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Thread: Dilemma V ◇ Finale ◇ Jury Deliberation

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    Sorry for the delay. I've sent in my challenges <3


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    This is it! Love you all good luck!

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    The player that has survived being in Danger is...


    Congratulations, Lluvy! You will remain in the game and partake in the Final Dilemma. This is your
    third time surviving Danger (counting the time where Rachel and Vanessa lost a life). Factoring in the fact
    that you also survived two rounds while having one life, you've been very hard to get rid of in this game
    and now you have a significant chance of being a finalist. This fish is still swimming upstream.

    I cannot reveal your challenge performances at this time.

    I am sorry David and Perlla, you are eliminated from Dilemma V.

    You will both have three votes in the finale.

    betinez, bye.

    1331nj, you got third place last season and once again I think you were a committed and resourceful player who excels at making key alliances to
    make it to this point in the game. Your undoing seems to have been - from an outside perspective - not being voted into the previous round's Dilemma and
    then being put into Danger this round with two strong challenge competitors. At this critical time at the end of the game, it seems that unfortunately your
    social capital was not able to come out ahead of whomever you were competing to be in the Dilemma with in this all-heavy season. I'm appreciative that
    you were committed, strategic and engaged in the game. Thank you for playing and I hope you had fun despite this result.

    This means the following five players will be in the Final Dilemma...


    Beth, Gia, Lion, Lluvy and Rachel.

    The five of you will be entering the Final Dilemma.

    You will have 60h to choose either ally or betray. You may request an extension.

    Please be sure to read and understand how this Dilemma works.

    Funnily enough, Dilemma 4's Final Dilemma was also a five-player Dilemma. This Dilemma will function
    exactly the same aside from the fact that this time a player has not earned a finalist spot already and
    there are no extra vote incentives for any result.

    There are seven possible results from a five-person Dilemma:

    If all five players choose ally, they will all be finalists.

    This will result in a F5 Finale.

    If four players choose ally but one player chooses betray, the sole player to choose betray is eliminated.
    The four players who chose ally will be finalists.

    NOTE: Compared to three-player Dilemmas, being the only player to choose betray will eliminate you.

    This will result in a F4 Finale.

    If three players choose ally but two players choose betray, then two of the players who chose ally will
    be eliminated.

    The two players who chose betray will be finalists.

    What determines whom is eliminated is dependent on Total Score. In this circumstance, of the three
    players who chose ally, whichever two of them have the worst Total Score will be eliminated and
    the third player will survive and be a finalist.

    This will result in a F3 Finale.

    If two players choose ally but three players choose betray, then the two players who chose ally will be
    eliminated and the three players who chose betray will be finalists.

    This will result in a F3 Finale.

    If one player chooses ally but four players choose betray, then the sole player who chose ally will be
    eliminated. The other four players will be finalists.

    This will result in a F4 Finale.

    If all five players choose betray then the three players with the worst Total Score will be eliminated.

    The other two players will survive and be finalists.

    This will result in a F2 Finale.

    The final possible result of this Dilemma is if a player or players decide to quit the game or fail to
    with their choice within the deadline. If either of these circumstances occur, then any
    player who submitted a decision will survive no matter what decision they made and the player(s)
    whom did not submit a decision are removed from the game.

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    Christie • Cliff • David • Kathryn • Kemi • Nicole • Ovi • Sam • Tommy •

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    Thank you for the game. I enjoy my ride! Lluvy, GOOD LUCK!


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    There is 24h to go until the Dilemma deadline.

    If you need an extension, let me know. Please try to be prompt though.

    Christie • Cliff • David • Kathryn • Kemi • Nicole • Ovi • Sam • Tommy •

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    Decisions are now final. Good luck.

    I need to prepare the final results and it will then be posted.

    Christie • Cliff • David • Kathryn • Kemi • Nicole • Ovi • Sam • Tommy •

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    The results of the Final Dilemma are...


    Lion and Rachel have chosen ally, but Beth, Gia and Lluvy have chosen betray.

