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  • Skylar Laine, Chase Likens, Colton Dixon & Cari Quoyeser

    7 30.43%
  • David Leathers Jr., Jeremy Rosado, Ariel Sprague & Gabi Carrubba

    5 21.74%
  • Adam Brock, Erika Van Pelt, Angie Zeiderman & Shelby Tweten

    2 8.70%
  • Schyler Dixon, Brielle Von Hugel & Molly Hunt

    2 8.70%
  • Haley Johnsen, Reed Grimm, Elise Testone & Eben Franckewitz

    15 65.22%
  • Jermaine Jones & Richie Law

    3 13.04%
  • Jessica Sanchez, Deandre Brackensick & Candice Glover

    15 65.22%
  • Scott Dangerfield, Clayton Farhat, Adam Decker & Curtis Gray

    4 17.39%
  • Britnee Kellogg, Jessica Phillips & Courtney Williams

    4 17.39%
  • Wendy Taylor, Lauren Gray & Mathenee Treco

    2 8.70%
  • Heejun Han, Phillip Phillips, Jairon Jackson & Neco Starr

    8 34.78%
  • Creighton Fraker, Jen Hirsh, Nick Boddington & Aaron Marcellus

    8 34.78%
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Thread: Episode 11 Top 70 Las Vegas Round: "Wake up and smell the coffee!"

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    Arrow Episode 11 Top 70 Las Vegas Round: "Wake up and smell the coffee!"

    Recapped by RTVG's most frenetic idol tard, Ethan!

    "Wake up and smell the coffee!"

    TONIGHT, WE ARE IN LAS VEGAS! Last night, we saw the numbers dwindle dramatically, with only 70 contestants now left standing. The episode starts off with an exteme close up of Heejun video blogging from the bus. Good way to pimp a contestant from the very beginning of the show!

    Tonight, the contestants are performing 50s and 60s songs in groups of twos, threes or fours on the Viva Elvis stage! The contestants only have 24 hours to put together a performance with the help of one of the Idol vocal coaches, including Peggi Blu, "the vocal coach from hell", who we should all remember and love from last year's Vegas round where she yelled the living crap out of Thia Megia for not singing. Looks like we're in for a long two hours!

    After a short night of practise, it's time for the performances to begin!

    The first group of the day consists of Cari Quoyeser, Chase Likens, Colton Dixon & Skylar Laine. The previous night, Skylar was having trouble with the harmonies and got some lip from a very depressed looking vocal coach. I think the producers deprive their Vegas vocal coaches from sleep before putting them in amongst the contestants for the drama.

    Once all things are sorted, the four walk onto the stage to perform. Cari starts off the song. She has a nice, kind of unique tone but is bland as heck. Chase is up next. His voice is perfect for this theme but again, bland. Skylar follows shakily, followed by Colton who also seems out of his comfort zone. Slowly, the contestants start getting more into the song and it turns out pretty decent by the end.


    The judges liked their performance, but note Skylar's out of placed-ness singing this genre. However, Skylar, along with Chase and Colton are through to the next round, which leaves Cari Quoyeser to be the first person eliminated of the day. No big loss there. [ 6/10 ]

    After the first break of the night, our next group is up. Ariel Sprague, David Leathers Jr., Gabi Carrubba & Jeremy Rosado, who have stayed friends since they performed on group round together. Gabi gets really stressed out during rehearsals because she feels like everyone isn't contributing as much as she is to the song. The others call her a diva for being such a control freak.

    Once the drama is settled, the group goes on stage to perform "Rockin Robin". David & Jeremy start the song off and both sound really nice. Ariel sounds really strong but a little bit nasal. Gabi sounds pretty once again but compared to the other three people in her group, there's nothing all too special about her tone to me. I really liked this performance. It was well put together and sweetly done.


    The judges love Ariel's voice and compliment the group as a whole, putting them all through to the next round! Looks like Gabi can rest her diva mouth for now... [ 8/10 ]

    Our next group is Adam Brock, Angie Zeiderman, Erika Van Pelt & Shelby Tweten! Adam starts off the song strongly, playing the piano. Erika is up next and she is definitely growing on me. She sounds so much like P!nk and has a really strong, commanding tone. Angie continues the song with her little theatrical voice and over the top movements. She's funny but definitely not an American Idol friendly contestant. Shelby ends off the song. She has a nice little huskiness in her voice but it isn't all too special when you really break it down. The group was solid, but was only shown for a short time so it was hard to judge.


