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Thread: Survivor Cook Islands Episode 1 - Free the Chickens Because Karma is Abizzle

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    Survivor Cook Islands Episode 1 - Free the Chickens Because Karma is Abizzle

    Survivor Cook Islands Episode 1

    Free the Chickens Because Karma is Abizzle!

    Hi everyone, I know Survivor is not my genre, but I am a fan and I think I am pretty competent in recapping events, so while Apprentice is on hiatus, I figured I would give this show a try! Let’s get the preliminary stuff out of the way. Yes this is Survivor Cook Islands and yes, the tribes this seasons are divided based on their ethnicity. Here is a quick rundown, just in case you missed any of the details:

    Puka Tribe
    (Green Buffs)
    Asian-American Tribe
    Yul Brad Cai Boi Becky Jenny

    Aitu Tribe
    (Red Buffs)
    Latino Tribe
    Ozzy Billy JP Cristina Cecilia

    Hiki Tribe
    (Yellow Buffs)
    African-American Tribe
    Sekou Nate Rebecca Stephannie Sundra

    Raro Tribe
    (Blue Buffs)
    Caucasian Tribe
    Jonathan Adam Candice Jessica Parvati

    Also, for those of you not familiar with the Cook Islands, they are a group of islands in the South Pacific settled south of Hawaii and east of Australia. They are part of the group of islands and culture know as Polynesia.
    On with the Show!

    As the opening credits role our fearless host Jeff Probst announces the beginning of another season. 20 Americans are on a large piratesque ship are told to gather as many supplies from the ship as they can in 2 minutes and jump overboard with the supplies onto rafts that are colored according to their tribes.
    As the soon to be castaways hurry frantically to gather as many bananas, chickens, slings, lanterns, machetes and firewood, we see a chicken fall into the water. Jeff yells to them that someone needs to get that chicken, they are going to want the food. Yul, a member of the Asian-American tribe dives into the water to claim the chicken handing it back to one of the members of his tribe. As the final seconds to gather supplies arrives, Jeff Probst yells to the Survivors to get overboard and we see the last remaining on the ship take the plunge into the water. It is then that we also see Jonathon, member of the Caucasian tribe grab the chicken that the Yul had saved. Yul asks about his chicken as the tribes begin to paddle their rafts, but no one seems to know where it went.

    When we return from the break, we get to hear a little from some of the castaways on their feelings about the tribes being divided along racial lines. Ozzy, member of the Hispanic tribe comments that perhaps the division in tribes will cause more friction, due to their close ethnic ties. Sundra of the African-American tribes is not fazed as she believes this is about Survival, nothing more. Yul, of the Asian-American tribe admits that he is stunned at the tribe division, but admits that this is probably a very interesting social experiment. He does hope that this division doesn’t lead to more generalization of ethnic groups. Parvarti of the Caucasian tribe seems a bit surprised as well, wondering if the division is “kosher” and laughs admitting that it is a cool social experiment.

    Aitu Tribe – Hispanics

    At the Aitu Tribe we see that Billy, the heavy metal enthusiast is ready to start building a shelter. He wants the tribe to map out his instructions and get started. JP tells us he is encouraged by this because Billy doesn’t look like he is in the best of shape. Then we see Billy trying to cut bamboo for their shelter by banging it against a tree, much the same way I suspect he bangs his head at Ozzefest. Ozzy comments that he doesn’t really have much faith in Billy’s execution, as it seems apparent that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Ozzy takes the lead a bit and gets them on the right page and it looks as though they have created a descent shelter. Next we see Ozzy scale a coconut tree and as JP comments, it is much like a scene out of the jungle book as Ozzy is able to grab hold of the coconuts for his tribe. JP comments that Ozzy may be small, but he is definitely an asset because he is athletic. I think the days of using the giant bamboo stalks to hit coconuts out of trees is over, from hence forward I will call it Ozzy’s Technique.

