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Thread: Nausicaa Rampony

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    Nausicaa Rampony

    Age: 24
    Height: 5'7
    Measurements: 33/24,5/35

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    She is with People International in Paris.

    I always found her really beautiful and exotic.

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    She is now also with Race in NY (April's agency)!

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    the one with the snake is from Top model 2005:D... I love this babe
    The Ones To Watch Discussion Thread;

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    It's totally a shame that they decided to give her blonde hair for her makeover.

    She's probably signed in Hong Kong or Bangkok as well.

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    She's Vietnamese, BTW.

    FrNTM 1 had such a diverse cast! Mauritian/Indian, African, Southeast Asian...

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    Maybe part Vietnamese. She should have kept the blonde hair; she makes an interesting blonde and a boring brunette. She's way too old and way too short.

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    Blonde was all wrong for her! She just looks weird Blonde.


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    The blonde only looks good on her when it's styled properly, IMO.

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    I was just looking on People International to see if she had any new photos, and I guess she did! I'm pretty sure these weren't posted here.

    I think she's really exotic and pretty! However the blonde looked awful on her imo. D:

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    A lot of those pictures are sadly kind of awkward, but not really in a good way. The fifth is great though.

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