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Thread: NBC Moves 'The Voice' to the Fall

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    NBC Moves 'The Voice' to the Fall

    Quote Originally Posted by Billboard
    NBC is moving "The Voice" to the fall schedule for its third season where it stands to benefit from NFL promotions and comparisons to a singing competition in its second season, Fox's "X Factor."

    The network is still ranked fourth but showing promise thanks to "The Voice's" Monday night ratings from February into May. The show will run 8-10 p.m. Mondays and 8-9 p.m. Tuesdays. A premiere date will be announced later this summer.

    People close to the show say a good number of revisions are on the table for season three and that it may well look significantly different than the first two seasons. Last year, there was a sense they needed to milk the blind audition element more; now a concern is getting more air time for the top finalists.

    Key to promoting the show will be NBC's Sunday night NFL games, which attract the largest 18-49 demographic on network television. During "The Voice's" early weeks, prior to its going live, coaches and other participants in the show can easily become part of the football broadcasts.

    It will undoubtedly be an easier sell that last year's fall singing competition, the all a cappella show "The Sing-Off." That show is expected to return for a post-Thanksgiving holiday run.

    "The Voice," which has been widely successful in launching singles from Maroon 5 and Blake Shelton, will now become a coveted piece of real estate for labels looking to launch new music from established talent in the fourth quarter. With live shows in November and December, a time of year inundated with superstar releases, the number of recording artists doing promotions is far greater than in April and May.

    "The Voice" will provide a lead-in to "Revolution," a new show from J.J. Abrams. "Smash," the Broadway musical-themed show that has run after "The Voice," will return in mid-season.

    Fox will announce its fall lineup early Monday morning and is expected to confirm that Britney Spears will join the judges table at "X Factor" in the fall.

    It was expected, but now it's official.




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    Glad to hearthe finalists will get more air time. I felt the previous set-up made it feel extremely rushed having so many eliminations. I think having the top 8/12 (2/3 from each team) perform with an elimination the next night would work well.

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    Two cycles a year! I'm pretty excited. I always get bored when there are no singing shows on.

    Reportedly, there is going to be a new panel of judges for C4. Then the regular judges will come back for C5, and rotate.

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    ^ that would be cool, i think.

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