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Thread: 10/23/11 Episode Discussion "I Feel Like I'm in the Circus (Bangkok, Thailand)"

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    10/23/11 Episode Discussion "I Feel Like I'm in the Circus (Bangkok, Thailand)"

    Starts in a few minutes in most of Eastern/Central time zones. Some areas may have a time delay.

    Still eight teams remaining.
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    Lord I seriously hope Jennifer and her bro get some penalty for taking a picture !! I dont want Liz and Marie to leave

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    Could this season go any worse....the best teams all leaving early -_- turning out to be one of the worst seasons.

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    My favorites have left every week. Bill & Cathi are the only ones left I'm rooting for

    I'm beginning to like Jennifer & Justin though.

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    all my faves are gone (Survivors, twins, vegas girls, gay couple) only leaving Earnie and Cindy I still think Jennifer and Justin should have gotten a penalty for taking a photo...I dont find it fair for the others :L

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    The Bangkok part of this leg is so random. It's like it's made in the last minute.
    And is it really necessary for Andy & Tommy to talk about being Christian while doing the 2nd roadblock. Seriously.
    Probly, one of my least like leg of the whole TAR series.
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    Liz and Marie


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    sad episode ws hoping that liz and marie could pull it off.

    Hating the dad and son more and more.

    LOL I literally lol'ed at Cathis face when she found out they came in second, or when phil told the footballers they were first and her over on the side was epic, someone should make a gif of it :P


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    lol @ the lady teaching the class

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    Bill & Cathi FTW. HANDS DOWN. ♥ I need their GIFs ;'D ♥

    I really don't like this episode, even though they're in Thailand. It's so random and unnecessary. I heard there's issues about moving to another country so they are forced to do another leg here. ♥


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    Liz and Marie!!! I was so disappointed they didn't make it!

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