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Thread: Dionne Walters

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    I agree Wholahay was so awesome with short hair. Nothing wrong with commercial modeling, but the stuff she's doing right now is so downmarket.


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    I will always remember her. Natasha and her made Cycle 8 so funny.

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    Dionne is so amazing. I love her personality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dax View Post
    I will always remember her. Natasha and her made Cycle 8 so funny.
    Yeah,they made cycle 8 hilarious,and i can't forget WHOLAHAY

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    Get it, girl~

    Dionne was SO FABULOUS.

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    you know, i really loved Dionne's face. She had that Caribbean swimsuit model look down; if only her body was a bit more to standard I think she could've had a great career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raindrops47 View Post
    She had that Caribbean swimsuit model look down;
    YES. You nailed it. That is exactly what she reminds me of.

    If she had slicked her hair back more in C8 she could've easily been one of my favorites. She looked like a goddess the one time she went to panel with it like that. I still love her personality to death though, that little giggle she always gave off was contagious.

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    Wow she looks great she's a gorgeous black girl she is much better than all the cycle 11 black girls. If a black girl is winning cycle 12 she has to look like Dionne or better. I loved Felicia and Dionne in cycle 8 still two of my favorite black models

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    She looks a bit mannish and muscular.

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    I thought Dionne deserved a spot in the Final 3.

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    Watching the C8 marathon makes me miss her.

    I loved her. When she was like, "Tell what story? What story do you want me to tell?!" I lol'd sfm.

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    Ah, I loved Dionne, she was so hilarious.

    "And I'll be damned, we have to dance. Again."
    "We were looking a little jacked up and busted!"

    I miss her.

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    "A shirt? What the haylll am I gonna do with a shirt!"

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    @ Dionne's quotes. Ugh, Dionne's elimination was so horrible, I thought she should've stayed over Natasha. Dionne is my second favorite of the cycle, after Cassandra.

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    I love Dionne . Probably was one of favourites in that cycle because she was so funny

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