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Thread: Trendsetter 5: Who Wore It Best? | Winner Revealed!

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    Time goes by fast​.
    Look at the flowers​ go.

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    credit to robdowneyjr & leosfanblog for the gifs.

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    voting and roleplay closed for the week

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    Week 2 - Results

    Cardi B & Jane | 28
    Nicole | 24
    Dua | 20
    Deepika | 18
    Brie | 14
    Cheryl & Gemma | 12
    Bella & Diana & Emma | 10
    Jojo | 6

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    Week 2 - Judging

    Scores will be posted in such order: Lady Gaga | Donatella Versace | Naomi Campbell

    Lady Gaga | Nyan
    Donatella Versace | yzzy
    Naomi Campbell | Sleepless


    Lady Gaga: I can see this worn in the spring but it doesn't immediately give me spring time vibes. The color can
    work with fall. Still, a pretty outfit.

    Naomi: The top and that red sunglasses, stunning. The coat and the illfitting-looking pants, not so much. I also don't
    love that black shoes to go with the look. I do expect a little more from you, B.

    8.5 | 7 | 8

    Lady Gaga: I like this a lot. The dress is very light and airy. Gorgeous face, too.

    Naomi: This crosses the line of Fall more than Spring to me so despite this being a beautiful gown, I have to take
    points off for it not fitting the brief that well.. You do look gorgeous in this and your hair is breathtakingly beautiful.
    I do wish the print is more fauna-related and it's just unfortunate that this wasn't utilized better for a more suitable

    9 | 7 | 6.5

    Lady Gaga: OK, this is amazing. Of course, the fabric is reminiscent of spring, but the silhouette of the dress makes
    the outfit so interesting and a standout. The pose slays, too.

    Naomi: The first two weeks are definitely up your alley, isn't it! Stunning from H to the T. I love how extra but at the same
    time so elegant and beautiful this look is. The only thing that bothers me - and maybe it's just the angle of this photograph
    - is that the volume on the bottom of the gown could've been more balanced with the top for my taste personally..
    Slamming look nonetheless though!

    10 | 10 | 9.5

    Lady Gaga: I get immediate Easter vibes from this, so this thus works for springtime. The pinks are gorgeous on you,
    I like the cut of the dress. I just wish there was maybe a necklace to complete the look.

    Naomi: You look absolutely gorgeous in this look and this pose makes you look so regal, but the dress isn't my
    favourite of the week. I'm not a huge fan of this pink with the nude tone but the print does make it more tolerable for me.
    The train that goes to nowhere isn't my favourite either though..

    9 | 6 | 8

    Lady Gaga: This is a pretty outfit and is on-theme. I just don't really think this stands out as much as some other looks.

    Naomi: I love that you have something more unique and traditional to offer which brings freshness to the competition.
    This look is absolutely gorgeous and your radiant smile definitely helps. I wish the lighting here is a little better because it
    does hinder your beauty a little bit here for me but other than that, beautiful job!

    8.5 | 9 | 9

    Lady Gaga: I think this picture is really pretty, but for the theme of springtime, the thing giving me spring most from
    this are the flowers. Not the biggest fan of the pinched shoulders. It's like solid but I want something different.

    Naomi: I don't even know what it is about this look, but I just love it! It's so simple but so beautiful. The only thing that
    I'm not a fan of is the shoulder. Decent job from you and I'm glad to see more of your face this time around!

    8 | 10 | 8.5

    Lady Gaga: I'm not the absolute biggest fan of the big shoulders, but the pose makes the outfit work -- and the outfit
    is definitely spring. Pretty color.

    NaomI: I like how vibrant the print is, but that's about it. I don't love the form of the dress, the length is weird for me
    and I'm not sure about that design that one side is a little longer than the other. You do look regal and stunning in it but
    it's not just how you look that we're giving scores on so I couldn't give this a higher mark..

    9 | 9 | 7

    Lady Gaga: I think this is a pretty outfit, just not accessorized the best. I wish the makeup was lighters and the shoes
    were different.

    Naomi: Simple, but quite cute and pretty. I like the collar and the dress but I feel that this might be a little safe for the
    competition, it leaves me yearning for more from you when I look at this and I know you have the potential to reach my
    level of expectations!

    8.5 | 8 | 8

    Lady Gaga: This look is really put together. The color is gorgeous.

    Naomi: Eek. I don't love the form of this dress at all. The neckline, the cut on your arm, and your stiff presentation
    of the outfit doesn't help either unfortunately. You're lucky that your print is not hideous so there are some positive
    points for you but this is definitely on my BOOT list of the week.

    9 | 8 | 6.5

    Lady Gaga: Jane is over here going off. The color of the dress is gorgeous and I love how the color of your eyes
    parallel the color of the dress. Big step up!

    Naomi: You are serving this average-to-decent look in the best way possible! Though I don't love the sheer fabric
    of the dress, I do quite like the colour and the print. Your presentation of the dress is really nice and you were able to
    make me appreciate the look more. Good job!

    10 | 9 | 8

    Lady Gaga: Jojo has really never looked better. I wish the color of the dress was different and that the bow
    was burned, though.

    Naomi: Aww Jojo darling, aren't you just an extremely adorable little girl! Your smile will get you places, girl, but
    those shoes won't. I actually thought this dress is quite cute and you look really cute in it. The length of the dress
    could've been adjusted a little too but overall I'm not mad about this look!

    8 | 7 | 7.5

    Lady Gaga: Gorgeous. I love the outfit and its shape. I love how the shoes match the subtle pink in the dress.
    This works.

    Naomi: Mawma WHAT IS THIS!? The top looks stiff and really weird-looking and that print is horrendous. That pink
    shoes do not do any favour to neither you or this dress and this overall look is probably my least favourite of the bunch.
    Not loving the colours, the form, or just anything about this look. Sorry mama.

    9.5 | 6 | 5.5
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    Week 2 - Elimination

    Will the top three and bottom three please come forward...


    The winner of this week's challenge is...


    Congratulations Cardi B


    With the lowest overall score...


    Jojo, I'm sorry my dear, but you are out

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    Gemma: Wow Cardi is slaying this.

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