    Adam, Erika & Shelby are through, and with a lot of hesitation, Angie is also put through to the next round! I loved this groups reaction to getting through! [ 7.5/10 ]

    Before the next group goes on stage, we are shown clips of the contestants trying to put choreography together and making showmances with each other. Some even go all the way with their outfits and make up, including the guys! This IS Idol after all...

    The next group to hit the stage is Brielle Von Hugel, Molly Hunt & Schyler Dixon. Schyler's voice is really weak today and it is clear she's not in her element. Brielle sounds strangely affected all of a sudden and too forced. I'm not a fan of her voice right now, but there's something interesting about her that I want to hear more of. The group ends off quickly without showing Molly sing. Fodder fail! Overall the group was nice, but really tacky and no one really showcased their voices off enough for my liking. It's hard with this theme though anyway because it is tacky enough on its own.


    The judges deliberate away while the girls watch anxiously. Note that Schyler also gives a great bitch face. Schyler and Brielle's vocals are complimented and are put through, but Molly is cut. [ 4.5/10 ]

    Along with Molly, leaving the competition are Wayne Wilson (who?), Ashley Robles (aww), Stephanie Renae (meh), Aubree Dieckmeyer (boo I wanted to see more of her) & Tenna Torres (who?). Lots of tears roll as Wayne, Ashley and Stephanie are all cut as a group and greeted by a devastated Stephanie's mom. It's funny when the mom is crying but the daughter isn't.

    Our next group is Eben Franckewitz, Elise Testone, Haley Johnsen & Reed Grimm, who I can already smell will be good. They look up and energized and Eben has two lipstick marks on his face to complete the look. Reed starts off the song with his cool, laid back speech like singing. His dance moves are really weird and he looks like he's running in slow motion. Elise sings next. I love her soulful, husky voice. She sounds a lot like Amy Winehouse. Haley Johnsen is up next and I can barely hear her through everyone else's back up vocals, so no comment. Eben has the last solo. Once again, good pipes but his voice is so shrill and annoying that I can't appreciate it. Haley ends off the song with a nice little run and belting note. I really loved this group. They sounded really feel good and Elise was superb. I am in love with her tone.


    The judges give them a semi-deserved standing ovation, and Steven fakes out Eben by telling him he wasn't sure about him, but not on his vocals but the lipstick stains on his face. Lolz, way to freak out the prepubescent 15 year old. [ 8.5/10 ]

    Our next group is twosome, Jermaine Jones & Richie Law, who were rejected by everyone else and forced into performing as a pair. Heejun comments on this selection by bitching about Richie again (what happened to that apology of his?) and saying that Jermaine is going to lose a lot of hair. The two sound horrible and a hot mess in rehearsals. Richie has such an annoying voice and Jermaine, as horrible as it sounds when I say it, sings a bit like what I'd imagine an ogre/troll to sing like.

    The two finally take the stage. Jermaine starts off the song. He actually sounds really beautiful and utilizes his low voice really well. It's the first ballad of the night and I like the mood of this performance. Richie also surprisingly sounds pretty nice. The pair sound right out of the era the song they're performing are from, and Jennifer is shown almost shedding a tear. The two keep going in one of the longest performances so far tonight and I admit they are definitely the best so far! I can't believe I'm liking these two trolls, but I have to give them props. I'm sure thousands of old ladies everywhere are swooning in awe out there in the world.


    The judges are extremely impressed and put them both through. Richie commments on how well he liked working with Jermaine. Awww troll love... [ 8.5/10 ]

    Next is a montage of more stand outs, featuring Hallie Day, Baylie Brown & Chelsea Sorrell. They all sound nice but so basic, boring and the three are so interchangeable. I could put a blind fold on and not tell the difference between the three... or fall asleep before I do.

    After the break comes the turn of the final group of the day, Candice Glover, DeAndre Brackensick & Jessica Sanchez, three R&B singers who have to sing a Buddy Holly song. This will be tough. If you don't remember DeAndre from last year, you definitely should because he was ROBBED. R-O-B-B-E-D. I'm a little biased *looks at avatar*, but anyway...

    Jessica Sanchez starts off the song. SHE IS FREAKING AMAZEBALLS. Where did this little tiny filipino girl get so much SOUL. Dang, that growl is superb. DeAndre continues this already world class performance with his beautiful falsetto and sounds absolutely amazing, even better than he did last year. The harmonies in the chorus are so sweet. I'm in love. Up next comes the turn of Candice, who is another diva in this line up. She sounds great. Not as impacting on me as Jessica, but still really dang good. I mean after Jessica, what more can you expect?

