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Thread: Week 6 Photoshoot: Coco Rocha Photo Shoot *SPOILERS*

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    allison is the only one that looks like a model next to coco. aside from her -- these girls look like trash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alyse View Post
    allison is the only one that looks like a model next to coco. aside from her -- these girls look like trash.

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    Lisa and Dom did the best. Damn, I don't like Dom but she has performed really well the last 3 shoots.

    Alex reminds me of that movie White Chicks. You know, the one about drag queens...

    How is Laura in that position?

    Kayla looks short. Bre is boring and another profile. I'm guessing one of the two will go.

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    I'm completely appalled right now. Dominique is once again my favorite. I think she's the only one who comes close to outshining Coco. Lisa is also fantastic in that shot.

    But I'm disappointed with these pictures. I was expecting a much better outcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alyse View Post
    allison is the only one that looks like a model next to coco. aside from her -- these girls look like trash.
    I second this. Although Dominique looks good too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daggertrepe View Post
    Coco did the best tbh

    Disappointing shoot.

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    You're so lame
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    I'm not impressed with the girls or Coco. I blame the cheap camera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LVishere View Post
    I'm not impressed with the girls or Coco. I blame the cheap camera.
    I blame the stupid concept. You get a chance to shoot with Coco, and then you're doing a stupid photoshoot like this. Like wth.

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    As expected, Coco looks stunning in every shot

    I actually like Bianca and Shannon's group photo the best.

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    The Good
    1. Dom "the Man" ique. She has had way to many chances and I would not be happy if she won, but she pulled it out on this pic.
    2. Allison. Plain and simple, it fits. She looks like Coco's minion and prodigy in this pic.
    3. Angelea. She is just about the only one who pulled off the emotion. All the rest just look like bad acting.
    The Middle
    4.Laura. Lol
    The Bad
    5. Kayla. Not horrible, not good.
    6. Shannon. Uninspiring.
    7. Bianca. She went for the Ugly/Ugly face.
    8. Alexandria. Bad acting, bad acting, bad acting.

    Double elimination.

    Bre. She scrunched herself, her right hand looks like the guy's hand off of scary movie 2, and it's the same profile shot she always does(But with her eyes closed). Poor girl.

    Lisa. Same old mouth open "daring" crap. It looks like she is having a baby or something. Also, get your hands off of Coco's crotch that ain't for you.

    (Really, if they make me want them to go home over Shannon, they must be doing something wrong. I'm gladly putting my dislike for Shannon on hold this coming week.)

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    I think the concept will be like this:
    "The contestants want to be real top models and fight against Coco Rocha to get the throne" - in a bar :D

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    This is actually the worst Coco's ever looked, for most of these shots. She still looks better than pretty much all the ANTM girls, but considering it's freaking Coco Rocha? Disappointing. It was a really cool concept (or at least, if it was supposed to be a model bar-fight) but it failed to deliver on just about every level. I think Dominique and Allison look great individually, and both of their group shots work well. Laura makes me giggle. Of course they'll send the petite flying in the air!

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    Coco looks the best in each shot, but she does have the easiest job.

    Bianca's is bad to me, and I'm sad to say I don't like Shannon's. Biance is randomly raising one leg and it looks stupid. Bre and Alexandria look bad as well. I love Allison's, Angelea's, Dominique's, Lisa's and Kayla's.

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    1. Dominique & Lisa
    2. Angelea & Laura
    3. Allison & Kayla
    4. Bre & Alexandria
    5. Bianca & Shannon

    1. Lisa
    2. Laura
    3. Dominique
    4. Angelea
    5. Allison
    6. Kayla
    7. Shannon
    8. Bre
    9. Alexandria
    10. Bianca

    Bianca looks cool, but seems rather disconnected from the shot. Alexandria looks cheesy in hers, but I almost like it for the camp factor. My top 5 look like stills from a movie.
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    I'm sorry but I still can't at Alex's shot! CTFU at her face and body lookin' like she on the cover of Hustler!

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    My call out order
    1. Dominique- By a mile. Hands down the best of the bunch, the only one in all the pictures besides coco that still looks like a model in the face and still conveying that angry message that needed to be portrayed in this photo. MAYBE THIS IS BECAUSE everyone else had their MOUTHS OPEN SO WIDE. *Disturbing*Everyone else was mediocre to plain horrible, and Dominique is not my favorite of this cycle so let me put that out there.

    2. Alexandria, The least dreckitude of the bunch, And I hate Alexandria I want her to go home she is not a model to me.

    3 Shannon- If the face wasnt horrible I would pay more attention to her pose which I really like for this photo

    4. Angelea- Not great I dont like the pose as much as I like some of the other girls I put below her she is just scrawled up on the floor, but with the interaction with Coco its believable

    5. Allison - Again this is believable, I think Allison would flee from a fight so I get thats what she is trying to do, but she must remember her money maker is her eyes so they need to be in everyshot

    6. Lisa- Im a big Lisa fan, I dont think shes a model personally but she is entertaining. She finally loooks her age, When I saw her for the first time I thought she was 30 now she is. But this is okay the pose is a little overexaggerated but its not the worst

    7. Bianca - Why are my faves doing so poorly. If it wasnt that I think ive seen this from Bianca before in her first photoshoot It would be higher, but in all honesty I might be thinking of the pose from the phony photo they released before hand

    8. Laura- Laura she can go I didnt think her photo was the best last week and this photo looks extremly fake, I have no clue if shes falling or what and thats not her fault its how they edited it but its horribly fake

    9. Bre- oh Bre darling, you have anger inside of you we've seen and you bring this fake stuff to the table its horrible. The pose is okay but what are you doing. running dont get it at all, and who messed your hair up, it sucks, Tyra youre black get someone who knows how to do black girls hair.

    10 Kayla- That pose sucked made her look minature, and she hasnt been doing the greatest in this cycle, I hope she doesnt go though for some reason I have been in love with Kayla since her audition, love her personality and think she is probably the most model like- facial features wise.

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