    Congratulations, Beth, Gia and Lluvy! The three of you are our finalists for this season! This was
    definitely an interesting Final Dilemma especially taking into account what players have told me
    happened. Despite this cast generally being quite trusting of each other, it seems that trust was
    brought into question during these communications. With the threat of only two out of five players
    making the finale if an all-betray occurred, it seems to me that two of you opted to sacrifice your
    own chances to allow others to reach the finale (of course, if I am mistaken then I want to hear
    all about it in the finale deliberations). This is a Dilemma I'll never forget.

    I am sorry Lion and Rachel, you are eliminated from Dilemma V. You will have three votes in the finale.

    eagle2ch, you are one of the very few people who have played every season of Dilemma. I believe this is your best placement so far and I
    also think it's your best performance. I could have seen you winning this season but as things neared the end you were right that you had
    some tough competition going into this finale. Something I want to comment on is how impactful I think you have been to this season and
    I'm not sure you realize it. You were put in Danger early on, but survived, and then you were Marked for Danger immediately after. You
    then succeeded in surviving three Dilemmas by allying with others and your mantra in this game was to align with everyone and maintain
    good morals. I think this has been a more trusting season because of your presence and influence on the game which I think shows that
    were playing intelligently to benefit yourself (especially if it could benefit your allies at the same time). I have really appreciated you in this
    game and your kind words for me and the game considering the varying degrees of commitment. You played really well to make it this far
    and despite what has just happened I'm glad you were a part of this season and I hope you are too.

    Phoenix, this is your second time playing and Rachel had - by far - a better showing than Alex. You have become a much stronger player
    since then and you were my winner pick/one of my winner picks for a lot of the season. I think you played an all-around solid game and
    you were also Grid Master once, however, you (and Gary) were as good as gone in Round 7 when you lost a Danger situation. The Second
    Life twist gave you a second chance in the game which I think you (and Gary) made the most of. You continued to be committed in the
    game and attain solid grid scores. You played a strong social game and despite a few dips, at this final hurdle you (and Eagle) had the best
    social rankings. I understand and respect your decision in this Final Dilemma and I'd be a hypocrite to be upset about it as I've asked to
    be voted out of, dropped out of and quit games myself. I'm actually just happy you were a part of this and like Eagle, you were definitely
    impactful to the season. Thank you so much for playing and I hope you'll have some questions for our finalists.

    It's time to reveal the summary of Final Round...


    The top row is the challenge results pre-Danger elimination.
    The bottom row is the challenge results after David and Perlla were eliminated.

    If anyone has any questions or concerns about the above graphic, let me know.

    ◇ Eureka Challenge Answer ◇


    ◇ Eureka Danger Challenge Answer ◇


    ◇ Flow Puzzle Challenge Answer ◇


    ◇ Flow Puzzle Danger Challenge Answer ◇


    ◇ Connect Challenge Answer ◇


    There was also an alternative correct answer that two players submitted which was acceptable.

    ◇ Connect Danger Challenge Answer ◇


    How does Grid Score work?

    Grid Score is exclusive to 50/50 Rounds and is a combined total of Challenge Score and Social Score.

    Challenge Rounds and Social Rounds solely use challenge performance and social rankings respectively.

    ◇ For example, in Round 1 all players received a Challenge Score from 19 to 1 depending on their challenge performance.
    ◇ In Round 1, all players also received a separate Social Score from 19 to 1 depending on their social rankings.
    ◇ In Round 2, this will be 18 to 1. In Round 3, this will be 17 to 1. So on and so forth.

    How are ties handled? Why do some people have the same score?

    50/50 Rounds ◇

    ◇ If two or more players have the same score and time taken for a challenge, they receive the same Challenge Score.
    ◇ If two or more players the same social ranking total, they receive the same Social Score.
    ◇ If a player throws the challenge, their Challenge Score is 0. If a player missed the deadline to respond to the challenge,
    their Challenge Score is -3.

    ◇ Grid Score comes into play when: a Grid Master needs to be determined; if there is a tie in the vote; an all-ally Dilemma
    result has occurred and some players need to be put in Danger; or if an all-betray Dilemma result has occurred and some
    of those players need to be eliminated.

