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    Daniel Franco

    Los Angeles, CA
    Otis College of Art and Design

    Daniel Franco, a native of Los Angeles, California, was born November 11, 1971.

    He holds both a bachelor of fine arts degree from Otis College of Art and Design and an associate’s degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

    In 1995, Franco received critical acclaim when he was voted Best Designer in a nationwide contest for fashion students by The Fashion Group International. He received top honors in both the career and the leisure categories. By 1999 he had broadened his design experience by working in New York City as a fashion forecaster, assisting Richard Tyler and designing for BCBG.

    Also in 1999, Franco designed his first clothing line, which was sold exclusively through Saks Fifth Avenue. He took a five-year hiatus from the fashion industry to run his family’s business when his father took ill, but returned to the fashion world as a contestant on the first season of “Project Runway.” His experience on the show inspired him to relaunch the Daniel Franco collection with his first fashion show. His debut was well received by buyers, media and critics alike, which motivated him to return to television for another chance at “Project Runway.”

    Daniel Franco is now creating his fall 2006 collection for LA Fashion week in March.

    How would you describe your design philosophy or point of view?
    I believe in the future crossed with the classic in my designs ; I re-imagine fashion by mixing up thousands of references with refined artistic sensibilities. This enables my designs to have longevity and speak to women now. My designs say "I desire you too".

    What would someone close to you describe as your best and worst traits?
    My passion for perfectionism is both my blessing and my curse.

    What was your most embarrassing moment?
    Singing Karaoke and loving it.

    What is an odd fact or talent you possess?
    I design extraordinary menswear.

    Who are the designers you admire most?
    I admire Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Olivier Theyskeins, and Nicholaus Ghesquire.

    What are your favorite fashion magazines?
    Vogue, W, Bazaar, Blackbook, Face

    What are your favorite TV shows?
    Moonlighting reruns and Charlie Rose

    What are your favorite movies?
    Les Enfants de Paradis, A Clockwork Orange, Manhattan

    If you could design an outfit for any living person, who would be your dream client and why?
    It is little wonder why I would like to dress Jessica Alba.

    Who was your favorite designer from Season 1?
    Austin Scarlett was my fave.


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    It's obvious that he's duplicating the most admirable designers. I see very much Valentino and Gucci in it as well!

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    This guy annoys the ****s out of me. Last season I was ecstatic when he left in week 1. Now he comes back. Holy crap, Heidi. Why don't you just bring Wendy Pepper back too?

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    Heehee, Sir Bitter, you make me laugh. Wendy, she's the source of all evil.

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    Who is he kidding on his most admired designer from last season? He was SO up Kara Saun's backside during the last two shows (the reunion and the runway), saying she was perfect, blah, blah. Anyway, I'm at least glad he's toned down the whole stupid "bliss" thing. But, yeah, he's still annoying.

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    Sorry. For me, there is no Daniel Franco redemption... EVER.

    Get. Off. My. Screen.

    You had your chance, stop stealing other people's chances. If everyone else decided to come back after being booted, we'd have... oh right, we'd have Stephenie in Survivor, hehe! But I loved Steph. I hate Daniel.

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    He was just on American Idol... what.

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    Oh @ him being about ten years over the age limit or something.

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    ahhaa. gah.

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    his creativity prevented him from making the show objectives

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