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Thread: Survivor: The Chain Reaction 2 - The Finale

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    The Winner

    Hello castaways and welcome to the final vote which will determine the winner of Survivor: The Chain Reaction 2. After sixteen weeks of competition we are left with three deserving castaways, Estquer, Sir Bitter, and Uno. Let's get to the vote...

    Estquer - Uno - Sir Bitter

    Estquer - 3
    Uno - 2
    Sir Bitter - 1

    Estquer - Bitter - Uno

    Estquer - 6
    Sir Bitter - 3
    Uno - 3


    Estquer - Sir Bitter - uno

    Estquer - 9
    Sir Bitter - 5
    Uno - 4


    Estquer first, because he has played a great game and I think he deserves it the most. uno second, because he played a good game and I respect him for being honest and straightforward. Sir Bitter third, because I just think his answers were too Miss America pageant perfect and I just don't feel that it is real (I could be wrong though, but that's just how I see it).

    Estquer - Uno - Sir Bitter

    Estquer - 12
    Sir Bitter - 6
    Uno - 6


    uno - estquer - sir bitter

    Estquer - 14
    Uno - 9
    Sir Bitter - 7


    uno - Estquer - Sir bitter

    Estquer - 16
    Uno - 12
    Sir Bitter - 8


    Estquer - Uno - Sir Bitter

    Estquer - 19
    Uno - 14
    Sir Bitter - 9

    That means the winner of Survivor: The Chain Reaction 2 is...

    Congrats to our winner and thank you all for participating in Survivor: The Chain Reaction 2.

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    I don't even know what to say, at all... I never thought I would win an AIW game and especially not after I self-destructed so badly (and hilariously!) in the original season

    It means so much to me to win this game and I'm so thankful that I had a second chance at this game because it was something I was really hopeful for!

    First of all, thank you Uno & Sir Bitter for putting up such a great fight! After reading your answers I thought that I would probably lose. You both would have been amazing winners because you worked so hard every week to get to the end. Sir Bitter, especially, for being my closest ally - I really appreciate all of the strategizing we did together and that you decided to go with me in the end. I definitely couldn't have done it without you and I'm sad that you made the finals twice but didn't win either time

    Thank you to the jury! You were all great competitors and I'm truly honored that you chose me in the end. This game was so incredibly challenging, and it was because you and all the other players were so competitive in all the challenges. I had a blast playing with every single one of you and I look forward to our future games on RTVG!

    Finally, I have to thank AIW for hosting another amazing game. Every single one of your games that I've played in has been extremely organized, smooth, and consistent. You are an extremely fair and effective host, which makes for a very high-quality experience. Though I constantly complain about the celebrity challenges in every single game, I've finally gotten better about them so I think I'm going to have to stop with the bitching . I know you're really busy but I sincerely hope you have more games planned for us

    Once again, thank you everyone! I had a blast

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    Holy ****, second place! I expected Sir Bitter to win. I'm glad I got second. Congrats, Estquer.

    Thanks, RlyKewl & Okashi for putting my first. Fun game, indeed. Thanks, AIW.






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    Congrats Estquer! I knew you would win in the end! Honestly I would have been happy no matter how this final vote turned out because you both are worthy winners

    Thanks again to AIW for another AMAZING game! Once again you proved how fantastic of a host you are. And thanks to everyone else who played in the game and made it so fun!

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    Congrats Est! I'm happy to see you win Great game by uno and Sir Bitter as well, you guys did awesome!

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    Congratulations Estquer! , and to the runner up too for making a last into an almost first , and Sir Bitter too, you played an amazing game . Great game AIW! I knew your games rocked but being in one is so nice .

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    Congrats Estquer. You're in good company!!!

    Survivor Chain Reaction winnars right here.

    The Nerve RTVGWiki

    Thanks Estquer and Thomnom!

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