    ◇ If there is a tie in Grid Score, whichever player has the better Challenge Score prevails (as indicated on the graphic).
    ◇ If there is a tie in the challenge performance, the player with the better tie-breaker answer prevails.
    ◇ If this is still a tie: overall challenge performance is taken into account. In the extremely unlikely event that this will
    result in a tie: overall social and challenge performance; and then time taken to send the challenge if there is still a tie.

    Challenge Rounds ◇

    ◇ Challenge performance comes into play when: a Grid Master needs to be determined; if there is a tie in the vote; an all-ally
    Dilemma result has occurred and some players need to be put in Danger; or if an all-betray Dilemma result has occurred
    and some of those players need to be eliminated.

    ◇ If there is a tie in the challenge performance, the player with the better tie-breaker answer prevails.
    ◇ If this is still a tie: overall challenge performance is taken into account. In the extremely unlikely event that this will
    result in a tie: overall social and challenge performance; and then time taken to send the challenge if there is still a tie.

    Social Rounds ◇

    ◇ Social ranking comes into play when: a Grid Master needs to be determined; if there is a tie in the vote; an all-ally
    Dilemma result has occurred and some players need to be put in Danger; or if an all-betray Dilemma result has occurred
    and some of those players need to be eliminated.

    ◇ If there is a tie in the social ranking, overall social rankings through the game are taken into account. In the unlikely
    event that this will result in a tie: overall social and challenge performance; then time taken to send an updated social
    ranking if there is still a tie; then god forbid whomever sent their first social ranking first.

    The Finale will commence soon.

    Christie • Cliff • David • Kathryn • Kemi • Nicole • Ovi • Sam • Tommy •

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    I love you guys and I'm sorry, but I did what I thought was right and I'm glad in the end that I get to vote for one of you to win this thing.

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    i am so so glad to have gotten the chance to play this fierce ass game again as the competitor i've become, compared to the competitor i was on this site and this subforum three years ago. gilly, you always BRING IT as a host with your concepts and dilemma is one of if not your best one you've given us to fight and strategize in. despite the site's current state, this was still quite an enjoyable experience throughout from your unique challenges to the twists and powers, and although i'm not ~in love~ with my performance as miss rachel crow (i'm such a self-critical bitch i'm sorry JHGJKFJ) i'm still proud of how i've done and how i've gotten this far, and i have no regrets regarding that.

    i tried to make one more subtle move for myself which backfired and put my two allies' games in total jeopardy and so if it wasn't going to work out, then i was gonna ensure only i suffered the consequences for it since i was fully responsible. i'm really sorry if this felt personal to any of you guys and it seemed like i didn't give a shit about you, that wasn't the case at all and i do wish i could've conveyed that better. i hope you can overlook that and forgive me if you were affected this way.

    thank you so much for having me and working so hard on this season gilly, and even though RTVG's future is looking rocky i hope i can continue to see more from you and the rest of this cast and section of the board somehow! i most definitely will participate in this finale and best of luck to the final 3!!!

    💲 had your chance, now i'm gone and by the time you hear this song,
    you won't find me in your wallettttt~ 🎵

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    Lluvy , Perlla and David top 3 in overall challenge score <3


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    Beth, Gia and Lluvy.

    Twelve rounds of tough challenges, critical social rankings, the Addpocalypse, Looming Danger, the Vortex,
    multiple Power Events and plenty of tough situations, Dilemmas and Danger situations are what you have
    overcome to reach this point. The three of you have successfully navigated through the game to become our
    three finalists and one of you will win.

    To win you must receive the most votes from the eliminated players. Let's take a look at our jury and how
    many votes each juror has.

    Jurors with 2 or more votes will be allowed to split their vote if they wish.

    ◇ 3 Votes ◇

    ◇ 2 Votes ◇

    ◇ 1 Vote ◇

    As per the stated rules, Kathryn and Hosanna have 0 votes due to quitting the game.

    Finalists have 48h to send me their opening statements but I will be a bit flexible with this deadline.


    Jurors will be free to address the finalists after the opening statements have been posted.

