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Thread: Face Off

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    i dont watch this show, but i figure i tell you all it was renewed for a third season.

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    I so did not expect Sue to be the challenge winner. It was totally deserved but her edit the whole episode was pointing towards elimination, if anything. It was a bad challenge overall though, in terms of results. Most of them just looked completely fake, like bad masks. The only two that were any good were Sue's and the 100 year old from the blonde triplets, IMO.

    I loved that foundation challenge btw, where they had to make the beautiful women ugly.

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    Their challenges are so unique and fun to watch. Great job, producers for always keeping it fresh! I love the making beautiful women ugly and the triplet challenge. Heather's deserved the elimination - that face was frightening.

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    I was shocked when Sue won Immunity but Wiest you're right. Her edit was totally pointed towards an elimination for her. I thought Heather did great with her makeup but I also agree upon her elimination.

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    I dont understand why Sues still here. She is the weakest of them all.

    IAN for the win... the most humble Contestant and most talented evah.

    This weeks designs were so so .

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    This season have good challenges but the contestants are not delivering the best that they can. the Alien challenge couldve produced amazing results but it was just so so..

    I Liked Ians but his loked like a zombie/ hills have eyes creature than an alien. BUT his coloring skills are amazing.

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    I pretty much agreed with everything this week. Except I probably would've given Rayce that challenge win. Ian's was great but Rayce's completely blew me away.

    Glad to see Jerry finally go home. I'm not really sad to see Tara go though. I did like her but it has felt like a long time coming. The judges never seemed to like anything she did so I've been anticipating her elimination for weeks now.

    Really excited for next week's Tim Burton challenge. Everything in the preview looked stellar.

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    Amazing challenges this season - they just keep upping their game. I'm so happy Gerry is gone! He really annoyed me how many times he said "I've been doing this for 20 years!".

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    Rayce/Ian for Top 02!

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    ^ I have such a crush on Rayce iwbh. I wish he got more screentime.

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    So I'm not the only one

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    Ian has been mine since the beginning

    I was nervous for him when he opened the episode and they were talking about him second guessing himself. Thought he was leaving, but hopefully this is "rookie gains confidence" winner arc!

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    omg @ Beki leaving

    At the start of the episode I thought she might be headed in that direction but then I figured "Nah, she's guaranteed for the finale"


    So happy at Rayce winning though. This was such an amazing challenge and imo everybody did a wonderful job. Even the bottom three.

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    TBH this also means another guy's winning, I just don't see Sue as a winner after her edit.

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    The producers behind this show are amazing. They really know how to challenge these contestants and bring out great, interesting results. These challenges are so inspiring. I get chills seeing the results.

    RJ + Rayce + Matt for the finale. Their minds are superior to everyone else.

    The Cello idea was just, please excuse my word, orgasmic. That was unbelievable work.
    The make up for the Ice Man used so many amazing colors as well.
    The geometric make up of the bellhop? PERFECT.

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    Until last night, I thought Final 3 was Becki, Matt, Rayce.

    Now that Becki's gone, I definitely see Ian being in the final.

    IMO, it'll go:

    5) Sue
    4) RJ
    3) Matt
    2) Ian
    1) Rayce

    Though I want my bb Ian to win.

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    I just hope Ian can get his confidence up...

    5. Sue
    4. Ian
    3. RJ
    2. Matt
    1. Rayce (he's from Idaho...)

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