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Thread: ANTM7 ? Episode 2 Recap ? No Beer Being Poured On These Weaves Baby!

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    ANTM7 ? Episode 2 Recap ? No Beer Being Poured On These Weaves Baby!

    ANTM7 ? Episode 2 ? No Beer Being Poured On These Weaves Baby!

    Welcome to Episode 2 of ANTM. Sorry for the slight delay, I had a big test this Saturday for my Abnormal Psychology class. ?Shockingly?, I scored a 98/100. I suppose years of watching unscripted drama, volatile personalities, and narcissistic wannabes may very well be paying off. Who says watching reality shows can?t be educational?

    This week?s episode is in fact the MOST dramalicious episode of each season ? the makeover episode! Tyra loves to preach and preach about being yourself, inner beauty, blah blah but she also has that sadistic streak in her that inspires her to do the following to at least one girl every cycle:

    a) Chop off all of her hair
    b) Dye someone?s hair PISS blonde
    c) Give some long, Lady Godiva like extensions (after preaching to another girl about how long hair isn?t for modeling )
    d) Leave a girl or two with hardly any changes making her PANIC wondering if this is a sign that she is about to get booted

    As always, Tyra-saurus does not fail to deliver, but I do think she might be softening up a bit, or at least the giant hairdryers of fashion may be blowing in a different direction now, because this cycle seemed to have significantly less chopping. How did our poor models in training fair this cycle? Let?s see.

    Have Yourself a Bowl of Bitchy-O?s For Breakfast!

    Before we make it to the Salon of Screams, we see Michelle and Megan strutting down a pretend runway at the house. Who? What? Aren?t the first few scenes of every episode supposed to be for the girl that was thisclose to getting eliminated last time? Funny, we?ve heard from Michelle quite a bit but haven?t heard much from Miss Megan at all ? I wonder what this could mean? *scratches chin* She tells us that she and Michelle are competing but also helping each other and that?s ?how it should be?.

    Next, we cut to Melrose, ah yes, there we go. She cheerful is shown cleaning the kitchen and is nice and bright eyed in her confessional speaking about Christian, who was eliminated last week *flashback to Melrose breaking down at tears for being spared*. She is determined to work her booty off this week. Outside in the Jacuzzi, we see Eugena and Monique together (hey, I guess they made up after the bed stealing incident). Monique is doing a wicked impression of Melrose?s tearful breakdown and calling her fake.

    Megg finds a Tyra Mail that reads, ?Every morning, I have to get two glasses of fresh squeezed O Jays to get me going. This morn, I suggest you do the same?. Yay, we get to see Mr. and Miss Jay?.again! The girls go to bed and the next morning we see various alarm clocks going off at various intervals. Monique is annoyed as hell because these clocks are interrupting her beauty sleep.
    (Yes, GxG actually owns this alarm clock :D)Anchal says she ?can?t stand the bitchiness? from her. The girls meet the Jays for an actual sit down breakfast! Mr. Jay is sporting a pink, purple and white outfit that makes Miss Jay look like positively butch in comparison (well, except for the girly braid he?s sporting but yeah). The girls seem a bit disappointed, thinking they were getting makeovers today. Jaeda can be QUOTED as saying ?My hair grows so fast. I don?t care. Shave it. I?ve got good hair?. Mr. Jay speaks to the girls about drawing from their personal experiences to help them project emotion in their modeling. He singles out Megan for a personal example.

    Oh Make Me Ov-er!

    Next, the girls come back home to find that Tyra has transformed their living room into a full fledged salon. Famous, professional hair stylist, Frederic Fekkai, is there and the girls scream excitedly. Tyra has a covered easel for each girl and has prescribed the following looks for each girl:

    Melrose - platinum blonde (to accentuate her ?alien? blue eyes)
    Brooke - chocolate brown (to edge her out)
    Eugena - long, wavy extensions (since she thinks she?s better than everyone)
    Megan - pixie blonde (to take her to the ?next level?)
    Anchal - layers and shortening, moving hairline back with threading (since her forehead is so low)
    Monique - a few layers (to achieve a look that Tyra had on a beach in Jamaica)
    Caridee - extensions (to make her look less ?actress-y?)
    AJ - lightening it up a bit (to make her look like Linda Evangelista circa 1992)
    Megg - longer curly extensions (to embrace her natural frizzy curls)
    Michelle - bright fire red hair, texture (to throw away the ?mouse? and ?bring the fire baby?)
    Amanda - dark gingerish red hair, straight (same as her sister but a bit classier)
    Jaeda - Halle Berry short dark hair (to embrace her masculine side; Tyra warns her modeling will have to change to go against what she has been raised to be ? is it just me or does this sound kind of not good? )

    Jaeda is shown crying, wondering if she can pull it off as Brooke and one of the twins reassure her. Monique is shown bitching on the couch to Eugena (what, are they best friends now?) because she isn?t getting more a drastic change. As I said earlier, I wonder if Tyra is softening up, because overall, these makeovers are not as dramatic as they have been in the past. I?m not complaining, as many of the girls look very good, but the girls who are doing the most boo-hoo?ing really don?t have anything to boo-hoo about in my opinion.

