fun"

    "Well gurl come, get over here & get a glass of this good stuff"
    DiDi says as she hands a huge glass to Tina who is now sitting
    beside her. "I'm trying to be drunk when we go to this launch,
    honestly. I mean classy drunk, because I know a lot of the people
    will be very boring" Tina states. "DiDi, Im not trying to drink too
    much. Because I don't want my dress to fall off. I wanna show
    some skinn. You know. Gotta look good" DiDi says. "It will
    definitely be exciting, can't wait to see all the socks... & people
    trying on socks. It's going to be unique" Tina says.

    The Scene shifts. Priscilla is seen at home. Sitting next to a
    man, Tony Reznor. Her husband. Priscilla, "Honey, how's
    work been" Priscilla asks him. "Oh it's been great, you know
    I just gave Janet Jackson a face lift the other day. We caught
    up its been a while since I worked on her face" Tony says.
    "Oh that sounds like a lot of fun, her face is... special, I wonder
    how many face lifts she's had, talking about surgery. Amelia
    was wondering if you could fill in her brow bone?" Priscilla
    asks Tony "Oh well yeah, that would be perfectly fine. I have
    an appointment open in two weeks if you want to bring her in"
    Priscilla says

    Confessional. Priscilla. "You know, I've been really worried about Amelia's face. Will her grandchildren ever
    get to see emotion. Or maybe her children will just wrap her in a life size box & gift her every christmas. But
    either way, I think she needs help. She is addicted to plastic surgery. It's like crack to her" Priscilla
    says very loudly speaking with her large hands as she usually does.

    At Amelia's house everyone is sitting at dinner & by
    everyone I mean. Amelia and her husband, at each of the
    table ends they sit like book ends. Amelia sits with a plate of
    three croutons as her dinner, Giulio has a salad for dinner
    "So you're finally going to try to get out & make some friends
    Tony told me, he said Priscilla is taking to an event in LA" Giulio
    says to her "Yeah, it should be fun. Im very excited... but I am
    fearful of what Priscilla might do. She isn't exactly Tame" Amelia
    replies "Oh but that's fine, I feel like you balance her out very
    well. Which is why Im glad Tony & I introduced you ladies"
    Giulio says "Yeah, but sometimes she's too much. When she
    drinks. You know"

    The ladies all prepare for the weekend. A weekend that will be
    filled with successes for some, disappointment for others, &
    good moments for a few.

    Friday. 4:23 PM.

    Maryam prepares to get all of the ladies together at her house
    so they can head over to the launch at night. Marisol is already
    over her house. Wearing a beautiful black dress showing off
    her amazing body. The first's to arrive are DiDi & Tina, Didi is
    dressed in a mini dress with a plunging neckline as always. Tina
    on the other hand is wearing a skintight bodycon dress in blue to
    match her eyes & black Louboutins. "Hayy gurls, ready for tonight"
    Tina yells over everyone as she hugs Maryam & Marisol. "Congratulations
    Maryam, can't wait for tonight" Tina says, Maryam smiles & replies
    "Awe, thank you that is very sweet, Im going to leave you ladies
    here. I will be going up to my office to make a few phonecalls.
    I will be right back" She turns on her heels & disappears out of
    the room "Marisol, get me a drank cuz I need to prepare myself
    for Priscilla" DiDi says as she looks at Tina with wide eyes
    "gurl, you just wait. Brace your self & get a drank, you are
    gonna need it" Tina laughs & says "I'll wait till later"

    As soon as they finish talking about Priscilla, Mao walks
    into the room by herself & minutes after Vesper comes in
    looking expensive as always. You could sense the tension
    but no one really wanted to voice it... it became that awkward
    moment where everything goes silent. Until Mao decided to
    break the silence & said "So who are we waiting for?"
    Marisol says "We're only waiting on Priscilla, nice to meet
    by the way my name is Marisol" with a smile "Hello nice to
    meet you" Mao says as she gives her a hug.

    Confessional. Marisol. "You know it was kind of rude of Vesper, she didn't even introduce Mao &
    we don't all know her, like I have never met her a day in my life. Vesper isn't very classy. She is still
    very young, & why not mentioned that she is very spoiled. She has never had to really earn
    anything at all in her life. She comes off very inconsiderate"

    After everyone is sitting down, Priscilla walks in with a
    blonde Barbie doll. DiDi's eyes widen, Tina swallows her
    ice, & Mao squeals. Priscilla says "Hello everyone, this is
    Amelia. Just bringing her along so she can meet some new
    girlfriends" Amelia smiles & timidly says "Hello" Priscilla
    asks Marisol "Where's Maryam, is she ready?"
    "Yeah, she's ready but she's up stairs doing some work"
    Marisol replies "Oh.... OK, can I get a glass of Ice & coke please"
    Priscilla says pulling out a bottle of Jack Daniels.