    Puka Tribe – Asian-Amercians

    Over as the Puka tribe settles in Cai Boi (pronounced Cowboy), tells us that the Asian tribe has a big advantage because they can easily fly under the radar because no one suspects little people with slanted eyes to do anything. Last time I checked, the slanted eyes factor was not a key to sliding by in the game of Survivor. Jenny goes on to explain that within the Asian tribe there are ethnic divides as well, as she is Philippine, Becky and Yul are Korean, Brad is Hawaiian/Philippine and Cai Boi is Vietnamese. Then we see Cai Boi chatting at up about stories of yester year and the rest of the tribe smiles at him uncomfortably. Yul tells us that he may have the most difficulty with Cai Boi because he feels the generational gap. Cai Boi then tells us that he is concerned on being on an all Asian tribe because he has never been accepted by the Asian community. Just as this voice-over is happening we see him trudge far into some woods and quickly scrounge the inside of a coconut out and shove it in his mouth. I have to wonder if his table manners might be to blame for him not being accepted?

    Hiki Tribe – African-American

    As Hiki arrives at their camp, they all gather to do a cheer, “Represent, represent, represent!” Stafannie explains that this means they feel the pressure to represent the African-American community well. For the get-go it seems as though Sekou is really leading this group in their efforts to create a shelter. Sundra explains that this game has nothing to do with their tribe being African-American, so much as it has to do with them being city-slickers thrown into the wilderness. After a while try to build a shelter, Sundra declares that they should just thrown some palms onto of the frame and call it a night. Nate chuckles to himself that Sundra’s idea is “ghetto”. Nate then tells us that things are going well, but “black people don’t like to be told what to do and there are a bunch of head strong people around here.” He admits that he is one of them. Sekou tells us that he is the leader and he feels like the tribe has responded and that he thinks he has set a positive tone around camp. Once their shelter is complete, Sekou jokes they have built, “low-income” housing.

    Raro Tribe – Caucasians

    As Raro arrives at their camp, we see that they got quite a bounty of goodies from the ship. Jonathan tells that it might be interesting to watch, but he is not concerned about the tribal splits because in the end if you are the same ethnicity or not, you will still have to backstab the person sitting next to you. Jonathan explains that he grabbed a chicken from the green team, but he just grabbed it because it was free. The group gathers together to toast to their “victory” in claiming so much in supplies from the ship. They pass around a coconut and share in their victory. Next Jessica explains the people in the Caucasian group, telling us that they have a jock, a sorority girl type, the bookworm, the family man and lastly herself, the alternative option. Just then we see Jessica explains that her friends call her Flicka, and Jonathon makes light of the obvious reference to a show called “My Friend Flicka.” Flicka goes to a crate to move it and oh no! The crate was covering the two chickens that they captured on the ship. The tribe runs after the chickens, but alas it’s too late – chickens are fast little runners! Jonathon then explains that the chickens have been lost to the woods and every time he hears them, it drives him crazy. He says that he can forgive Flicka, but he doesn’t have to because she screwed up his chickens. Interestingly enough even the “stolen” chicken got away.

    Camp Life

    The next day at camp Hiki we see that Rebecca and Sundra are bonding and they go off to locate a barrel of water that is somewhere on their camp grounds. They locate it and scream with excitement. The water is full of parasites, but once they have fire they will be able to boil it and keep themselves hydrated for sure! Next Stephannie explains that she has already noticed that Sundra and Rebecca are much closer to each other than she could be with either of them and she is going to keep and eye on that situation. We also get to see Sekou attempt to start a fire with by rubbing 2 pieces of wood against each other. He seems to be doing ok, as a bit of smoke from the friction is created, however he tires quickly and needs to rest for a bit. Stephannie comments on Sekous obvious lack of focus and his need to take frequent breaks, she not pleased at them, but doesn’t say anything to her tribe about.

    Over at Raro, it is twilight and we hear Candice comment on how cold it has gotten out. Candice tells us as they prepare for sleep that she has slept really close to Adam because he is the biggest guy there and blocks the wind. She goes on to say how fit he is and that he is also quite handsome, so perhaps keeping warm is not her only excuse for snuggling up to Adam at night. Adam then explains that having hot girls around camp makes the island more bearable and he is particularly attracted to Candice. Parvarti tells us that Adam is nice enough to try to take care of Candice as she is a sweet little girl and she has noticed the snuggling and she thinks that romance is in the air.

