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Thread: Face Off

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    Face Off

    This is a show I saw on SyFy. It's on at Monday's at 10p.m. It's about special effects make up artists, the format is like Project Runway and Top Chef. It's actually quite good and should be on Bravo but it makes more sense for it to be on SyFy.

    anyways, the artists have a lot of creative freedom and a lot of them are really skilled in different mediums. there have been 2 episodes so far, one challenge was to make human-animal hybrid with their models and the other one has been about body painting, they had to choose a canvas and make their models blend against the backdrop, it was really cool.

    There's also drama with the contestants, some are insecure, some are bitchy, some are arrogant. It's worth a watch if you're into creativity. The first 2 episodes are on right now.
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    I love this show. It is SO fascinating. It also seems to have a perfect balance of talent and personality with the contestants.

    Not to mention I love the host and judges.

    More people need to watch this show

    I've really agreed with the last three eliminations. ESPECIALLY that douchebag Frank.

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    I watched the first episode but i missed the rest i need to get into it

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    OMG looks amazing! I LOVE SEEING transformations like these!

    Need to start watching soon!

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    I love this show so far! It's so cool to see the transformations and see what these people can do with make up.

    I am so happy that little bitch, Frank finally went home! He was so whiny, I seriously couldn't stand him.

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    Sorry for the typo but the episodes are actually on Wednesdays at 10pm. I am missing Top Chef because that show is kind of getting old to me.

    Anyways last night had a great challenge: make your own villain. I loved the creepy doll by Sam and Jo's nun and I am really over Jo's insecurities.. she is my age (21) so i understand it can be intimating but she needs to be more competitive and aggro. they picked the right winner because it wasn't so Halloween like everyone else.

    Conor is sexy and I love the incredibly gay duo Gage and Marcel haha
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    This show just gets better and better! And there is so much more drama than I ever could've expected. I love how nearly everybody seems more focused on what all the others are doing rather than their own work.

    Part of me is glad to see Jo gone but then the other part of me will miss all the trash talking she did. Still sad Marcel left though. I thought he was for sure going to be in the final three.

    I think Sam will at least be in the final two. She has the perfect underdog edit.

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    I hope this comes back for a second season The winner was really predictable but oh well, this was still a blast to watch. arty

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    I had nothing to watch so i gave this show a try ..I loved it .the creativity and ideas were great. We need more shows like this.

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    I know that not many people here actually watched the first season but the second one is premiering this week!

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    Saw the first episode. Wow, the lion of the men's team was outstanding. But yeah, they went all too scary for each of the characters, whereas the women had much more variety and story in each of the characters.

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    Ian is my husband. kthnx.

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    I totally love this show! Tara's scarecrow was awesome.
    The woman totally owned the guys. Only the guy's Lion was better.

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    Nyx is cute
    I love SUE

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    Amazing premiere Tbh I can't get over how amazing the women's team Wicked Witch was.

    Sue, Rayce, Tara, Ian, and Brea are my early favorites. I can already tell that I'm going to strongly dislike Jerry though. (tbh I didn't think his elf woman in the foundation challenge was THAT great. I mean she was good and striking, but not all that imaginative imo)

    I see Miranda and Heather going out in the next couple weeks.

    And does Athena look just like Britney Spears to anyone else?

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    This has honestly become my favorite show. I need MORE! The water challenge was unbelievable! SUCH a cool concept. The winning team KILLED it. My favorite would be Sue, Rayce and Tara.
    I see the Britney in Athena, Wiest. She looks kind of busted though - I think it's her make up or something.

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    I'm a sucker for creativity-based competition shows and this one is amazeballs. It's a perfect blend of aesthetic and execution.

    Tbh, there's been only one season and two episodes of another, but all things point to a woman winner, likely Brea.

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    Sooo did not expect Nix to go so early. I thought he was a shoo-in for the final three if anything.

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