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Thread: What's on your mind?

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    You mean those elouai paper dolls or something? I never joined that part of the site but the ones in people's signatures were really neat. More so than bitstrips now.

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    no no, I mean those morphs we used to do on

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    Australia just scored a 0/10 rating on the 2020 Climate Change Performance Index and was dead last out of 57 countries... not ****ing surprised. Big oil and big gas has controlled our government and our media for decades. I regret not putting the Greens #1 in the vote earlier this year... I fell for the "it's a waste of your vote" nonsense. Glad I'm less ignorant now.

    Our country is currently experience a major bushfire problem at the moment and our PM also just publicly stated that he is not going to help the volunteer firefighters "because they want to be there". Absolute joke.

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    no no, I mean those morphs we used to do on
    Do them both at the same time in separate windows/tabs. Make sure to click each dot in the same order. That works for me.

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