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Thread: Erica Langston - “The Trash Talking Cheerleader"

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    Erica Langston - “The Trash Talking Cheerleader"

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    Definitely one of the worst girls to ever be on the show. She only had balls in confessionals and any time she actually did try to step up to someone, she got put in her place so quickly. It was kinda funny to watch in a way.
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    well bitch was definately a trash talker but thats it, she was one of the most useless bad girls ever on the show, it was hilarious to see her get owned by Catya,Kristen and Christina at the finale though

    I find interesting how she and Kristen are friends now XD

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    She is such a whore right now. God, and she is so ugly.

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    she was annoying and in the finale grew some balls.

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