    Frederic wastes no time in getting work on the girls. We see a mass of foil, scissors and weave, and Megg is the first girl finished. She has a mass of brunette waves trailing down her body that looks positively fabu! She?s happy that she can do more ?headbanging? with this hair now. After each girl?s makeover, she is put into a metallic swimsuits for a photo shoot. Anchal is shown getting her hairline threaded (which ?hurts like a BITCH? by the way) but is very pleased with her look. When Melrose is sitting down with Mr. Jay and talking about her hesitation of going from brown to blonde, AJ loudly interjects and says that she wouldn?t want to be blond either and gets shot a dirty look from the stylist and Mr. Jay. Wow, that girl?s got more balls than a playland at McDonald?s!

    Brooke looks absolutely sexy with her new dark brown hair and is very happy with it. The twins are a bit disappointed about their new looks as well, since they can?t ?trick? people anymore, but they both look great. Mr. Jay cuts some of Jaeda?s hair and she cries hysterically. She feels a loss of her femininity, but truthfully, she even better now and can absolutely carry it off. Caridee, an early favorite of mine, unfortunately got a really bad weave. She looks like she is wearing a cheap Halloween wig but she seemed pleased with it. Eugena was also disappointed that she didn?t get a more dramatic look but is pleased.

    I?m Taking My Barbies and Going HOME! *stomps off*

    After her photo shoot, Jaeda is shown in the mirror saying how much she hates her ?boy hair?. Mr. Jay looks on as she complains and looks over at Melrose, who is slumped over, still looking very distraught at the idea of going blonde. He remarks how she is a control freak and a lot of girls who try to over control the situation ?don?t go too far? [in modeling]. Eugena and Jaeda (of all people) are showing laughing and making fun of the now blonde Melrose, who is getting her eyebrows dyed to match and has her hair in large rollers.

    AJ is shown with her new, soft brown hair and says ?we have to make it darker? to the stylist and complains how she hates the color. He smoothes her hair down to make her look more soft and feminine and it pisses her off even more because she likes ?spikes?. Mr. Jay is shown looking even more annoyed as she talks back to the stylist. Next we see Monique who is whining, looking VERY pissed off and covering her head with a towel. A member of the glam squad tells the Jay?s that it?s because no one has ever seen her without her weave. Mr. Jay has no sympathy and refers to a picture of Tyra on the wall without a weave looking fabulous. Monique is shown (weaveless) sitting alone in a small room crying her eyes out as if someone had died, saying she?s ?had a bad day?.
    I imagine she is bitching about the alarm clock situation because Mr. Jay tells her to use some earplugs if the alarms keep going off. In a confessional, he is beyond pissed and ?disgusted? at the girls? ungrateful and juvenile attitudes. In the middle of Monique?s photo shoot, he chews the girls out for insulting his guests and Tyra and says he?s ?over it? and going home. *z snaps*

    Later at home, for no apparent reason other than possibly to give her a second of airtime and/or to let us all know that she is indeed a lesbian, we cut to Megan on the phone with her girlfriend telling her about how some of the girls freaked out. Primping in the mirror we see Jaeda and AJ bitching about their hair some more, with Melrose quietly staring at herself as she does her hair. Happy go lucky Megg hops over and gushes on how much she just LOVES her new hair and it?s ?so hot?. Mrrrooowwww!

    If These Elevator Walls Could Talk

    Caridee proves that she CAN read by excitedly reading the latest Tyra Mail to everyone. ?True queens are natural beauties that don?t? need makeup to make it to the top?.so don?t wear any today. Got it???? I am thinking hmm, is it a beauty shot, like in Cycle 3? *mental flashback to poor Kelle?s untouched vs retouched pic back and forth* Alas, it is not going to be a beauty shot, for it is this episode?s challenge! The girls are taken to a large, multistory building. Mr. Jay admits it was a long day yesterday, but today they have a chance to make it up to him. For the challenge, there are three stops and for each floor in a building, they are to run out, select CoverGirl cosmetics, wardrobe, shoes & accessories. He makes a big point of selling the ?Queen Collection? and how CoverGirl is all-inclusive and there is something for everyone. They are to do their makeup, put on their items crammed in the elevator together. The goal is to pull together a ?young queen? look. Hold up now, did someone say ?young queen??
    *z snaps* At the end of the journey, the girls that make it will have an opportunity to meet with a CoverGirl executive to sell their look to her. Anyone who doesn?t make the elevator for that floor is instantly disqualified.

