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Thread: Tyra has plans to take this ModelLand thing global.

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    WTF at those prices Tyra

    She's really trying to milk the poor remaining ANTM fans.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Tyra Banks’ Incredible New Attraction ‘ModelLand’

    If you’ve ever watched an episode of America’s Next Top Model, then no doubt you’ve dreamt of being a part of the show at some point or another.

    Not only would it be epic to learn hot to be a professional runway model, but Tyra Banks is literally our idol and we would do anything to learn some moves from her.

    If you’re sitting there thinking, ‘UM YES SAME!’, then you’ll be super excited to hear all about Tyra’s latest venture which basically let’s all of us average joe’s have the ANTM experience of our dreams.

    It’s called ModelLand and it’s this massive attraction that let’s you live out the fantasy version of your life.

    Set to open it’s doors in Santa Monica, California very soon, this picture perfect wonderland is literally the size of a department store and basically let’s all visitors become a star for the day.

    Tyra joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning when she told us exactly what ModelLand is all about.

    “ModelLand means like get your model on!” Tyra told us this morning. “If you have a camera phone you are a model.”

    “It’s indoors, so people say theme park, I’m not sure how that started, we’re not a theme park as in outside,” She continued. “We are an attraction that is inside. 21,000 square feet!… It’s like the size of a department store.”

    So what actually happens when you visit ModelLand? Tyra filled us in with the deets saying that there’s something there for everyone.

    “You come to Model Land and you can be the fantasy versions of yourself,” Tyra explained. “You learn how to take the most cool pictures, you’re on this like story driven journey with actors and dancers and when you come to ModelLand you are the star.”

    If you purchase tickets to ModelLand your ticket includes:
    – Your very own personalised digital cookbook, customised with “phierce photos of you”
    – immersive theatre where YOU are part of the show
    – access to shop the many ModelLand experiential closest
    – Professional photography moments for you designed by Tyra
    – Posing tips and tricks that will take your photo game to the next level
    – Custom lighting that compliments your skin tone and features

    Tyra told us that while their LA version of ModelLand is her focus right now, she has plans to take this thing global. Which we think means that we could just see a version pop Down Under!

    “So ModelLand we’re going big in LA,” Tyra told us. “We’re going to be expanding around the world, right now we’re really focused on Los Angeles and Santa Monica. This is the home base. I’m going to be here everyday making sure it’s a great experience.”

    This literally sounds like every Instagram influencer’s DREAM! Seriously Tyra PLEASE bring ModelLand to Australia!

    Hear more from our chat with Tyra Banks in the podcast below!
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    ModelLand’s opening date will be delayed until deemed safe and appropriate by the CDC, WHO and Governor Gavin Newsom. We look forward to welcoming you in the near future.

    ModelLand FAQs - Delayed Opening

    Q: In light of the Coronavirus/COVID-19, will ModelLand open as scheduled?
    A: No, based on the recommendations and guidance of federal, state, and local government officials, and of experts from the WHO and other organizations, we have decided to postpone the opening of ModelLand until we determine a new date that is safe and appropriate.

    Q: Will ModelLand open in the future?
    A: Yes, we will be opening as soon as deemed safe and appropriate to welcome all of our guests.

    Q: When will the new opening be?
    A: We don’t know yet, but we will continue to monitor the situation until we have clear guidance from federal, state, and local government officials, as well as the experts from the WHO informing everyone that it is safe to gather at scale once again. We will keep fans and followers posted as we learn.

    Q: What will happen to existing tickets that are for dates that fall within the now closed period?
    A: Existing reservations will remain valid for the same type of ticket on a to-be-determined future date. Guests unable to attend in the future can choose a refund.

    Q: How do I get a refund for my tickets?
    A: To receive a refund, log into your Ticket Fairy account at Click on 'Details' on your ModelLand order. Select 'Refund' next to each ticket you wish to refund. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please feel free to contact

    Q: How long will my refund take?
    A: Refunds take approximately 7 working days to show in your account (this time is dependent on how long it takes your bank/credit card company to action the refund).
    Peace and love.

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