    On day 3, we arrive at the Puka camp to see Cai Boi and Brad up early and talking. Brad explains that he has a headache and attributes it to sea sickness. Cai Boi tells him to sit down, as he has just the cure for him.
    Cai Boi explains that Brad didn’t have a normal headache, he had what is known in Vietnamese as a “Bad Wind.” Cai Boi then proceeds to pull the “Bad Wind” out of Brad by pushing his forehead around and developing a red slash mark right between Brad’s eyes. The rest of the tribe is wondering what happened to Brad’s head, but he explains that he doesn’t have a headache anymore. Yul then tells us that he wrote Cai Boi off as a cuck before, but he now sees that he does have some bits of useful knowledge. Judging by the scratch that appears to be on Yul’s nose, it looks as though Cai Boi plucked a “Bad Wind” right out of his nose.

    The Aitu tribe is shown getting tree mail and it announces a combined reward and immunity challenge. Billy tells us that he is excited for the challenge and believes they can win, however if they don’t it won’t be the end of the world, only the start of the game.

    Reward/Immunity Challenge

    Jeff welcomes the tribes and first asks about their marooning and the chickens.
    He asks Yul what happened to his chicken. Yul points to Jonathon of Raro and says that he took his chicken. Jonathon acts dumb-founded and blames the theft on being caught up in the moment and makes a weak apology to Yul. Jeff moves on and explains that the 3 tribes to complete the challenge first will receive immunity from Tribal Council and also a flint to start fire. He then shows them that the tribe that comes in first will receive the ultimate fire-starting kit, which contains water-proof matches, kindling and kerosene, finally stating that if they can’t start a fire with that stuff they need to pack it in right now. He then says that there is a twist to the challenge that he will reveal once the challenge is over.

    Jeff then goes over the challenge and explains that each tribe has a puzzle boat that they must assemble using the 7 braces that they will lock in. Then the tribes will paddle their boats to a barrel that has fire and they will light a torch and then paddle back to the beach.
    When they get back to the beach they have to take the braces off the boat and race uphill to another puzzle. This puzzle consists of 4 compass points and the tribes with have to put together the puzzle blocks and then take the braces from the boat to create the rungs of a ladder to reach the top of a platform. On their way up the ladder they have to place the appropriate puzzle pieces in the compass and finally all the members of the tribe must reach the platform and light the fire under their tribe flag with their torch.

    On your mark, get set go – the tribes are off! Nate of Hiki and Ozzy of Aitu seems to be the fastest of the bunch, but as the groups get together, Aitu and Puka gets their boats together the fastest. Raro is lagging, but Hiki can’t seem to get their boat together at all. Aitu and Puka are neck and neck as they head back to the beach. Raro’s paddling stinks and Hiki is still putting their boat together. Aitu had a lead going into the race to the puzzle, but Billy can’t seem to make it uphill without the aid of pulling himself up using the red marker mat.
    Puka makes quick business of the compass parts and is easily able to scale to the platform and light their torch, winning. Aitu is soon to follow. Raro is back putting together their puzzle pieces, but has a difficult time allowing Hiki to catch up a bit. They finally get them together and start to climb, but forget to bring the compass puzzle with them and must go back, giving Hiki another opportunity to sneak in. Hiki however can’t get their puzzle together either. Raro is the final team to light their torch and Hiki is the tribe left without immunity.

    Jeff hands out the flint and gives each of the 3 winning tribes a piece of the 3 part immunity idol. Then he reveals the twist to the challenge and announces that the losing tribe is able to send 1 member of any of the other tribes to Exile Island for a lovely 2 night stay. He also states that hidden on the island somewhere is an immunity idol. With that the men of Hiki come together and announce that they want to choose the Chicken thief Jonathon to send to Exile Island, as Nate explain, “Karma is Abizzle.” Jonathon seems shocked, Jeff hands him the clue book for the idol and he is quickly swept off by a boat waiting to take him away.

    Exile Island

    Jonathon is dropped off at Exile Island and from the looks of it, it's not a happening place. The actual island itself is know as "Nude Island", as no doubt before the Survivor crew came along, it was only a mass of sand.
    Jonathon realizes that it was because he took Yul's chicken that the African-American tribe choose to send him there. I am thinking he's right, since that is exactly what just happened. He opens the clue book for the idol and reads the following clue, pictured. Jonathan thinks that making the top grade is to make an "A" and he goes to the mass and stretches out his arms and starts to dig a little, but comes up empty. He then moans about how cold and miserable Exile Island is and how much he misses his wife and kids. I hope he makes it through the night...

