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Thread: Your Top Runway Looks of All Stars 4

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    Your Top Runway Looks of All Stars 4

    Say what you will about the challenges or final outcome this season, but All Stars 4 had some pretty incredible runways. Feel free to post your favorite looks from the season below!


    My personal top 10 looks of the season:


    Super simple, but Valentina doing a Selena tribute during a girl group challenge just feels so right. And the styling with the updo with the curl and the hoop earrings was just perfect, as well.


    Quintessential Naomi; it may not have been something we've never seen before, but it just flaunts her figure so well (and made for an iconic lipsync).


    With this look, she *actually* made brown cow...STUNNING. The structure and silhouette is incredible, so much so that I don't think it needed to be brown cow if I'm being perfectly honest, but nonetheless it's easily my favorite look from Monique this season.


    Unpopular opinion, but I thought this look was really unexpected and beautifully put together. I loved that Valentina came in serving up pure fashion (here paying tribute to a recent Saint Laurent collection), but it was the details of the fur-lined gloves and matching shoes along with the feather bunny ears that really made this look so graphic and chic, almost like a fashion illustration come to life.


    By far, one of the coolest, edgiest head-to-toe looks this season. From the actual construction of the boots and bodysuit with the scalloped edges to that weird, kinetic marble print and THAT WIG, there were curves and swerves in every element of this look.


    I'm sure a lot of people would actually rank this look higher. It was truly one of the first jaw-dropping, gag-worthy looks served this season and is pure, unfiltered eleganza. I love the smoky gray palette, the pattern of the stoning (the armpit stones were everything), and loved Manila in that silver wig. I sort of wish the hem in the front wasn't raised and overall this is a bit too traditional glamorama for my personal taste, but it's truly a look that will go down in the history books.


    GAG! Latrice got a lot of heat for her runways this season, but baby when it's right, it's right. This was the look for her first episode after being brought back into the competition and boy, did it prove that she was back with a vengeance. After killing the club challenge and serving us that beautiful beehive updo, this look was really the cherry on top of this episode which proved she had more up her sleeve than she was given credit for. Probably my favorite Latrice look ever because it's so out of her usual gig, that shape in the waist is perfection, and you know she was dying sweating up a storm under there, thereby really showing her commitment to being back.


    Compared to her run on S10, I felt so proud watching how well Monet ended up slaying the runway this season. While I really liked her Elegance After Dark and Final runways as well, this one really grew on me and ended up being a standout for the whole season. It's clearly very inspired by Rihanna's Met Gala look, but I like that she didn't do a blatant recreation (ŕ la Kimora Blac at the S9 finale) and made it her own. The beading looks exquisite, the reveal of the bleeding heart underneath the cape made for a nice touch, and I loved the simple red eye and the little curl of hair poking out from beneath the mitre. Oh, and the fact that she walked on the cape as her own carpet was both funny and pretty fierce to me.


    This was their last chance to serve up a look and miss Naomi certainly delivered. On paper, I don't think this would work on anyone else: tiers of bedazzled purple satin poufs over a rhinestoned, hooded mesh bodysuit, worn with a jaunty hat and no wig. Somehow, though, all pieced together and worn on Naomi's endless, elegant limbs, I was gagged. Again, she's serving up a very clear fashion reference (Carson clocked Vuitton, but it's actually Galliano for Dior couture), but taking it to such a fresh, modern place by using the mesh and going wigless. And, of course, the tearaway into the little bodysuit was perhaps a bit expected, but legs are basically 50% of her brand and she looked fabulous, so who can blame her?

    ...and without further ado, #1:

    For me, Trinity was the undisputed runway queen this season and yet, still managed to save the best for last. Though she's a pageant girl at her roots, her looks really served true fashion this season, from her Prada-esque entrance look to this stunning, Guo Pei-inspired gown. My favorite looks are typically ones that play with structure, volume, and create interesting silhouettes, which the architectural, oversized ruffle peplum detail on this gown certainly accomplishes. And what's so great about Trinity is that she's proven she's waaay more than just a look queen and is able to serve up super memorable comedy performances (save for the roast this With this look, I loved that she gave what looked like super sophisticated, beautiful fashion and then with a quick tearaway, ended up serving a subtle nod to comedic camp with the teacups. Part of me wishes the hair was a little more stylized and maybe a different color, but I can't help be won over by the sheer beauty and technical construction of the garment. A true winning look!

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    Some of Trinity's, Val's and Naomi's.

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    Your anus <3


    This was the moment, can you also believe that she has blonde wig there. Ugh, her mind.

    Same top-5.

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    Wow, didn't even notice Naomi's wig under the hat in the final episode! Great taste, btw

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    Monét, Naomi, Trinity <3

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