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Thread: Survivor Cook Islands Episode 4 - OZZFEST Rocks the Islands, While the King Sits Pretty

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    Survivor Cook Islands Episode 4 - OZZFEST Rocks the Islands, While the King Sits Pretty

    Survivor Cook Islands Episode 4

    Rocks the Islands

    While the King Sits Pretty

    Our newest installment of our favorite show is coming up folks and unlike the Ozzfest in Camden, this event does not disappoint! We begin this episode with the usual recap of last episodes events and it?s really not necessary, but is seems to be a Burnett requisite.

    As this episode actually begins, the Aitu Tribe is back at camp and many seem to be reeling over the boot of Cecilia. It seems that Ozzy is taking Cecilia?s boot the hardest as he tells us he?s ready to give up and doesn?t care if he?s voted off next.
    He is very upset that Cecilia, the only person that helped lay the foundation for the Aitu camp is gone. He seems to me to really have a thing about people being worthy in this game and by my take on the subject, he has a point, however, this is Survivor and merit has nothing to do with the outcome. Yul seems contrite and genuine stating that it was a very difficult lose. I know that in Survivor the genuinely nice guy rarely wins, but I am still holding out hope for Yul. On the other end of the spectrum is Becky, who seems barely phased at all that she could have been gone and just informs us that she feels her alliance is in tact. Finally, the group gathers around the camp fire and everyone seems to want to ease Ozzy?s pain, but he is indifferent to anything at this moment.

    The following morning at the Aitu Tribe, Candice is brought back from her stay at Exile Island.
    Instantly the rest of the group, particularly Flicka, seems interested to know what Candice thinks about being sent. They are curious to see if she will reveal that perhaps Parvati and Adam saw fit to have her saved from the vote at Tribal Council. Candice does a poor job at acting and acts surprised that this may have been the real reason. Candice then tells us that of course that's what happened, but she doesn't want her tribe to believe that she has a "get out of jail-free card" with the Raro Tribe. I doubt anyone believes her shock because she had all that time by herself and logically, she had to think about something on Exile Island. Perhaps though, I am giving these folks too much credit.

    Raro Women Get Annoyed with Boys
    Over at Raro, the girls can hear the laughter of the boys as they fool around by the beach.
    Parvati tells us that it was annoying to see the guys goof off while the girls were actually trying to do work to improve their shelter. She also notes that the guys are mighty comfortable and seem to be "ruling the roost" because they know that their strength is needed in the tribe. Over with the guys, Brad wonders if the girls are getting annoyed with them and JP pipes up to say no and that it doesn't matter anyway because even if they are annoyed, the guys are tight and it won't effect them. Hey knucklehead, JP, ummm you guys can be as thick as thieves, but there are 5 girls to your 4 person boy band. See it's the little things that these member overlook and these are the things that annoy me!

    Reward Challenge - Shove, Swim and Solve Your Way to Victory!

    The Tribes assemble for the reward challenge and Jeff is ready to greet them. He explains that they will be playing for a reward today and that reward is 2 Pillow, 3 Blankets and a hammock.
    The challenge goes like this: 2 members of each tribe are attached to a rope that snakes over and under a bunch of wooden, jungle gym looking obstacles. The tribe should help the attached people manuever their way to the end of this course and the entire tribe must reach a decoder table. Once all members of the tribe have arrived at the table, another member of each tribe must swim about 250 feet to unhook a decoder wheel that is attached to a barrel underwater. The tribemember brings the decoder wheel back and the entire tribe works on a puzzle, it's an phrase that is represented by numbers. When you turn the decoder wheel it matches up with different letters to aid in solving the puzzle. And, the first tribe to correctly solve the puzzle wins this great reward! In addition, the winning tribe gets to send a member of the losing tribe to Exile Island until the Immunity Challenge.

    Raro has an extra member, so Stephannie opts out of this challenge to even the playing field. Cristina and Jenny are the 2 people attached to the rope for Raro,
    while Becky and Candice are the ones for Aitu. As they begin, Aitu takes a small lead and is able to quickly hoist and shove their Becky and Candice all around the obstacles. Raro is not too far behind. At one point there is an obstacle in which requires digging a hole to pull or shove the girls through and Becky from Aitu gets pulled feet first and ends up stuck for a moment and finally ends up getting a nice face full of sand, which pleases me greatly! Over at Raro, Cristina is arguing about slack on the rope or something and seems to be going against the grain once again. I think she just likes to be contrary myself. Cai Boi on Aitu is trying to shove and hoist these girls every which way and Jonathan remarks that they need to be a little more gentle. Cai Boi doesn't care and tells him they'll give them the pillows tonight, which makes me chuckle. Near the end of end of the these obstacles Aitu's teamwork pays off and they hold a big lead.