    Confessional. Priscilla. "To be honest, I thought it was very rude. How do invite a whole bunch of people over
    your house... ? ... & not be there to greet them. When I host, I am always there to greet my guests, I can't believe
    that we have begun this evening on the wrong foot" *takes shot*

    Confessional. DiDi. "****s just hit the fan, Priscilla never asks to bring people or to use things. She just makes herself
    at home & like b*itch you betta say please, cuz this negraa ain't gettin you nothin for free. This aint no, burger king
    no you cannot have it your way. These trifflin hoes out they damn mind, someone is gonna end up with a sock
    over they head tonight. I think it might be Priscilla so get me a real big sock"

    Maryam comes downstairs from her office with her purse to
    a full room. "Hi ladies, ok let's go outside the limo is waiting for us"
    The ladies continue outside onto the cobble stone home front &
    see a beautiful caddilac escalade stretch limo. Maryam heads inside
    & the rest of the girls follow her in.

    To be Continued....

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    Priscilla seems to be the Danielle Staub of the group in terms the rest of the ladies find her dangerous ,while Didi reminds me of Nene

    I wonder where the girls will go, hope a fight ensues soon

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    Go on go on!



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    "Life, Love, & The Pursuit of $$$"

    Episode 1. Part 3.
    Friday. 9:30 PM. Maryam's Sock Launch.

    The limo is on the highway, while the ladies pregame for the evenings
    recreational activities. Near the door sit the classy socialites, with their
    glasses of chilled & relaxed wine. Starting with Maryam sitting near the
    door, as she should be followed by Marisol, whom of course sits there
    judging the girls across the limo, next to her lounges Mao with a snarly
    look prancing from her lips & through out her face. Vesper sternly sits
    closely to Mao with her legs crossed and a complete bottle of wine.
    She perfectly divides the ladies, Tina sits next to her taking shots of
    Absolut Vodka with a Cocktail in her other hand, Lil Dim sits next to her
    redheaded girlfriend with a pint of Bacardi & after her is when things
    go completely down the drain. Priscilla is laid out, her legs spread &
    her Britney gladly making a starring appearance... hence Marisol's
    judging look across the limo. Awkwardly next to her sits poor
    little Amelia, looking a bit out of place next to Priscilla, because
    well she most definitely doesn't belong there seeing as she has
    no liquor in hand. Priscilla looks at Amelia, & throws herself upon her.
    Amelia jumping back quite a bit, her face looking... still! "Oh Amelia,
    i soohl, laub yu... sau much, i wwanna be you godmother fore da heh"
    Priscilla says, clearly & obviously slurring her words onto her bottle
    of trusty ole jack to Amelia.

    Confessional. Marisol. "Like, seriously, this girl is nuts. She has no decency, & no class whatsoever. She is
    already drunk & ready to set the world on fire. She has no respect for herself how in the world is she going
    to have respect for Maryam. I am over her as we speak... & I will most definitely be avoiding anything having
    to do with her tonight" Marisol says loudly to the cameras with eyes widened

    Confessional. Amelia. "I honestly really wish, that Priscilla wasn't like this, she hardly even introduced me to
    people how are we going to make new friends. All she is doing is pushing people away, it seems like I might
    have to do all the work tonight & forget about her. Even if it makes me a bad friend. But really... she is never ever
    becoming the godmother to anything in my life... not even my Ficus"

    The limo comes to a halt & the ladies... well anyone aside from Priscilla,
    look out the window in awe. A red carpet has been laid out, reporters &
    photographers line both sides of the venue entrance. A Huge sock with colorful
    N's has been hung over the entrance. Maryam freaks out a bit & shouts to her
    driver "Earl, can you take Priscilla out back. She can't walk so she cannot make
    this entrance, Amelia will help her in by the kitchen entrance" Marisol smiles
    cheekily & prepares herself for the flashes. The door opens Maryam exits &
    is immediately bombarded with cameras & microphones. The ladies all stand
    behind her as she addresses the press "Im sorry ladies & gentlemen, tonight is
    not the press release for my current project. Get back to me next week & that's
    your party" she begins to walk & the remaining girls pose for photos for the
    demanding crowd. After what seemed a hectic half an hour they finally made
    it inside the venue. Inside were gift bags with Maryam's face on them, tables lined
    with socks, mani pedi stations, socks hanging from the ceiling, finge...
    "Oh ****... finger sandwiches, bye its been real... see ya'll in a few" Lil Dim
    shouts as she rushes off to refresh herself.

    Confessional. Maryam. "Wow, I am really so elated to be at this point in my life. To finally have something
    big happening for myself. Something I am proud to call my own. Which means I will not let anything or anybody
    ruin it. So if I have to make some decisions & upset some people so be it. It doesn't bother me as long as in the end
    I'm happy"

    Maryam & Marisol are whisked away by what seem business men. Left
    together are Tina, Vesper & Mao. "Well wheres the drunk?" Vesper says
    "Right in front of me" Mao replies looking at her, Tina laughs "Maybe we
    should go find Priscilla, poor girl is not going to be happy she had to come
    in through the kitchens even if they catered the event" Tina says, Mao looks
    at her rolling her eyes "I most definitely am no a babysitter, I already got one
    for the night and I don't need to find another one. They should have left all
    that at home" she says in a sarcastic tone cocking a brow. They inch off toward
    the kitchens where they see Amelia come out with Priscilla who doesn't look
    very happy at all "Where is Marroiom, I want drink..." Priscilla mumbles again
    "Relax, this ain't kindergarten" Mao says to her as if she's talking to her own

