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    Inactive Games

    I was wondering what we can do about games that hosts have abandoned?

    I see a trend in the photo-shot games and actually it happens that the 3 photo-shoot games I am in, all the games have been inactive for over a month! I have seen all the hosts on site at some point, but nothing is ever explained as to why the games are not moving?

    I don't think it's good to have these games just sit idle - I think as a "gaming" site, it gives the wrong impression for us as a whole......that we don't follow through with games.

    Perhaps in addition to a "Completed" games section, a "Inactive" or "Incomplete" game section could be set-up?

    I understand that sometimes things happen to everyone - hosts included, but I just feel like I am so in the dark with these games and I don't have any idea what is going on Maybe a host should be required to update the contestants weekly, especially in the event that they aren't able to move forward with there game for a certain period of time?

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    I totally agree with what you've said, Erika.
    Hosts put a lot of work into their games, (and we love them for it), but so do their contestants. It can be very disheartening when a game is abandoned... even for the short term. Of course, in some situations, like you said, there are emergencies or extenuating circumstances... but I think that having hosts required to give an update at least once a week is very reasonable.

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    I think that maybe when a host can't continue a game for a certain amount of time, another member could take over the game. The host can choose that person and talk about what needs to be done. He/she can also remain available in teh background should questions arise. I know Valentino did it with Starlet 2, Erika hosted it for a while and it worked fine.

    I know for me, especially with Starlet, I really like the concept and I even signed up for the 3rd edition. I feel bad that we are so close to the finals in Starlet 2 but the game is stopped, and that I may never be able to play it.

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    I think that maybe when a host can't continue a game for a certain amount of time, another member could take over the game.
    That'd be highly cool - I'd love someone to restart Estquer's TAR game :D

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    I agree with you Erika, it does get frustrating (though I do understand that other things come up)

    I hope things get worked out with this problem soon!

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    CFK - I promise to restart it once I get to college- not as long as at seems like-

    Plus, I'll have even more time to plan some really, really challenges-

    But if someone else wants to usurp hosting that game for me, it's okay with me; I started a game and then left it, which I never should have done, so it would be fair if someone else wanted to do it- I was the one at fault here and the players shouldn't have to suffer so it...

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    We discussed having an "inactive games" section, but decided against it since we really don't want that to become a trend. What we can do is decide on a certain amount of time and then move them temporarily to completed if they become inactive. As soon as the host is ready, we can transfer the thread back to the active games section.

    We definately understand that real life comes first and will help in any way we can to find replacement hosts, etc. Don't hesitate to ask any mod or the game coordinator (Davis) for help

    Hosts may be getting contacted by Davis or a mod to inquire as to when inactive games will be restarting.

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