    Aitu manages to get all of their members to the decoder table and Ozzy takes off in a mad sprint in the water and a fierce, yes I said fierce, swim to the decoder wheel. Ozzy is able to come back with the wheel before Raro gets their swimmer, Brad into the water. Brad does well with his swim, as Aitu is still working on decoding the phrase, Brad returns with Raro decoder wheel. JP looks over to get a glimpse of Aitu's puzzle, but it's too late, Jeff declares Aitu the winner as they uncover the phrase,
    "Last castaway back casts one away." I am not sure I get the phrase - really what the heck does that mean? Doesn't the first castaway back cast one away? Oh whatever, silly Survivor puzzle....Aitu decides to send Adam of Raro to Exile Island and my thought is that they know he's not the brightest bulb in the bunch and if the idol is still out on the Island, he's the least likely to find it. (Sorry, I guess I'm a little judgmental at times, but seriously, do you see that picture - he's grinning ear to ear about being sent away?). Aitu leaves with their spoils and Raro goes back with nothing.

    Poseidon of Aitu Gets Some Fish and Cai Boi Gets A Booby Prize

    Back at the Raro camp everyone seems to be doing well. Jonathan, Yul and Ozzy go out to fish. Ozzy catches 9 fish and a big huge one, as Jonathan declares him the fisherman of the group. They return to shore and Ozzy seems very pleased with himself and feels as if he will be kept in the game because he is feeding his tribe. He also notes that because he is the "sole provider" of the group, that he is in a powerful position. Yul dons him Neptune or Poseidon, also taking not of his great skill in catching fish and Sundra and Flicka congratulate him on a job well done!

    Next at the Aitu camp, the younger members of the Tribe seem to have become very interested in a Booby Bird nest that is way up in a tree. This also sparks Cai Boi's interest and he thinks that perhaps there are some eggs in the nest that they can cook. Cai Boi tells us that he doesn't fancy eggs, but he wanted to make the "kids" happy. He scales the tree and knocks down the Booby nest and much to my dismay a newborn baby Booby bird (say that 3 times fast) falls out.
    Jonathan scoops the little creature up and is almost brought to tears, fearing the little thing won't make it. Cai Boi too seems upset and wonders if they can somehow get the nest back and if the mother will accept the baby. Ozzy and Jonathan hoist the nest up with the baby inside and Cai Boi situates it back in the tree. The mother comes back and sits in the nest, so I am hoping that the little guy made it. Cai Boi feels badly about what happened and tells us that he was being stupid and the whole experience has humbled him.

    Raro Reels at Loss and their King Sits Pretty

    Over at the Raro tribe everyone seems to be humbled by their loss, as they all felt invicinble it would seem. They discuss how it wasn't so bad since the only thing that they have to feel bad about is Adam going to Exile Island. I think to myself, don't worry at Adam, he seems pleased that he was selected (see picture above). Then we get a glimpse into some of the real things happening in camp. We are shown several clips of JP subtly telling others what to do, as he relaxes by a fire in a very male pose. Parvati notes his behavior and remarks that JP is very controlling without being too obvious about it. She also remarks on his demanding nature and how it rubs her the wrong way. JP does sound stupid as he remarks and criticizes each move and asks a number of people to do things for him as he relaxes and belches.

    Later that evening, Parvati and Nate get to have a little pow-wow and talk about the tribe. Parvati questions Nate about the existence of a guy alliance and Nate confirms
    that the guys are tight, but continues to say that he's got her back and he is the "tighest" with her. He confesses to us that there may be some sparks with her, but he doesn't want to play this like a "dumb-dumb" and says that for now he's going to remain cool and keep her as his Ace. As they continue to talk, Parvati switches the conversation to talk about the way that JP has been behaving around camp and how she's not a fan of it. She says that he is in control now and she is not liking it. Nate agrees with her, but offers some sage advice: "Let the King sit pretty." Parvati confesses to us that JP is the last person that she wants to upset and for now she is happy to do just as Nate suggest, let the king, however demanding and controlling he may be, just sit pretty.

    Immunity Challenge - A Few Damsels in Distress

    The tribes arrive to the immunity challenge and Jeff quickly takes back the immunity idol from the Raro tribe. He goes on to explain the challenge and it goes like this: 4 members of each tribe will assemble a puzzle that forms a stretch and run the stretcher down through the jungle to the beach. From there 1 person will swim out to a mast and scale a rope ladder to free their tribe that is shackled to the mast. From there both tribe members must hold onto a life ring and swim it back to shore. The freed tribe member gets on the stretcher and the 4 that assembled it run it back through the jungle to the start. From there the remaining 3 tribe members must light a "rescue fire" using flint and fire making supplies provided. Their fire must burn high enough and long enough to burn through a rope. Once the rope it burned through it releases the tribes flag and the first tribe have their flag released wins the coveted immunity.