    Tina looks back at the group of girls & says "Come on, Maryam just texted me,
    she has a VIP section open for us, lets go" She drags the girls along when the
    come to a section of what looks like a lounge, with butlers and all. The girls
    sit down on the couches while Maryam does her thing & talks about her line
    to retailers & business men. Lil Dim comes back, with her purse stuffed full
    of finger sandwiches. Tina laughs with her & they sit down to indulge. A
    butler comes up to Priscilla & takes her order "Geth me a boddle of jack, wit
    five socx" Amelia orders a glass of wine for herself. Minutes later he returns
    with the order. Priscilla takes her shoes off & jumps up with joy as if she just
    won American Idol or something "AHHHH, Ohmaghed.. look yu can geth
    saucks" Some of the people in the area laugh hysterically pointing their
    glasses at her. Her drunken antics somehow taking the attention off
    Maryam. All eyes on her Priscilla is outfitted on one foot with a Green
    furry sock with Purple circles, on the other one an Orange one with rubber
    duckies all over. On her head is another sock, with toes & Scottish
    Terriers printed upon it. "Look I'ms a bord" she says making a repulsively
    ugly yet hilarious face which makes Amelia chuckle. Priscilla starts
    taking socks & dressing Amelia in them. Tina looks at her, jaw dropped
    & says "Well thank the lord, someone came to have fun"

    Maryam feeling disrespected rushes out & away from Priscilla, her and
    Marisol go outside to go take a breather. "I need a cigarette, if not I'm going
    to strangle her... I swear" a young guy is walking buy when Maryam shouts
    "HEY YOU" He halts & says "Yes", "Give me a cigarette, NOW" she says angrily
    Seeing the wrath in her eyes he pulls out a cigarette, she snatches it & he runs
    off into the distance fearing for his life. Marisol looks around almost wondering
    how Maryam plans to light the cigarette. "Always come prepared" Maryam says
    shoving a hand down her dress top & pulling a lighter out of her bra

    Cofenssional. Marisol. "Well I guess that's the cue, & its easily safe to say now that Maryam's night has been ruined.
    I wont say I told you so, but I told her not to bring Priscilla along. There isn't one thing I say that doesn't indeed come
    true, one things for sure. She is never getting an invitation from me... not even to a child's birthday party. NO siree"

    Back inside, Priscilla has gone from entertaining to... clearly & overtly belligererent
    even Tina is keeping her distance from what seems to be a ticking timebomb.

    Confessional. Tina. "When this bitch gets drunk its either one of two things, she either explodes & does something really
    stupid... or she falls asleep. I'm praying for the latter. But unfortunately for Maryam neither of those options is neither viable
    nor good" hmphhh

    Priscilla quickly rolls over onto couch, which so happens to perfectly
    be the one where Amelia is sitting on. Right onto her lap she puts her head
    & falls soundly asleep. Tina looks at Lil Dim while pointing at Priscilla &
    laughs followed by "Well thank da lordt, holy Lil Dim, baby Jesus has saved
    us" Lil Dim laughs & says "Oh Gurl, I've got the Itis. I'm so ready to go home
    & pass out Oooph" The venue begins to clear out, people start saying their
    goodbyes & Maryam is seen once again in the distance thanking people for
    coming. Marisol strolls up to the VIP area & says to Tina "Ready to go"
    "Oh Yes, I'm so ready to sleep" Says DiDi. Earl comes over as ordered by
    Maryam & helps Amelia recover Priscilla to take her to the Limo.

    Outside everyone makes their way back into the Limo. Ready to wrap up
    the day most of them have their shoes off & are congratulating Maryam
    on the success.

    Confessional. Maryam. "I'm kind of glad its all over, I'm not going to lie. Tomorrow though its going to get real. I already
    know it, I am not ready for Pricscilla's calls, texts, & endless rants on how she feels left out. She always plays the victim
    but you know whats funny... she does it to herself. It is no ones fault but hers. I should be the one crying, because she
    almost ruined my night but guess what I'm not. On the bright side, maybe i can become her manager or something. You
    know if anyone wants to book a clown or something for their event" She says snarlingly

    The Next Morning.

    Tina is on the phone with Marisol & they are recapping the eventful nigh
    when Tina says "Well, Priscilla isn't happy. She saw the red carpet photos with
    us in them & she texted me saying why she wasn't invited to the red carpet"
    Marisol replies "Well maybe if she had a little bit self respect, she would actually
    remember the things she did. Also she would probably have a little self control.
    But I mean, she did learn from her mother so you can't fault her there I guess"

    What will happen when Maryam finds out what Priscilla really said about her?
    Will There be a confrontation, & how angry is Priscilla really about being "excluded"?
    Find out net time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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    You guys I'm so sorry it took me forever to get this last part up. But im finally happy the 1st episode is wrapped up ^.^ That was interesting to write hahaha

    #BB19 Elena | Christmas | Ramses
    #RPDR9 Farrah Moan | Aja | Valentina | Sasha | Alexis | Kimora


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