    Just when you think they're finished, it's time for another verse and chorus! This group just keeps getting better. It's back to Jessica for a second time and her powerful ass growl is so scarily good. Candice and DeAndre back her up with some more amazing soulful grit! HANDS DOWN THE BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE SEASON SO FAR.


    The judges give the three a very deserved standing ovation and Randy comments especially on Jessica's amazingness. Jessica is so shy when she isn't singing. You'd never expect her to be such a powerful diva when on stage. Obviously, the contestants are all through to the next round! [ 10/10 ]

    Just when the safe Vegas day one contestants think they are in the Top 40, the judges inform them that some of them may still get cut the next day if not enough people from the next day of performances are cut to leave a suitable number of people for the next round. And before we cut to the break, we see a teaser of all the tears and shrieks, gulps of anxiety and bitch faces left to see in the episode.

    Day 2 starts after the break. The first group is Adam Decker, Clayton Farhat, Curtis Gray & Scott Dangerfield. Scott was a stand out last season at the Milwaukee auditions and I was a fan. He has been invisible all season this year though, but I hope he does well!

    The group is shown fooling around the previous night, so we're left to wonder if they are all joke and no substance or actually have something good to show. The group perform Elvis classic "Jailhouse Rock". I love this song so it's not hard for me not to like it. Scott sounds really great and so does Clayton and Adam, who have nice rocky, soulful tones. Interchangeable yet again, but still good. All four look the same and I can almost not tell them apart. They did a pretty dang good job though.


    The judges are impressed generally but comment on them all going too sharp and overboard with their naturally powerful voices. All of them except Curtis are through. Adam looked like a sad begging puppy while waiting for his result. Lulz. There's a lot of bromance going on among these four... [ 8/10 ]

    Afterwards is another montage, featuring Caleb Johnsen & Joshua Sanders, who sound strong and nice. Blaire Sieber and River St. James, who are also in the group, sound shaky, but in the end, all four are put through!

    Curtis Finch Jr. didn't impress, but his fellow group mates, Joshua Ledet and Shannon Magrane get positive reviews. Shannon and Joshua are through to the next round and Curtis is cut!


    The next group to take the stage are Portland auditioners Britnee Kellogg, Courtney Williams & Jessica Phillips. Jessica is a little cocky and the group barely practised with the vocal coaches due to their complacency. They sound pretty good to me. There's a whole lot of 60s MoTown diva in this performance. I love Jessica tonight and even Britnee, who sounded extremely generic at her audition, is standing out! Courtney has a really strong voice too but it's nothing too special and she has to lose the giant hairball thing sitting on her head.


    The judges are really impressed with Britnee, but not too impressed with the other two, who they say over did it too much. A very grateful Britnee is through, as well as Courtney who is extremely shocked. Surprisingly, Jessica is cut, even with her over-exploited sob story. [ 7.5/10 ]

    Backstage, Jessica is bitter, saying the judges aren't looking for "real artists" like herself. Jessica keeps bitching about her cut, saying there are a lot of people in the competition who will never be able to sell records. STANKY TUDE MUCH?

    After the next break is the trio consisting of Lauren Gray, Mathenee Treco & Wendy Taylor! Lauren lost her voice and gets a lot of scolding from vocal coach from hell, Peggi Blu who absolutely grills her with insults, telling her to wake up and start singing.

    Finally, the group take the stage, singing Carole King's "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?". Lauren starts off beautifully. For once she isn't shouting her butt off. I guess losing her voice is a good thing! Wendy is up next and has some serious pipes and sounds absolutely AMAZING. I am very surprised by this group. Mathenee also sounds really legit and has a really nice falsetto too. They were so freaking lucky to get such a great song because they DEFINITELY knocked it out of the park! I LOVED it.


    The judges, however, don't look too impressed. Wendy and Lauren are through but Mathenee is cut. Aww, he looked like a teddy bear and legit cheered me up everytime I saw him. [ 9/10 ]

    Our next group is Heejun Han, Jairon Jackson, Neco Starr & Phillip Phillips! Heejun is terrified of Peggi at first, but after some charming words that only Heejun knows how to give, he ends up making good friends with her, getting a bunch of hugs and warmth from her. I knew everyone would fall in love with Heejun. Point has been proven.

