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Thread: The Final Round

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    Congratulations Bitter on your win, because my vote was never necessarily securely for the other person. Thanks for an amazing game Estquer, massively enjoyed it.

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    Congrats to Sir Bitter! Your domination was undeniable, and you fought every single round for that win.

    Xyman, I'm really proud of what you achieved. I was concerned that no one would want to reward your efforts, but 3/7 votes, despite not being enough to give you the win, is a great start. I really enjoyed your role-playing, and I do not regret rooting for you

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    Congrats! That was an epic domination
    Great game again Estquer, sad I wasnt much a part of it but I cant wait to see what you have next

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    Congrats, Bitter! Both of you played amazing games and you both would have made amazing winners - Xyman I hope you're proud of yourself too, you can tell how much you convinced me in your jury answers by my eviction interview (btw if anyone's wondering, I didn't do mine until after Iron's elimination )

    Can't wait for your next game, Est!

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    Congrats Bitter on the win. You deserved it. Next game don't nominate me 27 times in a row ok??

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    Congratz Bitter =] Though I didnt talk much after my elimination while I did follow through each round and you deserve your win. Really a great game. Thanks to Estquer ! Looking forward for your next game.

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    A rather late congrats on the win Bitter!
    Man, I thought I was relevant in this game in the beginning..
    I didn't even know.


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