Survivor Cook Islands
A Closer Look Episode

Quotables and Notables

Well this episode was a recap of the first half of the game and it didn't really do much for me, but in an effort to maintain a full report on the show, I have decided to point out some interesting quotes and notes that were part of the 14 minutes of never seen before footage that was shown.



"Oh snap, I'm not the only token brother for once."


"Nathan kept warning me that the sistas were going to stick together."


"I remember when I was a kid and we used to put up Christmas lights people would come by and smash our Christmas lights."


"Take a look at my spare tire, I couldn't beat him (JP) in anything, not even a date on Saturday night."


In tears, "I just can't stand giving up, you know?"


"We were shivering, my knees were shaking and my jaw was shivering."


"I don't like being on a losing team, I hate it."


After losing the first tribal immunity:
"It's only natural to think, damn, what are people gonna say."


"Man, I could use a toothbrush real bad."


About hidden idol "I have a good chance of finding it if I'm digging in the right place, but I guess anyone has a good chance at finding it if they are digging in the right place."


"Right now I'm just kinda digging where ever."


About Parvati "I don't think they (the guys) want to see her go, it's entertainment for them."


"When I first saw Parvati I was like DAMNNNN"


About Parvati "She likes to put on her buff as a mini-skirt, it's great scenery."


"The dating game, the game of Survival, it's all the same."


About booting JP "You guys are stupid."


"Damn you guys outwitted me bigtime, that was pretty good."


"Steph is like on drugs right now, she is toreback."


"It's getting harder and harder to go out and fish when I know the majority goes out to people that don't deserve it."

Cai Boi

"I am annoyed that the princesses sit around and consume the most calories and expend the least."


- Candice and Adam went on a trip in the canoe and bad weather and got their canoe stuck in a sandbar

- Billy struck up a final 2 alliance with JP and then went to Cristina and formed an alliance with her

- Hikki had problems with their boat tipping from the start

- Yul took all the evidence of the idol and set it out to sea

- Steph should have tried out for American Idol not Survivor - she sang Amazing Grace fireside and mesmorized her entire tribe

- Steph played an Oscar worthy performance to blindside JP

- Steph got drunk beyond belief from a few swigs of wine

- Ozzy tried to get Candice, Becky and Sundra motivated, but didn't succeed

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Next week: Same as the last week - Yul is not wanting to talk game with Nate in Camp, Ozzy's stock rises and someone has a bad night at Exile Island.

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