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Thread: Your thoughts on the 'Big Brother: All Star' Season

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlitterxGold
    I gave it a 6. Boogie & Erika in the final two slammed it down several points for me, but it was entertaining nonetheless.
    Yes, that did slam down points for me as well. I still believe that either, Janelle, Will, or Danielle should have been in the final 2. Janelle and Will preferrably, but Danielle would have not have upset me the slightest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobpickle
    I found that there was definetly something contrived about this season. Everyone seemed to say Chill Town were amazingly good players and manipulaters and yet no one nominated them at all. I found that hard to believe.
    I think that may have been a result because they all truly believed Chill Town was alligned with them. When you come into the house, you look for an alliance, and naturally you try to allign with strong players. With contestants as appealing as Will, I bet he could talk a lot of people into many different things.

    I personally don't think this aspect of the game was staged. I just think the other houseguests were just not thinking. You never know though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davis_Rocks
    I don't see how the game could be all staged when people have the Live Feeds. Like we do see it all happen. Maybe they could be acting, but I doubt it.

    I personally think everything in the house is real and nothing is staged, THOUGH I do think that Big Brother sways competitions putting in ones they know some of them will win. But even if, the person still needs to win it.

    I don't know, does anyone else feel Big Brother is staged?
    I don't think Big Brother is staged at all. It would be really stupid and there would be no point in the live feeds...especially if you have to pay for them. I just don't see BB being staged. They just have the camera's that watch them. Of course though, if something were to ever happen really badly like someone had got seriously injured, they would have some sort of AID there immediately and somewhat close nearby.

    But no, I don't believe it's a staged show.
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    Nakomis said it best.. Janelle and Dr Will should have been Final two... but based on who did make it, I think Boogie winning was probably the best.. but I feel this was anti-climatic, but I still maintain my score of an 8.. it's as good as it was going to get with the final two we did have..

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    Well I agree with you, Jahim. Looking back on it now, Boogie was more confident with his Q&A and he seemed to say what the people wanted to hear and he made Danielle and Howie smile. Stuff like that. Erika just made the jury shake their heads at her answers. I just think it was a no-brainer from there. Erika lost because she couldn't answer with simple logic.
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    I was disapointed Mike won. Even though Erika's game play was not good, was Mike's realy that great either? Plus he was awful to Erika pretending to like her, and then what he said? I think neither of them deserved the money, but if someone did, Erika should have because she wasn't as bad as Mike. Though I still think Janelle should have won , at least she won the 25 K from the public

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    My thoughts....
    thank god it's finally over.
    trainwreck. painful, but unable to stop watching/reading.

    The 'xxx'mance with J/W was about the only saving grace for this season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkwdood
    My thoughts....
    thank god it's finally over.
    trainwreck. painful, but unable to stop watching/reading.

    The 'xxx'mance with J/W was about the only saving grace for this season.
    I don't think this season was THAT bad.

    Oh, but I do love the Janelle/Will thing that went on. Even if it was 'playing eachother'...I think they will come together and create something new if you know what I mean

    No, I'm totally kidding. But hey, I'm allowed to dream
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