    For Raro, JP, Nate, Adam and Brad get the stretcher detail and Aitu chooses Jonathan, Ozzy, Yul and Flicka for their stretcher. The damsels in the mast for Aitu is Candice and for Raro is Parvati and Ozzy and JP, respectively will swim to rescue them. As the challenge begins, Raro makes the puzzle task look easy and is off to a lead heading down to the beach. JP hits the water and begins to swim out to save Parvati.
    Aitu manages to get their stretcher down too long after and Ozzy hits the water. He runs as fast as I've ever seen anyone through water and then takes off swimming. Ozzy is so much faster than JP that he beats him handily to the mast and releases Candice first. JP gets to Parvati, as both pairs swim back to shore. Candice and Ozzy hold their lead and leave JP and Parvati lagging behind. Aitu gets back with Candice on the stretcher and begins the fire part of the challenge.

    Cai Boi, Becky and Sundra are given the task to light the fire and Cai Boi makes quick work of getting a spark and has a nice little flame going. The Raro stretcher arrives back and the fire-makers, Rebecca, Jenny and Steph begin trying to start their fire.
    Cai Boi then removes some kindling that is smoking and waves it through the air a bit. Jeff is hesistant to comment because it looks rather silly, but finally says either is a great way to make fire or Cai Boi is going to look silly. Cai Boi puts the kindling back in and their fire begins to blaze. Over at Raro, they have yet to get a spark begin a fire with and as Jeff approaches to see their progress we see that Jenny has nicked her thumb with the hatchet. Steph then takes over trying to start a spark, but in the end is unable to get any fire started, as the Aitu fire rages and burns through the rope, releasing their flag. Jeff declares Aitu the winners of the challenges and hands over the idol and sends Raro back to camp to ponder their pending Tribal Council.

    A few comments on this challenge, as I have only provided the actual facts as they happened.
    When running the stretcher down to the beach, JP did not help carry it at all, I am presumming he wanted to save his strength for the swim. Why JP was choosen to swim, I'm not sure, as Brad seemed to have done a really good job at the last challenge, but then agaim JP did provide the most excellent snot on face screenshot thus far. Next, Ozzy was so winded when he and Candice reached the shore that it was very difficult for him to hold the stretch, but he endured. Lastly, Cai Boi did very well in lighting the fire for Aitu, which proved to be the fatal blow to Raro, but I cannot for the life of me understand why 2 women from the Hikki tribe that had the worst time lighting a fire that I've ever seen and Jenny, who I have never seen lighting anything, we choose for this crucial part of the challenge. In the end I have to play Monday morning quarterback and wonder why Raro didn't think smarter, if you can?

    Pre-Tribal Scramble at Raro

    When Raro gets back from the challenge, Steph is feeling very down on herself and really wished that she could have done more.
    Everyone is a bit down, but Brad pipes up to say that when he was in the Puka tribe Cai Boi always handled all the fire there. Then Nate, in true Nate fashion remarks, 'That fools been makin' fire since he was like two, so I ain't trippin'. He probably right, never-the-less, Steph is still feeling down. She is having a weak moment and in front of her tribe mates declares that she is the reason that they lost the challenge and she even goes further and calls herself the weakest link! The rest of the tribe takes her words as a sign of weakness and in Survivor, we all know such a sign of weakness usually causes ones demise. Nate tells us that he is with Steph because of his Hiki bond with her, but in the end he may not be able to keep her.

    The tribe talks and they agree that they will let Steph go, but send her out on a red carpet and after that is taken care of JP decides it?s time to take a nap. The girls however, begin to talk and Rebecca tells Cristina that she wishes Steph hadn?t volunteered herself up like she did because it hurts the women in the tribe. Then Rebecca and Jenny are shown talking about turning the game around and ousting one of the guys. Rebecca gets to the point quickly and shows the obvious ? the numbers, as they have 5 women to their 4 guys and if they are going to be able to do anything, they did to do it now. Next Steph and Cristina are talking, and Steph is bemoaning the fact that she sold herself out earlier. Jenny approaches and tells Steph that there is a way to save her and they just need to get all the women to vote out JP.
    Cristina, Rebecca, Jenny and Steph are all for it, but they just need to secure Parvati. Cristina worries that Parvati is too close to Nate and won?t back the girls, but Jenny approaches her anyway. Parvati is hesitant to commit at that point, obviously knowing that she would probably be the last woman standing if the men gained power. Jenny goes back to the women after and tells them that Parvati is hesistant, but luckily Brad is strolling up the beach. Steph calls him over and leans her her head on his shoulder and asks him for some help. Jenny tells us that she doesn?t completely trust Brad, but she is hoping that it will fall for the women tonight.