    Neco starts the performance off. His voice is okay but this song definitely doesn't suit him. He doesn't do much with it. Jairon sounds really nice, and I love his runs and always have. However, he's pretty dang boring. Heejun is up next and unsurprisingly sounds amazing yet again. His tone is just gorgeous to me and so pleasing to the ears. Neco is up next again and sounds better than he did at the start. He's no crooner though. At last comes the turn of Phillip Phillips, who still sings like he's in the middle of a seizure, but he is definitely growing on me now. This group was very nice, a little boring and mellow, but still really solid.


    The judges are really impressed, but tell the group they must still make some cuts. It's a fake out though, as all four are through! Peggi blows the boys a kiss and Heejun is crying in joy at the news. Awww... we've seen goofy Heejun, bitchy Heejun, fake bitch Heejun and now softie Heejun! [ 8/10 ]

    Our final Vegas group contains 4 of group round stand out, GrooveSauce, Aaron Marcellus, Creighton Fraker, Jen Hirsh & Nick Boddington, who plan on attacking the song with a barbershop type approach. The vocal coaches aren't sure though, urging them to try stand out as individuals more.

    When the group take the stage, the group obviously has taken the vocal coaches' advice into mind, with them all getting solos. Creighton and Aaron are great, especially in their higher registers. Nick is quite shaky at times, but overall quite nice. Jen is OF COURSE yet again an obvious stand out, killing those notes one after another. This girl better go really far! I was a huge fan of this group's together-ness, and the solemn touch they added was really mesmerizing for me.


    The judges were impressed with everyone's solos, and send Jen, Creighton & Aaron through, but Nick home. [ 8.5/10 ]

    And with that, it's time for more eliminations!

    This episode has had some hugely solid performances, and not to mention, delivered my favourite performance of the season so far from Candice, DeAndre & Jessica's group, so it'll be hard to see some more people go. Season 11 started off underwhelmingly but is quickly and very surely gaining ground as one of the most promising seasons yet!

    Group by group, the contestants approach the judges to see who will get cut.
    This setting is so tense. It really sucks to have to leave when you thought you were through...

    David Leathers, Ariel Sprague & Jeremy Rosado are through! I like all three and they deserve it, especially after their strong performance in their Vegas group.

    Gabi Carrubba is cut. She looks completely shocked and is devastated with tears. Her group is also really sad about Gabi's elimination. She was bland, but whenever they cut the young ones, it really hurts to see them all cry away off stage. I bet you Gabi will be back though!

    Colton Dixon, Chase Likens & Skylar Laine are also through! All solid singers but were really weak in their group performance. Let's hope they step up their game.

    Schyler Dixon is cut. However, the judges encourage her to come back the following year. Her brother Colton is in tears at her elimination and rages off stage about it "not being right". It must suck to get cut before your sibling, especially when they weren't even supposed to audition with you...

    Eben Franckewitz, Reed Grimm, Haley Johnsen & Elise Testone are through! Well dserved after their stellar performance. I look forward to seeing more Haley. She sounds really promising. Elise is also one to look out for.

    Baylie Brown and Chelsea Sorrell are through to the next round! Boring generic country clones, but still great singers. I wonder which one of them will make it further into the season?

    Hallie Day and Latia Lee are through! I've never been a fan of Hallie, but Latia is great and extremely marketable and current. I hope to see more of her next week!

    Angie Zeiderman is cut! Noooo! We need our resident theatrical weirdo!

    Candice Glover is cut! Um... WUT?! After that SPECTACULAR performance what the heck were these judges thinking? Poor girl was utterly robbed. Please come back next season and bring us some more diva moments.

    Johnny Keyser is cut! He was one of my audition favourites, but got a little bit repetetive after a while. I am still really shocked though, especially since they didn't show his Vegas performance. I always thought he was a shoe in for the top thirteen.

    Jairon Jackson is cut! He was only okay, but then again, it would have been nice to see more of his and Heejun's lulzy moments.

    Britnee Kellogg is also cut! She is in complete devastation at her elimination. I really think she did a good job though so I guess this is quite undeserving. Her voice as a whole wasn't all too special though.

    Hollie Cavanagh & Naomi Gillies are through! PLEASE IDOL PRODUCERS SHOW HOLLIE CAVANAGH BEFORE I GO CRAZY. Hollie is so amazing and doesn't deserve this fodder edit she's getting! Naomi hasn't been shown since her audition, so I can't comment on much.

    Lauren Gray & Wendy Taylor are both through! Deserving after their amazing Vegas performance. Wendy is one to look out for in the future. I hope she is an underdog. She has one hell of a good voice!

