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Thread: Jael Strauss

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    Are you pertaining to the Robin in this picture?

    Praise Jesus

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    ^^ that photo is FUG

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    I think I'm one of the few people who actually loved her portfolio on the show. Her political issues, nude candy, and four personalities are some of my favorites of the cycle. I also think her bone structure is amazing and had the best personality of the cycle next to Natasha and Dionne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sundae Morning View Post
    Uhmmm, for Jael fans.

    Gawd! Tyra made SUCH a mistake cutting her! I mean look, she takes FIERCE photos, and she is SUCH a role model to that fake baby she's feeding booze to!

    She was robbed, IMO.

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    eww that picture is disturbing

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    Maybe that's the concept Jael liked in her Pro Life photo.

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    im not sure if this have been posted before

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    jael with the purple bra is fierce

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    I was just rewatching Cycle 8 and although Jael wasn't much of a model, she had the most kick-ass personality. I love her and I would so love to chill with her. She was so funny and real. But also, very caring and open-minded. She had just so many moments. Jael rocks.
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    It's like the Rennaisance wig. lol

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    The paintings are pretty

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    I have always found myself in the minority in thinking that Jael actually deserved her spot overseas. I always loved her look and the good thing about her is that all her biggest flaws are things you can fix (skin/body). It's not as if she's too short or she doesn't have a great face. I loved her photos, especially her nerd/candy/death/four personalities and she was quite enjoyable to watch. She wasn't the most modelesque girl, but I thought performance-wise, she earned her spot.
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    IA, I always thought she deserved her spot.

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    I thought she totally deserved her spot overseas as well. I found her to be a pretty solid performer. Maybe not the most modelesque of girls but amazingly beautiful in her own way.

    She deserved to go when she did (in my opinion) but I was SO ecstatic when she was in the bottom two with Whitney and her photo was called. Not only because I wanted to see her last a liiiiiittle while longer but also because it meant that Whitney's run on the show was finally over.

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    I actually wanted Kathleen to stay over Jael, but Jael really improved and deserved her spot overseas. But like you said Wiest, she also deserved to go when she was eliminated. Her Aussie commercial was dreadful; she obviously had little to no commercial ability behind the camera- that is, especially CoverGirl.

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    Jael on a motorcycle. I never saw the model, and I still don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpbenson View Post
    Jael on a motorcycle. I never saw the model, and I still don't.

    Source: All ANTM
    There are many more just not on All-ANTM. They are not quite attractive just so that it's said. I don't mean to be mean but they really aren't.

    I guess she is not meaning to model on these shots but have fun on camera. Hey, that's allowed as well.

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