    Tribal Council 4 and Still Some Have Yet to Light their Torches!

    As the tribe files in, some getting flames for the first time, they all get seated and Jeff wastes no time in digging in. He starts off by asking Nate how he?s feeling about the game and Nate replies that it?s not a good idea to get too powerful too early in the game.
    Then Jeff asks Jenny, is there a tribe leader? At first she says not really, but Jeff won?t let her off the hook. Finally she says asks JP not to hate her and replies that JP takes the leadership role a lot. JP doesn?t seem upset and he insists that he doesn?t order people around, yeah right. Jeff then asks Steph if she thinks that the failure to get the fire going in the challenge means that one of them should go. She says no, it should be the whole picture that constitutes a vote and JP nods in agreement, adding that he got his butt beat by Ozzy in the swimming portion of the challenge and that it would be silly to vote him off.
    Silly huh? Jeff turns to the issue of trust and asks Parvati if she trusts everyone in her tribe and she says she does for the most part. When Jeff possess the same question to Steph she blurts out no rather quickly, but redeems herself by qualifying that she trusts them all to some degree. Finally, JP tells Jeff that this is going to be the hardest vote for him in the game and I think to myself, yep, especially if you go because the last time you were at Tribal you wanted Billy gone so badly you could taste it.

    Time to vote and we see that Steph?s vote for JP and he returns the favor. Nate then votes against his former Hikki tribe mate and comments that her wish is his command. Jeff returns to read the votes and it soon becomes apparent that the girls have done a number on poor JP. Even Brad and Adam were in on the vote to oust JP. So JP is voted out by 7 votes, with Steph receiving only 2.
    J.P. is shocked, as is evident with his heads shakes and mumbling ?Wow.? He mutters enough to blurt out, ?Holy crap! Damn! You guys outwitted me big time!? He seems to be stunned, yet still taking it in stride, and turns back to his tribe before Jeff snuffs out his torch and tells his tribe that was pretty good. His post-boot interview is gracious and he accepts his fate, but realizes that in this game you can?t trust anyone and he was for certain blindsided by the vote.

    Next week: Cai Boi is totally annoyed by the women's lack of work around camp and Raro gets a surprise company in camp - they don't seem pleased about it.

    Thanks for reading!

    For More Survivor news: SirLinksalot: Survivor Cook Islands

    (Pictures obtained from Survivor Cook Island Website & and are property of CBS)

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    Great job Erika! This is the first Survivor recap I have had the time to read!

    It is so detailed! Anyone that didn't get to see the show would surely be caught up!

    Cao Boi gets a booby prize

    The pics of JP sitting pretty and CB flaming his kindling...perfect!

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    I loved all the pics... again... and am starting to like the ones of little Ozzy more and more I was not a fan after he and JP pushed to get rid of Billy so early, but he is such a fierce competitor, I have to respect that.

    I agree with kungfu, but as I've said before, youre re-caps are exactly what I like to see in a cap.

    And you're right, Candice's acting was horrendous!! (According to Borje, she looked so cute while doing it, so who cares?)

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    Not as many Ozzy pictures as I was afraid there'd be

    "Last castaway back casts one away." I am not sure I get the phrase - really what the heck does that mean? Doesn't the first castaway back cast one away?
    I figured they meant 'last castaways' back, but made it more confusing so it flowed better. Stupid Survivor puzzle!

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    As always, great job Erika, nice mix of humour and information. And your pictures are outstanding! If only you would read my little recap in the Survivor Pool first, you could avoid using some of the same jokes!
    Trying is the first step towards failure...

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    I wasn't a fan of JP, Erika. But those pics! THOSE PICS!
    Get Tyra Mad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kungfuhippie
    As always, great job Erika, nice mix of humour and information. And your pictures are outstanding! If only you would read my little recap in the Survivor Pool first, you could avoid using some of the same jokes!
    It's so funny too because I read your recaps with such amusement and you know that we chatter a lot about the show, so my apologizes on the overlappage in some time I will give you full credit :D (And I had thought I heard the Baby Booby Bird thing somewhere )

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    Holler for the OzzFest.. Boo for JP going.. And Holler for an Ab Fab E-rock Recap

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    Ohh Erika... this may be the first recap you are losing your touch. Why oh why would you name it after Ozzy?
    Just joking Erika, Another Fantastic Recap!

    I loved the photos again; great ones of J.P. too! And to answer your Voting Question, I think that Raro will be hurt in the challenge aspect and strategic as they just lost an important player for the merge.

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