    Jurors are warned that due to the large jury size, any questions that I would consider a big/needless
    time investment - especially if they aren't relevant to the game - will be removed with the help of the
    mod team.

    Finally, I will not allow anyone to vote early until opening statements are posted. Also, jurors will need
    a valid excuse to vote early.

    Christie • Cliff • David • Kathryn • Kemi • Nicole • Ovi • Sam • Tommy •

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    The Final 3 have prepared opening statements for the jury.

    I will now present their opening statements in alphabetical order.

    Jurors should note that I reformatted these statements to match the formatting of all other game posts.

    Hey everyone, it's your favorite wine-o racist!

    First and foremost, I'd like to thank Vashhee for being so lenient with all of us on deadlines, particularly
    myself at the end of the game I'd also like to thank my fellow finalists and jurors, all two of you that
    show up. While this game hasn't had a lot of the true Dilemma "fire", I've still had an enjoyable time.

    I'll have to keep this short and sweet, because quite frankly I don't remember a good portion of the game
    now :x

    I was tightly aligned with Gia, Rachel, Nicole and Vanessa, in an alliance dubbed "Dilemma V for Vendettah",
    and we largely controlled many aspects of the game. Every round, we had a very strong hand in who'd
    get voted into the Dilemma, and many of the plans that occurred were spearheaded by yours truly. We
    were all very well connected players, which is how we were able to enact these plans, basically controlling
    every vote. I had outside connections to Lion, David, Perlla, Kyungran, and Bria - because of these, I never
    felt as though my game was truly in real danger. I won Grid Master in three separate rounds, which is not
    only a feat for me (y'all I don't normally win this **** lol), but impressive in the terms of the game as well,
    as there were only 12 Grid Masters to be won, meaning I won a fourth of them myself.

    Full transparency, this will be my last game on the site - the community isn't what it used to be, nor is my
    life. I work two jobs, I'm a part-time student, I participate heavily in my local theatre so to further my
    career, I'm a part-time care-taker for my grandmother with alzheimers; needless to say, mawma is busy.
    This is really my last hurrah. RTVG has been such an important part of forming the person I am today,
    and call me selfish, but I'd love to have my final, crowning achievement, and my legacy, be winning
    Dilemma. I'm one of a very small pool of people to play all 5 seasons, and this is by far my best showing -
    it would really mean a lot to have something to show for it.

    Thank you all for your time. I will try to elaborate in any way that I can pending the questions I receive,
    I'm so sorry for this poor quality but it's almost 2 AM and I'm two weeks late on writing this and Gilly
    wants to kill me


    Hello, guys! First off, I want to thank Gilly for the amazing game. You never fail to create and facilitate
    such an engaging and dynamic game. Secondly, I would like to congratulate my fellow finalists, Cullen
    and Spencer, for making it here. You guys are very strong and commendable opponents. I’m pleased
    to be competing against the both of you for the title of Dilemma.

    The remaining of my opening statement is unfortunately going to be reduced (compared to what I
    would have liked). This is an extreme busy and rough time of the year for me, and I hope the fact my
    opening statement is short (but succinct!) does not hinder my performance in the finale as a whole. I
    plan on elaborating more during the jury questioning phase.

    With that being said, I’m going to immediately jump to why I think I should win this season of Dilemma...
    I think I should win Dilemma, because I have displayed a tremendous amount of devotion to this game
    since the absolute beginning. Since the very first round where I won the Safari Power Event, to garnering
    a strong alliance with Runic, Phoenix, Coco, and VULpicks, to consistently doing well in terms of social ranks,
    to winning grid master rounds 2, 5, and 10, to using my Mega Add power to keep myself and my allies out
    of danger (which could have very easily changed everything about this season’s end game) — I never gave
    up and I never didn’t have a plan regarding my prospects in this game. The actions I made throughout this
    season were deliberate and purposeful, careful and thought-provoking. I maintained close relationships with
    a lot of the members of this game and I kept my word. I played a genuine game, I played a loyal game. And
    despite the numerous grid master victories and winning the first Power Event of the season, I think I maintained
    a rather lowkey, UTR gameplay. I don’t think at any one point was there someone actively gunning for me.
    I covered my bases without being messy, I established strong relationships early on with numerous individuals,
    and I preserved those relationships for as long as possible.

