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    8/2 Discussion

    I think tonight was really weak for being the final 6 and only a week away from the finale.

    Natalie/Ivan were doomed as a pair. Both of their routines sucked (thanks to Ivan). As an individual Natalie did pretty decent. I definately think both of them are in serious danger of elimination.

    Benji/Donyelle were meh tonight. There first number was really weak. Although the praised Benji when they shouldn't of. I'm starting to notice the fan base for him is decreasing a little each week. All the fan girls think he's so HAWT and I think his face is the nastiest thing known to human. Their second number was AWESOME (thanks to Donyelle) but of course Benji got all the props. IMO he looked like a book nerd trying to be ghetto. Donyelle has really been sliping and I don't think she'll win anymore.

    Heidi/Travis were superb tonight. I definately agree with the fact that Heidi has been improving. I would have NEVER thought she would have made it this far. I really liked both of their numbers but the "African Dance" was AWESOME. I'm noticing MORE and MORE cheers and signs for Heidi, as well as more pimpage from the judges.

    IMO I rank the solos like this.

    Donyelle, Heidi, Travis, Benji, Ivan, Natalie

    I think Travis/Ivan and Donyelle/Natalie will be bottom 2. Natalie is toast for sure. I would like to think Ivan is toast but I could see it being a shocker.

    More and more each week it's appearing as if Heidi will win this.

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    I actually liked all the dances, but I did see some errors in every single dance.

    But knowing that the public is voting, who knows? I honestly feel that the final four should be Travis, Benji, Heide and Natalie. But that's the way I'm thinking as being in dancing all my life, it's most likely not going to be the way America votes.

    That last judge who talked about being a legend, well I agree with her 100%

    To me, I haven't seen a "dance legend" since Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Donald O'Conner, period! Sure there's been good female dancers, but Ginger Rogers really wasn't one of them. She was good because of Fred.

    And now, I'm still waiting for a dancer that at least bring back "memories" of the great ones. For me, both Benji and Travis have done that. Benji, however, has given me memories of Donald O'Conner.

    At this point, I would like all these young kids to win. To me they are all awesome. Right now, the way I fell, is I hope you've all seen the movie "Singing in the Rain". If you like Gene Kelly, vote for Travis. If you like Donald O'Conner, vote for Benji. Or, just vote how you want to vote.

    With the public voting, the one with the biggest fan base will win, not the one who really "should" win.

    Oh well, what can ya do?? LOL!
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