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Thread: Episode 11 Photoshoot: Outdoor Moroccan Market Shoot

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    Brittani looks like a ssssnake.
    Alexandria's eyes look fierce, and I like the motion. However, she STILL hasn't figured out how not to pout? Also the tension has her looking older than the other guys.
    Hannah looks like a young Helen Mirren to is a natural shot, and good enough...certainly not bad...but at this point in the competition I can see her getting eliminated for it.
    Molly's pose is a bit 101...but it looks good, her face looks great to me. And you do see this type of 101 hand on the hip pose in a lot of fashion magazines still.

    I am not sure what my callout order would be, since I think I would rely a lot on how 'well' they performed throughout the shoot. But I have to say I would probably go with
    Hannah (I would save her because she has a look that is more fresh, she did well last week, and has a better portfolio than Alexandria.)
    Alexandria (out, She pouts too much, she doesn't look fresh, and her portfolio has had too many weak photos compared to the othere three girls - the faux fur shoot, the mud shoot, the the shopaholics shoot, and her shoot last week.)

    However, it is obvious that Alexandria will be saved and Hannah will be eliminated.

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    OMG I don't care some of Y'll think this sucks and because some of Y'll hating no matter what . So just Zip it
    1. Brit - amazing !
    2. Alex - fierce
    3. Molly
    4. Hannah - so fish out of water

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    0. A good photo
    1. Molly
    2. Brittani
    3. Alexandria
    4. Hannah

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    It's clear that Hannah has the worst one. Other three are going neck and neck for me. It's hard to choose my favorite out of three. The three photos got the different elements that I really love.
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    1.Brittani (she looks so mysterious and intriguing )
    2.Molly (Awesome as always :D)
    3.Alexandria (still looks good )
    4.Hannah (Really flat picture )
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    1. Molly: She has such a natural intensity in her face that I love. Something tells me the judges aren't going to like the pose, but I like the simplicity of it. As a whole, I think this image is the most successful for this week.

    2. Alexandria: Her face is to die for in this picture. I love that the frame almost captures a moment in time, rather than a posed stance, like Molly's. Probably one of my favorite pictures of Alexandria.

    3. Brittani: I think the judges are going to love it, but I find it underwhelming. I would have liked to see a little more of her face and a little more intensity. She's awkwardly leaning against a wall with this strange expression that reads, "I just farted."

    4. Hannah: Probably her weakest shot to date. She doesn't wear the hair and makeup that well, nor is her pose or expression particularly inspiring, or flattering, for that matter. Frankly, it's disappointing.

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    I don't like any of the others

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    Alex always have that tension in the eyes+mouth.
    I don't get it. Same facial expression every week.

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    I'm hoping for a Molly-Brit F2

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    Is it me or Alex's head looks huge in her photo?
    Brittani did the best for me,but i was expecting something more impressive from a final 4 photoshoot.

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    Once again, disappointing results. Not because of the models but because of the photography. :|

    My COO

    1. Molly
    2. Brittani
    3. Alexandria
    4. Hannah - we all knew she was going to leave this week, but damn, did they really have to choose such a bad photo? :\
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    underwhelming. the styling and direction is pretty average.

    1. Molly's is the best. Great body language. Probably had the best set to work with.

    2. Brit's I like, the half face thing sort of works and sort of doesn't for me.

    3. Alex.. Don't like the tight mouth thing she's doing, it could've been great.

    4.Hannah.. Worst shot.. But I don't believe this is her best shot.. It looks like a backstage photo :/

    The judges obviously want her to go home for more dynamic characters in the final.

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    I think Hannah's is the worst so I kind of "tried" to "make it better"

    EDIT: Mind the little stub arm! ^^ it was quick


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    I think week after week, Brittani has (mostly) shown amazing versatility, and this week just reinforces that opinion.

    I love her ability to be mysterious and make you want to know more about her. I saw this in the 4-brunette shoot (sexy mysterious) and now in this shoot (innocent mysterious).

    As far as the amputee look, well, blame Tyra for picking that picture. It would not surprise me if there were other good ones but that Tyra liked her expression in this one and so picked it. (Of course, I could be wrong.)

    Alexandra looks like a mannequin.

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    I don't like this photoshoot and I'm so dissapointed.

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    at Hannah's But perfect final 3 of this cycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigrealityfan View Post
    Alex always have that tension in the eyes+mouth.
    I don't get it. Same facial expression every week.
    Ain't that the truth. It's always that mean b!tch tense look in the eyes and that mean pout in every picture.

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    cocomoco's ass


    ^ cant help it... it's her style love it or hate it
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