    I fought an exceptional deal to be where I am now, and I am very grateful to everyone that got me to where
    I am now. I hope you know who you are. ❤️

    Unfortunately, that’s about as much as I can write. So thank you! I look forward to answering your jury
    questions and good luck, Cullen and Spencer!

    Here we are at the end of Dilemma V, and despite everything that happened—all the twists and powers,
    all the strategy, and all these unique challenges—I am still here at the end. It’s not an exaggeration to
    say that I never imagined still being here at the end. I faced the possibility of elimination nearly every
    round, including Danger scenarios against some very tough competitors. Despite all that went wrong for
    me throughout the game, I found my way forward. I am saddened that everyone I worked with was
    eliminated round after round; I wish I could’ve gone to the end with people I actively worked with,
    especially eagle2ch who was my last remaining ally at the end and would’ve survived to the final two with
    me had the all-betray Dilemma taken place.

    It’s been a rough few months for RTVG in general, and for me in real life. I regret my own role in the decline
    of the site, as I haven't been available to contribute the way I want to. This game has been the main thing
    holding me to the site, and I can say that despite the stress, my burning desire to survive Danger and fight
    against the insane odds I found myself against in this game has been emotionally and narratively satisfying.

    Making it to the end was an almost unimaginable outcome for me based on what happened throughout the
    game. No matter what happens, I am proud of how I fought for my spot and it’s been an incredible introduction
    to the Dilemma series. Either of the other two finalists would make for fantastic winners in their own right,
    and I would applaud their efforts if either of them do win. And many of the jurors fought like hell to get as
    far as they did, and would’ve been able to make great cases for themselves as well.

    But, despite all that—despite thinking that making it to the end under these conditions already means so
    much—I am still asking for your support to win this game. This win would be a capstone of this unique
    experience, a fairy tale ending in a world increasingly devoid of meaning.

    Here are the main reasons I think you should consider supporting me in this finale.

    I remained loyal to people I did work with and followed through on promises when I made them.

    If you were one of the people I did work with, and I said I was going to pursue a certain course of action,
    I did. In a game that emphasizes trust in its very structure, I gave my allies high social rankings even when
    I couldn’t know for sure how they ranked me back (and, based on my social ranking, I don’t doubt my rankings
    were not always reciprocated ). I was willing to pursue different strategic options, provided that they didn’t
    harm the people I was closest to in the game. To the extent that loyalty matters on a site like this (it always
    does, to some extent), I feel that I displayed it.

    I was relentlessly targeted in social rankings and survived despite everyone’s efforts to get rid of me.

    Going into this game, I figured that I would struggle socially because I would be seen as a challenge threat
    (and apparently, that was fair on all your ends based on what happened…). Even so, it was jarring to see
    just how much everyone wanted me gone. I was ranked dead last or second to last in almost every round
    of the game. Considering that two-thirds of the rounds involved social score, this meant that my grid score
    was awful even if I came in first in the challenge. This put me at high risk of going home in all-betray
    Dilemmas, and also at high risk of ending up in Danger.

    It’s fair to say that this is evidence that my social game was mediocre. I mean, the scores speak for
    themselves. But, given the fact that challenge threats have often dominated previous Dilemma formats, and
    that I came into the game as a known challenge threat, this ended up being a significant handicap for me.
    At key moments, I made social and strategic connections that kept me afloat, but long term, almost no one
    wanted me to remain in the game. Despite that pressure, I survived each round. Whether or not you want to
    reward that is entirely up to you, but I’m proud of my resilience in this game.

    I used every power and game mechanic at my disposal.

    While social game was not a strength, the various powers and game mechanics gave me opportunities to
    make strategic decisions. All in all, the strategic decisions I made helped me survive (or, in some cases, like
    with Rotates, had a neutral result). When faced with decisions, I thought through my options and made rational
    choices based on the information I had available to me. A key moment where this happened was with the
    Vortex, where I prevent myself from going into Danger with people I was aligned with and using that power
    to build some social bonds that helped me survive tough early rounds. I also had knowledge of where the
    Null power was, and I also won the Hide power, which I waited to use but unfortunately it was never in my
    interest to play it.