    On the first floor, the girls grab gratuitously placed makeup in a mad frenzy and Megg misses the elevator door, eliminating her. Makeup is being frantically applied while cramped in the tight quarters and clothes are starting to be stripped off. On the second floor, girls come flying out of the elevator, some only in their bra and panties. On the third floor, the girls grab shoes and accessories and Monique misses the elevator. She is not happy at all, and Melrose notes that it will not be a happy time in the house tonight, that?s for sure. Time to meet with the CoverGirl ?executive? who is none other than Queen Latifah (okay, who didn?t see that coming?) She is accompanied by Roxanna Floyd, her personal makeup artist to judge who should win the competition.

    Here is how each girl ?sold? her look:

    Michelle ? she isn?t quite sure ?what? she has on, but inner beauty/outer beauty blah blah
    Melrose ? is decked out in a dark blue dress and says that she highlighted her eyes with just mascara. Queen seems impressed but ?hates her shoes? .
    Caridee ? has a ridiculous looking scarf tied around her head, knotted at the top like a blonde Aunt Jemima and tries to go for a ?queen of the beach look?.
    AJ ? thinks a queen should be ?regal? and is sporting a purple dress (as purple is the color of royalty). Queen digs it but says she wished she had used more of the products.
    Eugena ? also sporting a purple dress, sported some matching colorful eye shadow that is great for women of color like herself.
    Brooke ? she cheerfully and energetically describes how since she is still in high school, she went for the Prom Queen look. She?s wearing a sapphire blue dress that makes her new dark hair stand out beautifully (and if it were up to me, I?d declare her the winner for sho nuff) Queen seems very impressed.
    Anchal ? in a light blue dress, she went very natural and light on the makeup, but Queen encourages her to let her personality out more.
    Megan ? goes for a fun, spunky, casual look. Queen compliments her lips but wishes she had used more ?color?.
    Amanda ? talked about hiding her blemishes ?because nobody is perfect? and Queen notices she has a good awareness of the product.
    Jaeda ? went for a very natural look.

    Queen Latifah congratulates them all for a job well done and quickly announces Eugena the winner for ?using the colors the best?. She selects Caridee & Jaeda to accompany her on a photo shoot for the CoverGirl website. On the limo ride back, Megan tells Megg and Monique how the challenge went and Monique is shown looking very upset.

    And We Thought Nnenna Had Phone Issues

    Back at the house, Monique is on the phone with her mother complaining and Melrose tells us via confessional how she needs to call her landlord about getting her $1,000 deposit back. At the 48 minute mark she motions at Monique that she needs the phone. At the 1 hour 23 minute mark, Michelle wonders aloud if this is Monique?s way of getting back at everyone for getting disqualified (umm how is that anyone else?s fault but her own? ) Monique continues to bitch about the ?raggedy, non-talented models? who never even thought about modeling before they entered this competition. At the 1 hour 58 minute mark, Anchal, Michelle and Caridee try to distract Monique through the glass door (Anchal waving her arms, Michelle stabbing the air with a kitchen knife, and Caridee opening her bath towel to flash her naked body at her). Monique pauses and opens the door and let?s everyone know how much she?s REALLY enjoying her phone call, which pisses everyone off even more. Amanda mocks her via confessional and asks, ?Who does that?!? Two year olds do that!!!?

    At the 2 hour, 26 minute mark, the girls are getting angrier and angrier. We can hear Monique?s mother telling them, ?When they mess with a child of God, they?ve got trouble on your hands. You tell them, ?I am a Princess of the Throne?? as Monique sits there flipping through a magazine.
    Anchal has finally had it and opens the door, hanging up the phone on her. Monique and Anchal get into a screaming match as Anchal yells that ?some people need to pay their ?censored- apartment!? The more Monique shrieks at her, the more Anchal repeated presses the hang up button. She continues to yell and holler and Anchal tells her she needs to learn to respect other people and then flips her off. Monique gets back on the phone looking quite smug and she has now been on the phone for 3 hours and 14 minutes. She is flipping through a magazine and we hear the operator?s voice. She isn?t even ON the phone, but she is going to occupy that space. At the 3 hour 31 minute mark she finally comes out of the phone room for good (after everyone else has cleared the kitchen) and mocks everyone.

