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Thread: Binti Bangoura

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    Binti Bangoura

    Age: 23
    Height: 5'10
    Measurements: 34/25,5/35

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    For more pictures visit Binti's homepage.

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    That first picture I believe was shot by Mario Sorentti, amazing photographer! Loved Binti in it, otherwise I don't get her appeal but she truly is interesting!

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    I love this girl's look. She's so gorgeous...she almost reminds me of Anchal...

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    Her site doesn't function anymore. Hopefully she's been signed to an agency. Her body was unbelievable.

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    Yeah, I just noticed it

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    What place did she come in? I love her! ♥

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    she reached the top 6. then they eliminate 3 girls at the same time. and she was included in that elimination..
    The Ones To Watch Discussion Thread;

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    I'm gonna sign up as her for TFTM10 :D.
    She is so goregous and I've found some more pics of her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wts View Post
    I'm gonna sign up as her for TFTM10 :D.
    She is so goregous and I've found some more pics of her.
    Do you mind posting them?

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    Yea, I'll post them in a few minutes :D

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    Here are a lot of photos (a lot of them are big too).


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    Oh my lord, where did you find these? I knew she modeled post-show but I could never find them! Ugh, great find! She reminds me of Gaye McDonald.

    And if Fatima and Isabel don't win TFTM9, then hopefully we can have a black winner in TFTM10!

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    Here is Binti's ModelMayhem page. Most of the pictures wts posted are up there except for a few. Here are her stats too:

    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Measurements: 33-23-33
    Shoe size: 9
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Brown

    She also claims to be 18 years old and her full name is Binti Bangoura.

    I found this bio of her too:

    Binti is the first young afro-French model to be acknowledged by the press and to make a media coverage televised in the middle of fashion in France, been born October 28th, 1986 in Paris of a Guinean father and a Guinean-Lebanese mother, growing up in suburban in the ghettos of Paris, nothing foreordains that she would make a career in fashion. Put in by her measurements: 1.80 m - 55 kilograms (EU) 88-63-87 - (US) 5'11" 125 lbs - 34/25/34 ) Endowed with a beauty which reminds us of the goddesses and Egyptian queens, it's clear through all her originality and a charisma which leaves no one uninterested.

    A day, her destiny, makes her takeoff for the capital and it is that which draws her path in spite of her. Binti is sports, plays basketball and is dancer for an artist Ivorian Hervé Bamina, she dreams about singing, acting and playing comedy but she is very quickly spotted on the street a "wild casting" by coming back home one evening , by the assistant of photographer Eric Traoré (L'oréal, Hermès, Dior, Rolex, Bergdoft, Kerastase, Revlon, Elle, french Vogue/ Russian / German) he has her project in the top poster by making her first experience as a model in the cover of the political daily "Monde2" equivalent of the newspaper "Times" in US.

    One thing follows another, with appearances in the French African magazines of which Miss ebony,Shenka, FAM,Continental and the collaboration with big photographers as Alain Herman or Uwe Ommer (his books:Exotic, Black ladies, Asian ladies, Niouma), Binti is besides model muse for the last book " Do it yourself ".

    The passing time does not diminish Binti, according to REALITY TV SHOW create by the Top Model Tyra Banks whose version Americans is called " Top The American' s next Model ". Binti is spotted by one of the heads of casting shopping on the streets of Neuilly / Seine, she is chosen to be part of 12 young women who will live a dream, to expereince 2 months training by the top professionals in fashion...
    Patrick Lemire: Agent of the biggest French Agency Marilyn agency (Naomi Campbell), Odile Sarron: Head of casting of the magazine "Elle", Fred Farrugia: Professional Make-up artist and creator of the blush "Lancôme", and Caroline Christiansson: Chief Editor of the magazine "Glamour" France.
    Binti works during his training off fashion with numerous photographers and other creators and fashion designers such as Karl Lagarfeld, Jean-Claude Jitrois, Massimo Soli, Chantal Thomas, Dmon Prunner, Dominique Sirop, Stephania Paparelli.

    Nothing stops after the TV show for Binti, it is the beginning of her professional career, Patrick Lemire brings her into the agency (Marilyn Agency) after her win to launch her career, she makes several shoots notably for the Glamour magazine, she participates in fashion week's runway for couturiers, meantime she performs interviews for the French press and radio: Entrevue, Public, Closer, Amina, Africa N°1, Jeune&Jolie.
    The hairdresser-beautician Jean-Claude Biguine enlists Binti for his television show, She is named his first muse black woman, she goes to New York and signs her first international campaign.

    - Today Binti continues doing castings across the world, she works in agency and as a freelancer She has just made the Italian clothing campaign for " " recently.
    " professionals- do not hesitate to get into contact with me: - ONLY SERIOUS ENQUIRIES PLEASE. "

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    I found them off of google, her myspace pages, and ModelMayham lol.

    IKR, she is goregous. One of the most goregous girls to ever come across a NTM.

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    I really like her nose, it is very special and unique

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    Binti is singed with Elite Models Cape Town and has lots more STUNNING photos.

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