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Thread: Tyra & Her Mom | Mother’s Day

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    For audio by Tyra

    Holding Steady

    May 1st was the day
    Where all could come slay
    And capture their beautiful Smize

    To pose and to Tooch
    To laugh and to Booch
    And take home some cool merchandise

    Where all types of peeps
    Families, friends, kids and teens
    Can be their best and mesmerize

    There are runways that shimmer
    And photos that glimmer
    Where YOU are the Star...verified

    But now we’re in wait
    At home staying safe
    Some in robes
    But we’re still energized

    ModelLand is so ready
    But just holding steady
    While heroes protect us to thrive

    So I put on my mask
    And pose a lil ask
    Please celebrate
    Our “almost” Birthday

    But real Birthday will come
    And our werk place of fun
    Will open and all can come slay!
    Peace and love.

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    Tyra & Her Mom | Mother’s Day

    Peace and love.

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