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Thread: The Winner | WNSM Sexy Summer 2019

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    Who will be the WORLD'S NEXT SUPER MODEL SEXY SUMMER 2019?

    find out soon

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    Thanks for the game, Will.

    Good luck, guys!!

    "Do you feel held by him? Does he feel like home to you?"

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    There are 2 beautiful models in front of me, but we only have room for 1.
    The first model who's name I call is the one who had the best performance of the week.


    BRIAN + XAVIER, one of you will now be crowned the winner of WNSM: SEXY SUMMER 2019!
    With a score of 585 to 537.5, the winner is....




    Congratulations! You are THE WINNER!

    I didn't doubt that you would win, as even though you have an awful face, the forum loves you! There were a few times though, where you didn't do as hot as you should've and midway through you were at the lower end of the pack! You didn't disappoint though, as you stepped it up and dominated the last few rounds! To come from behind and beat out all of the front runners, you truly deserve the win!


    You are out!

    Xavier!! You were on the first season, with me! Yet, you kinda flopped.... 3rd out!
    This time, you come back and start off super slow... Like bottom of the pack slow. But look at you now! You killed it the last few rounds, even if some others didn't recognize your artistic master piece of a cover image! You beat out all of the front runners as well and did an excellent job working with less than the others. You need to come back for the 2018 Rerun because let's be honest, those photos are simple and lame you would likely dominate them!
    Thanks so much for taking part the competition!!


    BRIAN - 585
    XAVIER - 537.5
    ROSIE - 539.5
    LAIS - 479
    TYSON - 450
    MARTHA - 379.5
    CINTIA - 298
    DAVID - 267.5
    ALESSIO - 261
    AJAK - 167.5
    KIVANC - 128
    BAMBI - 132
    ASHLEY - 72
    WINNIE - 25

    Thanks so much to everyone that took part in this season!
    It wasn't as great as the 2017 season, but I am sure will be better than the 2018 rerun coming up very soon!
    Thanks again to the voters, judges and most importantly the contestants themselves!!
    See you all very soon for another Sexy Summer!!

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    congrats to the winner and the runner up! both did amazing jobs, well done guys!

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    Thank you for the game, Will. Im surprised that i could make it this far lol so 2nd place isn't bad at all

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    I was like really shookth to know that I won the game, seriously though is this for real I was smiling like an insane in my office lmao

    Thank you for the game henny, but screaming at that "awful face" lmao how dare you Brian is handsome as fvck and I love shaved guy. Thanks also for thirsty voters.


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    Worthy winner.

    Thanks again for hosting Will.

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    That shady host commentary tho lmao.

    Eidem x Kafka x Pozzi x Schneyder

    eat. sleep. rave. repeat.

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