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Thread: Lisa-Marie Könnecke

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    Love her
    Her face is so stunning
    Go to Milan now please

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    I am glad they appreciated her appearance on the catwalk yesterday. I think she is one of the few that stand a chance to get signed in Milan etc.
    somehow I am glad that she is not getting any screentime as she will be less associated to the AL-Rebecca-Sarah-Heidi-Show

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    My favourite GNTM contestant ever ! I hope she's gonna make it big time !

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    She's in my Personal Top 5 already. I like her more and more.

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    I wonder how they're gonna justify her elimination. She could do an international show tomorrow and has been excelling at the photoshoots so far. Maybe that's why they don't give her much airtime on purpose...

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    She'd be the perfect cast for Wendy Torrance in The Shining.

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    she looks like mikaela +nicola of btnm
    she better win since heidi **** can apreciate florence

    go lisa!

    credit to Ejy

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    If she tones her body a little bit more she's a perfect 10 out of 10. She's Vogue worthy model material, way too precious for a cheap slutty mag like Cosmo.
    I hope she will have an amazing post show career - she deserves it !

    EDIT: She's ranked LAST in the viewers' voting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svperstar View Post
    She'd be the perfect cast for Wendy Torrance in The Shining.

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    Episode 11:

    Top-right picture: she'd look great with a haircut like that she totally has the face for shorter hair.

    I wish there would be some castings for runway jobs like in previous cycles, she'd blow the other girls out of the water.

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    She's so stunning it's ridiculous

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    boo @ her being bottom two this week !

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    THE perfect look! My favorite girl, but I highly doubt she has the chance of entering the Pro Sieben commercial girl finale...
    Danni Joy Cassie - NTM all time favorites

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    Ugh, her new mo is hideous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m13 View Post
    boo @ her being bottom two this week !
    she was not really in the bottom. she was just called last and therefore had to "face" ML in the last duel. otherwise it would have been Aleksandra in the b2 given she lost 3 duels (?)

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