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Thread: Your Best 10 and Worst 5 Photoshoots of ANTM

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    Your Best 10 and Worst 5 Photoshoots of ANTM

    We had so many good and bad photo shoot so far, so it isn't hard to rank, is it? Not includes commercial nor stupid motion editorial.

    Post here:
    BEST 10:

    WORST 5:

    Mine are:
    BEST 10:
    1. Fierce Eyes Above Water (cycle 11) - My favorite photo shoot of all-time. I love how simple shoot like this could turn to great results, and every girl has at least a good photo (maybe only Isis didn't). The first three were amazing, and the rest (exclude Isis) are good.
    2. CoverGirl Shot (cycle 3) - No doubt, the best CoverGirl shot in any ANTM cycles ever. All the photos are great, especially Amanda's and Eva's.
    3. Carmen Miranda (cycle 12) - Really reflecting the style of Carmen Miranda, the setting were great and -most of- the results looked good.
    4. Fuerzabruta (cycle 10) - Easily the most artistic photo shoot ANTM ever done. And in contrast, the shoot produce the best photo from the cycle (Fatima) and the worst photo from the cycle (Lauren).
    5. CoverGirl Shot (cycle 15) - Second best CoverGirl of ANTM, this is a great example for a great simple shoot. Both of Ann and Chelsey did really good.
    6. Crime Scene Victims (cycle 8) - Every photos looked good, and the eliminated photo even wasn't that bad. And they really looked like corpses. Beautiful corpses.
    7. Spaniard Bullfighting (cycle 7) - Simply, nobody did bad in this shoot. They all looked beautiful but still bullfighting.
    8. Hot Air Balloon (cycle 11) - Great idea. My only compliment was they were shot too far, so a few photos looked the same.
    9. Solstice Sunglasses (cycle 2) - A great shoot for an advertisement, and most of the results were great (at least, for me). Shandi rocks!
    10. Floating Nymphs (cycle 7) - Everybody looks soooo beautiful, and the idea was great.

    WORST 5:
    1. Natural Disasters (cycle 11) - No, just NO! Traffic Jam and Blackout is NOT a natural disaster, and how could one of the worst photo is FCO?
    2. CoverGirl Shot (cycle 16) - How could a VERY SIMPLE photo shoot could turn to no good photo at all? (Molly's good, but nowhere as good as the past CoverGirl photos.)
    3. Fallen Angels (cycle 15) - To quote Tyra, there were only five good photos from this shoot, and the rest (SEVEN!) are hilariously bad.
    4. CoverGirl in Space (cycle 7) - The most ridiculous photo shoot from A.N.T.M. E.V.E.R.! And to be fair, nobody did good.
    5. Backstage of a Fashion Show (cycle 16) - The idea was actually great, and they were shoot by Russell James. But the results are seriously heinous. Some girls get a beauty shot, some get a group shot, some get a profile shot, some are shot too far away, some are shot too close, some are blurred, some are taken when they weren't aware, and some are taken when they were obviously posing for the camera. Really bad choices.
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    BEST 10:
    1. Fuerzaburta (C10) - my favourite NTM photoshoot of all time
    2. Hot Air Balloon (C11)
    3. Kloofing (C4)
    4. Exotic Birds (C12)
    5. Swimwear for Men's/Women's Magazines (C8)
    6. Matadors (C7)
    7. Windmill Couture (C11)
    8. 7 Deadly Sins (C4)
    9. Side-effects of Smoking (C9)
    10. Bee Beauty Shots (C16)

    WORST 5:
    1. CoverGirl in Space (C7)
    2. Four Personalities (C8)
    3. Genres of Dance (C14)
    4. Romance Novels (C7)
    5. Ugly-Pretty Victorians (C14)

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    worst 5:

    1. vampire shoot c14
    2. body paint c2
    3. fiercy awards c11
    4. nude sweets c8
    5. wild boyz shoot c5

    top 10:

    1. beauty shots w/ snakes c1
    2. bullying shoot c15
    3. camel shoot c16
    4. covergirl b&w c10
    5. fuerza bruta c10
    6. sheep shoot in nz c14
    7. great wall shoot c9
    8. gondola shoot c15
    9. beauty shots w/ bees c16
    10. hapa shoot c13

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    1. (C8) Crime Scene Victims - My favorite of all time. Everyone looked amazing.
    2. (C6) Bald Photo shoot - It produced some of the best antm shoots like sarah's Nnenna's dani's and ofc joanie's are unforgettable ones.
    3. (C13) Ninja Shoot - I loved everything about it, styling, staging just everything!
    4. (C10) Fuerza Bruta - Those photos are pieces of art
    5. (C16) Landfill Couture - There were many great photo shoots in C16 but this one stood out for me. I loved Cinco's dresses everything screamed Drama and high fashion on the set.
    6. (C11) Swimsuit shots - In whole Antm history I think C11 produced best swimsuit shots.
    7. (C12) Exotic Birds - Maybe it didn't produce contestants' best photos but it certainly was a best photo shoot of the cycle.
    8. (C15) Venice Gondola shoot / (C16) Morrocan Love story - Best romance shoots. I love both of them.
    9. (C9) Great wall shots - Once again tyra did an amazing job in creating whole story. Even Salesiha looked good. However Jenah stood out for me.
    10. (C4) Shoot with the crocodile - Loved all girls' make-up.

    5.(C1) Sexy Lingerie shoot - None of the photos sold the product. Very weak shoot for top 5
    4. (C15) Super Heroes - Imho it was a very tacky photo shoot. Only Ann's photo kinda stood out for me.
    3. (C8) Nude Candy shots - I didn't like anything about those photos, mainly I hated dominating pink color and the staging.
    2. (C9) Different types of Plants - Ew, Just ew, none of the girls looked that good in those photos.
    1. (C7) Cover Girl in Space - Such a pointless photo shoot. It didn't show any of girl's capabilities.

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    Top 10 in random order

    1. Fuerza Bruta (C10) - Produced some of the best shots of C10
    2. Kloofing (C4) - Amazing concept and the result was incredible
    3. Hot Air Ballon (C11) - The concept was fab even if all the results werent
    4. Naked with Custo Barcelona (C14) - The result was
    5. Great Wall of China (C9) - It produced HF shots ! Great job
    6. Eco-Couture (C16) - I actually love all about this shoot.
    7. Types of Candy (C8) - some may find it tacky but I just loved the results
    8. Farm Couture (C5) - Amazing !!
    9. CoverGirl (C3) - Eva and Amanda shined in the best CG shoot ever
    10. Fabric wear (C13) - It was amazing beauty result

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