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Thread: RTVG's 48 Hour Request Program

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    Quote Originally Posted by CupidStunt View Post
    Beacuse there has been an issue with too many guest viewers causing the site to not load for members.

    There were over 2000 guests viewing completed game and top model threads when the site was having issues.
    That is strange! I dount the issues been fixed as loading takes forever, and when I post or send a message, a preset message from RTV tells me I need 1 character to type!

    Time goes by fast​.
    Look at the flowers​ go.

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    Yeah, it's going sssllloooww AF. All day it's been lagging.

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    Please give the new season of American Idol a new sub forum:

    Time goes by fast​.
    Look at the flowers​ go.

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