    No Beer Being Poured On These Weaves Baby!

    Later, Melrose says that everyone needs to just ignore Monique and Brooke says maybe eventually she will get so fed up with being the most hated girl in the house that she will be too miserable to be here. Oh Brookie, I know you are young but even a high school girl should know that there are some girls who THRIVE on being hated and it makes them want to annoy you even more knowing you don?t like them. Monique camera whores to us that if people continue to disrespect her that she will ?bust out with another scene like that again?. *the CW network executives clap and cheer and high five each other* Anchal reads the next Tyra Mail, ?It?s time to wig out. Pump up the volume and get amped. Can you handle it baby?? I must say, I?m quite impressed by this group of girls so far. No one has screamed ?OMG we are soooo going to Brazil!? Or ?OMG we are totally going to Pakistan!? yet.

    The models arrive on the set of the next photo shoot and meet Mr. Jay. First off, he sends Eugena, Caridee and Jaeda off to get ready for Eugena?s reward ? the CoverGirl website photo shoot. The three girls don white spaghetti strap dresses and appear before a bright purple screen giving their best ?easy, breezy, beautiful, CoverGirl? smiles. Eugena realizes some of the other girls might be a little bit jealous but she really doesn?t care.

    Next, the girls return to learn that this week?s photo shoot will involve intricate, elaborate, super tall WEAVES! Yes kids, just like the ones that used to be featured on the Ricki Lake show! The theme is ?does the hair wear you or do you wear the hair?? Three ?weaveologists?, Mr. Little *GxG pauses and does a double take* a man voluntarily going by the nickname ?Mr. Little??!?! okay *shakes it off*, Lisa B., and Weavin? Steven, come to give outrageous, bizarre styled weaves (some with spinners operated by remote control) for the girls to model.

    Here is the rundown of how each girl looked and performed:

    Monique ? She?s sporting a bronze and black wing like weave with a rotating golden trophy at the top. Right off the bat she asks, ?Do I have to have the fan on?? to the photographer. Umm, yeah Monique, I think if they put the fan on you, that means they probably want it on you. She is mediocre at best, but Mr. Jay says she is doing, ?pretty good?.
    Anchal ? Our Indian princess is wearing a golden weave with a windmill type object at the top. She looks positively fierce and Mr. Jay seems pleased.
    Brooke ? Patriotically decked out in red, white, and blue, Mr. Jay asks her for ?crazy and zany? so she starts screaming (*flashback to Dawn from Canada?s Next Top Model* ) He likes how she tried to move from ?safe?.
    Amanda ? With a vivid red flaming hot weave, she gives us some hot tongue action heheheh no really, she uses her tongue a lot in her expressions.
    Michelle ? As she would describe it, she looks like ?Tucan Sam?
    and gets praise from Mr. Jay.
    Megan ? Looks like Swedish/Swiss/German girl with two rotating blonde buns on each side of her hair. She is not smiling with her neck or whatever and isn?t giving a lot of emotion.
    Megg ? Has a white, angelic weave on, looking like a cross between Renee Zellweger and that chick from The Killer?s ?Mr. Brightside? video. Mr. Jay encourages her to look ?more quirky?.
    AJ ? Looks very Texas A&M with maroon and white and gets a lot of praise.
    Eugena ? Sports a red and black weave with a red apple looking thing swirling at the top. The photographer noted how she had an attitude as if she knew everything already but ?she knew nothing?.
    Caridee ? She looked very drag queen in a red and orange Vegas looking weave. Mr. Jay called her shots ?powerful? and they made him really happy. Hmm
    Melrose ? Looks very sultry in a rainbow colored weave and bright makeup. She does a wide variety of fierce poses and Mr. Jay hugs her as he is so impressed.
    Jaeda ? In a bright green and yellow weave with big flowers and a spinner on top, her boobs are about to burst out of her top. Unfortunately she has a lot of trouble and Jay seems very frustrated with her lackluster performance.

    The girls return home after a long day. Amanda reads the Tyra Mail letting them all know that elimination is tomorrow. All of the sudden, Melrose goes nuts and runs to the bathroom saying she feel sick. As it turns out, Monique had put her hand underneath her wet towel and then put her hand onto Melrose?s face. EW!!! She claims it smells like an egg or a spoiled pumpkin and washes her face and mouth. Jaeda tells us via confessional that everyone wants Monique to be the one who goes home. You all know what THAT means ? Monique is SO not going home!

