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Thread: Diana Zalewski

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    "There's nothing more beautiful than this kind of sleeve" - Celine Dion


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    LOL, never thougtht Diana could look so ghetto!

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    @ the leopard print...

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    Is there anyone else besides me that liked her on the show?

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    Face of Caroline Trentini? Are you on something?!

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    Personally, I see it, however Diana's face it's of course fatter.

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    Is anybody friends with Diana on Myspace? If so, does she have anymore photos?

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    My brother is, Lol.
    Atleast I think he is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarlett1616
    My brother is, Lol.
    Atleast I think he is.
    Can you get him to find more photos of her? :P

    I'm curious to see if she's still modeling, and it's hard to tell when all of her photos could be on a private myspace.

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    They tried to make Diana look way to mainstream on the show
    I think she would have benefited with a more unconventional exotic makeover/look

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    Are those pre-show photos? Or post-show? It's good to see new photos of her. .

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    I really like the first picture! I like her hair this way!

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    That's actually pretty fierce! I agree, a darker/edgier look suits her well. Her eyes are stunningly beautiful.
    Fierce is a State of Mind.

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    RTVG Idol elel's Avatar
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    She is the Covergirl of Blankable~

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    But Mama Elel, y can't I see Blankable's fierce cover then (instead of the bitches of FugliestNTM).

    ~* *~

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    That looks like its been edited in that "Paint" accessorie that comes with your computer >,<

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