    Shannon Magrane & Joshua Ledet are through! Predictable but also deserving. Joshua just does not let up with that amazingness, does he? I can't wait to see his solo next week!

    And last but not least, Reed Grimm, Creighton Fraker & Jen Hirsh are through! All three are front runners this year so no surprise there. Can't wait for more Jen and Creighton! Reed is getting a lot of screentime so there's no doubt we'll see a lot more of him.


    Once the cuts are finally done, the remaining 42 contestants erupt in celebration, but not for long as more cuts will have to be made before we reach that Top 24. All that and a final sing for your life performance... next week on Idol! Lordy, I felt like Ryan Seacrest saying that...


    Here is the complete list of the KNOWN Top 42:
    (Constructed with the help of some spoiler sites)

    Aaron Marcellus | Adam Brock | Adam Decker | Ariel Sprague | Aubrey Cleland | Baylie Brown | Blaire Sieber
    Clayton Farhat | Chase Likens | Chelsea Sorrell | Colton Dixon | Cortez Shaw | Creighton Fraker | David Leathers Jr. | DeAndre Brackensick
    Eben Franckewitz | Elise Testone | Erika Van Pelt | Haley Johnsen | Hallie Day | Heejun Han | Hollie Cavanagh
    Jen Hirsh | Jeremy Rosado | Jermaine Jones | Jessica Sanchez | Joshua Ledet | Latia Lee
    Lauren Gray | Naomi Gillies | Neco Starr | Phillip Phillips | Reed Grimm | Richie Law | River St. James
    Scott Dangerfield | Shannon Magrane | Shelby Tweten | Skylar Laine | Wendy Taylor

    And of these contestants, here are the 24 I'd like to see make the lives:

    Ariel Sprague, Chelsea Sorrell, Elise Testone, Erika Van Pelt, Haley Johnsen, Hollie Cavanagh, Jen Hirsh, Jessica Sanchez, Latia Lee, Shannon Magrane, Skylar Laine, Wendy Taylor

    Adam Brock, Clayton Farhat, Colton Dixon, Creighton Fraker, David Leathers Jr., DeAndre Brackensick, Heejun Han, Jeremy Rosado, Joshua Ledet, Reed Grimm, Phillip Phillips, Scott Dangerfield

    Let's hope I'm right with the majority of these contestants!

    The contestants are singing on a moat next week!

    Goodbye for now and I'll write again to analyze the Top 24 when they are revealed next week!

    Watch all FULL Vegas performances here on the official American Idol website!

    IDOL XIV: Sarina . Clark . Rayvon . Quentin . Adanna . Joey .

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    Elise Testone is my queen of Idol. No doubt about it.

    Elphebjere = Elise, Phillip, Eben, Jen, Reed. (first two letters of names)


    I don't like DeAndre. Not one bit. Too much falsetto where it's just flat out annoying to me. Like he sounds like a damn mouse. Jessica's good, but I smell fodder. I'mma get beat cause it's a DeAndre fest up in here.


    Whatevs, Cari and Reis will come back and dominate, sista. Leavin' these wannabes in the dust~

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    Candice is so robbed for me!
    Janine and Kelsey

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    Scott Dangerfield MORE AIRTIME PLEASE. Nigel, I will cut you. haha.
    SMH @ Jairon, Candice and Cari. Everyone I know gasped in surprise when they eliminated Cari. Judges please

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    It just doesn't make sense that they would eliminate Candice after a performance like that..

    Eben can gtfo.
    American Idol 12:
    Angie Miller | Candice Glover | Josh Holiday | Juliana Chahayed | Kree Harrison | Nick Boddington

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    I can't stand Heejun and Skylar.

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    Candice was ROBBED. I'm so bitter about her elimination, she did an unbelievable job with that song.

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    was so bummed to see Britnee go she was growing on me.

    Jen is probably one of my favorites.

    Can the cowboy GTFO I hate him so much.

    Interested to see the top 24.

    at deandre and that singing, it was SOOOO weak compared to everyone else.

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    ^ It's called dynamics. Look it up~

    Hate on DeAndre's heavenly falsetto and you shall face the rage of the gods.

    IDOL XIV: Sarina . Clark . Rayvon . Quentin . Adanna . Joey .

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    I like Deandre but I don't think he'll go far. Not everyone's cup of tea.

    And his hair is very distracting. Please cut it.

    Reed's group leading the poll.

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    Jessica and Reed's group were my favorites. They've been replayed so many times since they were showed. :D

    Day 1 groups were so much better than Day 2 groups.

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    No longer care about this season.

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