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Thread: Tyra has plans to take this ModelLand thing global.

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    Runway walk into the universe of ModelLand where you will live the ultimate modeling fantasy. Tailored to your unique beauty, your story-driven fashion journey will change with each visit. Your GENERAL ACCESS includes:

    Your very ownpersonalized digital lookbook - customized with phierce photos of you
    Immersive theatre where YOU are part of the show
    Access to shop the many ModelLand experiential closets
    Professional photography moments for you designed by Tyra
    Posing tips and tricks that will take your photo game to the next level
    Custom lighting that compliments your skin tone and features
    Be the star of your very own custom high fashion photo shoot in ModelLand's luxurious grand lounge. Your extravagant photo journey is comprised of:

    An ultimate high fashion photoshoot conceived by Tyra Banks.
    Phierce magazine quality photos of YOU
    A dream-worthy makeup look from a professional artist
    Couture hair styling: a stylized ModelLand X Kim Kimble wig for you to flaunt in your shoot ...and anywhere else
    Runway ready wardrobe styling
    Signature blood orange beverage
    Tasty indulgent treats
    Access to limited edition products exclusively for the FANTASCENE
    Specialized Tyra posing tips and tricks
    Includes ticket to GENERAL ACCESS
    Experience your fantasy photoshoot in first class. In addition to all that the FANTASCENE PHOTOSHOOT offers, this elevated experience includes:

    The Ultimate Concierge service
    Prior to your arrival, personal consultation with ModelLand's FANTASCENE fashion and beauty expert to customize your fantasy photoshoot look from head to toe.
    Veiled VIP seating
    Hand-crafted ModelLand elixir and an assortment of artisanal truffles
    Additional wardrobe changes
    Additional high-fashion photographs
    Premium high-fashion designer styling, paired with 1-of-a-kind fashion pieces
    Custom curated row for Instagram
    Model goodies gift bag, curated by Tyra
    Luxury robe with ModelLand insignia
    Includes ticket to GENERAL ACCESS
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    Tyra Banks on Modelland: ‘I want to bring modeling to the masses’

    Supermodel Tyra Banks sits down with Hoda and Jenna to talk about her latest venture, Modelland, in which she combines beauty, fashion and modeling for a new attraction in Santa Monica, California. Hoda, Jenna and Banks also debut a TikTok they made together.
    Live with Kelly and Ryan

    Tyra Banks interview
    Tyra Banksmakesitfashion
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