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Thread: James Charles ENDED.

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    So I just watched the new James Charles video, because I have nothing else to do with my life and I've come here to say, that Tati & Jefree are TOXIC to the core.

    I don't understand how you can throw around serious allegations like that and then come off still as it's not what you alluded it to be. I'm kind of glad he exposed their asses, because they should received 10 times the backlash as he did, knowing damn well what they said was wrong.

    But I say to say that this is all so exhausting but weirdly interesting.
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    news coverage of this is ****ing HILARIOUS, an article from yahoo used the word cancel, cnn was talking about "bringing the receipts", and newsweek used the phrase clap back!!! sjsjsjs i ****ing love life this is hilarious

    anyways idgaf about either of them but shes not some crusading hero lol i dont think she gave a **** abt any of it other than him shilling some OTHER scam product instead of HER scam product. she readily played into "gay predator to young people" stereotype that has been used against gay men for decades. not saying its a good thing to push at people like that, but from what ive seen (maybe i havent seen everything) he didnt do anything straight men dont do to lesbians allllll the time lol its not excusable but lets not pretend its say GAY SCOURGE against poor little heterosexuals. everyone is so ready to attack him in general, im not a fan in general but i also just hate most youtubers. its been pointed out that she seems very strategic in what she did, doing a tearful barefaced video out of the blue about something that means so much to her when its clear shes just kind of bitter abt him not schlocking her products. she didnt have much of an issue with jefree star's history of dicey racism ****. so transparent. i dont really care regardless and i think theyre all ****ing stupid, i wish we would stop acting like saying or doing something not the most savory means youre THE DEVIL and should be REMOVED from life. its all just a part of the bread and circus of modern society that distracts us from the ****ed up **** we do to the environment, people here, people in developing countries, all of it lol.

    ps his subscriber count is rising again and hers is falling looool ppl really sit around ready to subscribe and unsubscribe at the drop of a hat
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    I've been following this and I didn't care about makeup youtubers or the makeup community (and I will probably never have an interest), but I'm staying on Team Anti-James even though I'm aware that James has made a response and now #TeamTati is a bit lessened now. I don't care what he has to say, he has always been an awful influence to young LGBTQ+ people and he's needed some humble pie for a long time now. I've encountered gays who try to emulate his entitlement and childishness and it frustrates me. There is no redemption for James for me personally and like Tati, I hope he tries to rectify his toxicity.

    Regarding Tati: hadn't heard of her before this, she seems like more or less a good person who may done something she can't take back.

    ETA: I haven't read anyone elses' posts in this thread so this isn't addressing anybody, but I will add that I absolutely agree with Tati that sexuality isn't something for anybody to play with. It's nobody's business. It's not a game to "out" or "convert" people. I don't it was unwarranted for her to use James as an opportunity to relay that great message.
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    I have to agree for Tati on behalf of some gay people trying to "turn around" straight men. It's so disgusting and pathetic. As if there weren't enough gay men for them. Just because I find a heterosexual man attractive doesn't mean I can turn them around..

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