    I Like The Picture, Just Not With YOU In It

    As the girls file into the elimination room, Tyra gives them all props for their new looks, calling them ?amazing?. She reintroduces the prizes and judges and like last week, there is no special judging challenge this week (I wonder if they have done away with these for good?). Our special guest judge this week is Tracy Bayne, the photographer from not only this week?s weave photo shoot, but also from the Cycle 4 Zodiac and the Cycle 6 Falling Fairytales shoot. We jump right into evaluations:

    Melrose ? Gets a great review and Tyra loves her ?ugly? pose as it works.
    Anchal ? Everyone, especially Twiggy, loves it. Tyra does warn her that she wants to see more photos like that throughout her film.
    Jaeda ? Tyra wonders if she can ?handle? her new look. Nigel calls her aggressive in her photo and Tyra worries that her not being the ?prettiest? is getting to her. Ouch.
    Megg ? Nigel doesn?t see her coming through her picture and Tyra says she needs to ?pull that model out?
    Caridee ? She looks like a rained on rat with her blonde weave and is gently chided for her appearance. Her photo is deemed very drag queen and Nigel warns her not to be too mannish (but Miss Jay says ?drag on?)
    Eugena ? Twiggy also said she looked to mannish. The photo chosen was the ONLY photo that looked decent and Tracy spoke up about her being a ?know it all? on set. Tyra quickly spoke of ?humble pie? but quickly moved on to congratulate her on winning the challenge this week.
    Michelle ? Nigel said she ?nailed it? and Tyra loved how she said there were plenty of shots to choose from.
    Amanda ? Tracy loved it.
    Brooke ? Her photo is loved all around.
    Megan ? No one likes it, Nigel calls it the weakest one of the bunch, and Tyra says she got ?lost?.
    AJ ? Tyra warns her about her angles and the positioning of her nose.
    Monique ? Nigel likes the picture but not her in the picture. Mr. Jay wrote that it was a big improvement from the week before?.since it was so bad, there was no where to go but up. Yikes.

    Give Me A Good Storyline, Or Give Me Death

    The judges deliberate. Twiggy thinks Michelle is one of the strongest of the group; Tracy loves Amanda; everyone seems displeased with Eugena except Tyra; Miss Jay isn?t fond of Brooke; Tyra thinks Megg is ?trying and struggling?; Nigel likes AJ but Miss Jay doesn?t think she wants it enough; Jaeda is panned all around; Megan is ?boring?, Anchal is loved; Melrose wowed everyone; Nigel likes Monique but she doesn?t think she knows what she?s doing; and Caridee is deemed a drag queen.

    The girls are called in the following order: Melrose, Anchal, Amanda, Michelle, AJ, Caridee, Brooke, Eugena, Megg, Monique, leaving Jaeda & Megan in the bottom two. Tyra notes that they both have short haircuts and both seem strong, however they are both criticized for being ?lost? in the photo shoot. Jaeda receives the final photo, and Megan is eliminated.

    Megan seems let down, but does not cry. She is very surprised that she is leaving this early and wished she was ?more herself? in front of the judges and that she had ?shown more character?. She (very) quickly fades away from the group photo and all of the sudden we find out that Anchal has been named CoverGirl of The Week. Viewer Georgia Thomas said that ?Anchal has such natural beauty?. Yay Anchal!

    Next week, on America?s Next Top Model ? Miss Jay gives the girl?s a tightrope walking lesson and Melrose and Monique are at odds again. Monique threatens to fight her over the phone to her mother. Ohh the drama.

    Drag on young queens, drag on,

    GlitterxGold, RTVG

    All photos came from the magical world of Google and are the property of their respective owners

    For More America's Next Top Model news: SirLinksalot: America's Next Top Model
    Fierce is a State of Mind.

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    haha, psychology really is a hard class... yay that you did good on the test!

    or at least the giant hairdryers of fashion may be blowing in a different direction now, because this cycle seemed to have significantly less chopping
    Have Yourself a Bowl of Bitchy-O?s For Breakfast!
    Yes, GxG actually owns this alarm clock
    Miss Jay look like positively butch in comparison (well, except for the girly braid he?s sporting but yeah
    what, are they best friends now?)
    Wow, that girl?s got more balls than a playland at McDonald?s!
    Caridee proves that she CAN read
    Monique camera whores to us that if people continue to disrespect her that she will ?bust out with another scene like that again?. *the CW network executives clap and cheer and high five each other*
    She is not smiling with her neck or whatever and isn?t giving a lot of emotion
    She looked very drag queen in a red and orange Vegas looking weave. Mr. Jay called her shots ?powerful? and they made him really happy. Hmm
    what a great recap! I love your explanations of the girls performances at the photoshoot

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