    I thought carefully about my choices, and the choices I made resulted in me surviving to the finale despite the
    social headwinds I faced.

    I was the Danger.

    Three times in this game, I was forced into Danger, and it was do or die for me. With Vashhee’s unpredictable,
    unique challenges, there was no guarantee that I would survive. But every time, my practice, preparation,
    and determination to perform in challenges under immense pressure carried me through. Most critically, I
    survived the final Danger situation against two strong competitors, and my grid score was high enough to
    have gotten me to the finale under the all-betray scenario despite once again being ranked last socially.

    In this game, it turned out that I wasn’t so much in Danger… I was the Danger.

    I wasn’t a boring gamebot this time!

    I feel like in many cases in the past where I’ve made it to the end, it’s because I made low-risk gamebot
    choices and I win or lose in a boring way. This is not one of those times. I had a crazy arc in this game and
    for once, I can stand here in the finale and say that it’s absurd how I got here and it feels like an incredible
    sequence of events that led to this moment.

    This was my first time playing Dilemma, and right up front I was a significant target. I remained targeted
    throughout the entire game, but overcame those circumstances to stand here at the end. Within the game
    itself, I faced a lot of adversity but always met deadlines, always used the tools at my disposal, and always
    found just enough social connections to get myself through to the next round. I can’t even tell you how many
    confessionals I wrote assuming that I was about to be eliminated, or that I was desperate to even make it
    to the next round. And yet, I pushed through.

    Something that most of you probably know (but perhaps don’t) is that I’ve been trying to win a game as
    Lluvy Gomez for years and years. When I choose to sign up as her, it’s a signal that I’m taking this ****
    seriously. I’ve played as her six times before, and have placed third three of those times. Even when things
    are looking strong, something always gets me at the last second. One time, I was in a finale where the
    other two finalists both won due to a tie. As a character, she represents my RTVG persona very strongly,
    and has a kind of nostalgia for me for the games I played as her when the site was much stronger.

    This may not matter to anyone else to me, but given the status of the site, and how little bandwidth I
    have to participate fully in strategy games, this may truly be the last chance I have to win as Lluviana
    Mother****ing Gomez. To win with this in-game arc, with this representative, would mean so much to
    me. It would give me a lot of closure on the site if things stay this dire, but I’m all for an RTVG resurgence
    if we can make it happen.


    If you’re looking to vote for the social mastermind of the game (to the extent it’s even possible to “mastermind”
    a game where power is this decentralized), I’m not that person. If you didn’t have a game relationship
    with me in this particular game, and that’s your criteria for your vote, then I completely understand if you
    vote for one of the other two finalists.

    But, what I do have to offer is that I’m the player who overcame incredible headwinds to make it to the
    end. I thought I would be eliminated round after round after round, and I found a way to survive. I faced
    incredible pressure to perform in unusual challenges time and time again, and I pushed through every single
    time I was in Danger.

    I am so thankful that I got to work with the people I did, and compete against the people I didn’t work
    with. This game has meant a lot to me and has anchored me through a difficult time in my life. I hope that
    you consider voting for me—it would mean the world to me. But if not, I understand and respect your decision
    nonetheless. And if you all have any questions for me, I am happy to answer them. (Though my memory of
    early game stuff is a bit fuzzy since it’s been so long—I’ll do my best though.)

    Thank you Vashhee for curating this fantastic game experience! I couldn't have asked for a more compelling
    introduction to this series. And good luck to the other finalists and to everyone with your decisions!


    As of now, I will not state when winner voting begins. I am hoping for at least some deliberation but I will
    move on to the vote if I must. If there is some deliberation, I will post a winner vote once I feel like the
    questioning has slowed down and each finalist has had ample time to reply.

    Christie • Cliff • David • Kathryn • Kemi • Nicole • Ovi • Sam • Tommy •

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