    Pre-Tribal Council Strategizing

    All three girls are gathered together and they realize that no one is really to blame for their loss, but they want to stick together as women. At the same time Nate and Sekou talk and figure out that this is exactly what the women will do.
    They believe that they only way to save one of them is to get Stefannie to come to their side. Sekou decides he will be the one to pitch the idea to her. He approaches her and tells her that the other 2 girls are really, really tight and as soon as the guys are gone, she's the next to go. Sekou also talks of how valuable he is and that they need him to make fire, to which Stefannie smartly replies that they don't have fire yet. Sekou tries to explain that they won't be able to keep the fire going with out him and I think to myself why not? Oh well, he is trying and it seems as though Stefannie catches onto to what he's saying and is really going to have a difficult time deciding with way to go. The other women decide that because of Sekou's leadership and the teams lack of "getting it together" they will vote him out, as the men say that Sundra is the weakest link and needs to go. So with the vote still up in the air, they head off to Tribal Council.

    Tribal Council

    The Hiki tribe arrives to Tribal Council and takes their torches and lights them. Jeff asks his usual array of probing questions. He wants to know who stepped up as a leader and Rebecca speaks up to say yes Sekou did.
    Sekou believes that he just went with what he knew and they all worked together well. Jeff asks Nate what the nature of the tribe is and Nate, in true Paegant style states that he's a part of a beautiful group of people and he loves it. Next Jeff wants to know the burning question that's on everyone's mind, how is the ethnic division working out in the game. The tribe laughs and Jeff probes further and wants to know why it's so funny. Nate responds that they really have the pressure of representing for their people because they have been "put under the light like that". Jeff moves along and wants to know from Sundra, with only 5 people in the tribe, what did she notice as far as divisions. Sundra explains that she and Rebecca bonded instantly and that the guys bonded as well. Sundra also says that women are going to stick with women and Stephannie is a part of them, to which Stephannie agrees. Stephannie knows she's the odd man out, but she states that they are all still together.
    Jeff asks Rebecca how they will base their vote this early on and she says that they need to look over the last few days and see where they were weak and pick the person that contributed the most to that weakness.

    Next the tribe is off to vote. Sekou casts his vote for Sundra stating that she is the weakest link. Sundra in turn casts her vote for Sekou stating that is a sweet, sweet man, but she felt this was the best decision at this point. Jeff returns to tally the votes and reads them aloud - 2 votes against Sundra and 3 against Sekou. Sekou brings forth his torch and Jeff extinguishes it. Nate looks crestfallen at that moment, but as soon as Sekou is out of camera shot, Jeff offers up a flint since they have now been to tribal council and gives them the ability to make fire. I have to wonder though, if they have their torches as they leave, don't they already have fire?
    Who cares about a flint, that's a lot of work!

    Sekou after boot interview is very nice and he explains that he felt he had a strong effect on his tribe and he hopes that it will carry them further in the game. He ends by saying, "My torch may be out, but my flame is still burning."

    Next week on Survivor: Cai Boi jokes get no laughs and Billy's slacking may lead to Aitu going to drastic measures.

    Thanks for reading and look for the recap of the next episode shortly!

    For More Survivor news: SirLinksalot: Survivor Cook Islands

    (Pictures obtained from the Survivor Cook Island Website and and are property of CBS)

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    Great job, Erika! Thanks for the recap

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    Great Job on your first Survivor Recap Erika!

    The Recap was definitly very detailed! It summed up the episode perfectly! Great Job!!

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    Great job, Erika!!

    Fun to read, and, as always, excellent choice of pics... did you make the tribe postcards? Great work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by toque
    Fun to read, and, as always, excellent choice of pics... did you make the tribe postcards? Great work!
    Thanks toque I actually did make them - your photoshop tutorial created quite a photoshopping nut in me, so thank you!

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    Free the Chickens indeed! Great recap Erika! I look forward to reading them throughout the season. Love your graphics!
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    Great Read! It's almost like seeing the episode... I love the pictures and the one that explains where it was, but the great shot of the Exile Isle is a great one! fun times... I also like the overhead of the TC area...

    Love the comment about the torches and fire.. Though the flint scene is next episode... they must take them away or they are just really really dumb

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    omg, that was so great and intriguing erika, loved it

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    Erika I just started reading the recap and I have to say, it's awesome. Great job, very talented people here at RTVG.
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