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Thread: Face Off

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    What I Think:
    1. Anthony
    2. Eric F.
    3. Kris
    4. Eric Z.
    5. Wayne
    6. House
    7. Meagan
    8. Autumn

    What I Want:
    1. Eric Z.
    2. Wayne
    3. Anthony
    4. Kris
    5. Meagan
    6. House
    7. Autumn
    8. Eric F.

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    Roy from last season did a little presentation tonight where I live. I totally got to meet him! 8D

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    It's a shame that the challenges lately have not been as exciting but finally, I am stoked to see next weeks' one! I am really excited for a glow-in-the-dark challenge!

    Anthony, Kris, and Eric Z for Final 3.

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    Werk at Meg being the last standing women.
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    God, I am so glad Autumn is finally gone. She was such a bitch and I couldn't stand the sound of her voice, it was so whiny. I really like Kris, his work is super impressive, and I hope he can snatch the win

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    There was something about Autumn's personality I liked (and I can't explain why ) but her elimination did seem overdue.

    If you had told me at the beginning of the season that Meagan would be the last woman standing I totally wouldn't have believed you. Good for her getting a redemption, though.

    Next week's challenge looks great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiest View Post
    If you had told me at the beginning of the season that Meagan would be the last woman standing I totally wouldn't have believed you. Good for her getting a redemption, though.
    I was just coming to post the EXACT same thing! I am sensing a Kris/Anthony/Wayne finale or Kris/Anthony/Eric Z finale. I think Meagan is definitely improving <3 Autumn's elimination was DEFINITELY overdue. Glad she is gone! I'm glad the judges finally said something about how Eric F always tries to do something big and it doesn't always work out and how eventually he isn't going to keep skating by.

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    Okay, wow. I loved the ultraviolet aspect to this challenge! Not many managed to pull it off, but the few that did definitely made looks that are my favorite out of all the seasons.

    I loved Wayne's crab character and Anthony's. Wow oh wow!

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    I totally thought Alam would have been the last woman standing. I kind of thought Megan's elimination was somewhat overdue too. I don't remember any good looks from her. Good for her for being the last woman standing, though!

    I loved Chris' character the most but the judges were right about their critiques. Damn @ Anthony winning again.

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    Seriously, Meagan overstayed her welcome, imo. She should've went out during the original super hero challenge. It was a monstrosity, and her work has been abysmal ever since. The only thing that kept her this far were team challenges where she had someone to fall back on.

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    Meagan definitely overstayed her welcome. I think she got lucky. At the beginning of the season I thought it would be Jenna, but then I found out about her hand. I thought Alex was going to be able to step it up but that didn't happen, so then I was hoping that Alam would be able to pull it off. Oh well. I'm surprised that Eric F. is still there. I just hate his pieces of work. They seem so sloppy and messy to me. I'm just not a fan.

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    I love Eric F's work for the most part Even though his jellyfish creature this week was unfinished I loved what I saw of it.

    I kind of thought Meagan would last another week or two, being the token female left and all. But she did overstay her welcome and never impressed me that much. Though I was kind of shocked when Eric Z got the boot too. From the moment they turned on the ultraviolet and I saw his messy paint work I knew he'd be in trouble but House has surprisingly enough taken on kind of a back burner role this season so I thought he'd be out.

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    I definitely agree with House taking a back-burner. He was such a strong personality during the first episode and he kind of faded to neverland after that. I was expecting him to get the boot, but I knew Eric's head was on the chopping block. He had some very good works for me and some misses.

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    Dear lord the judges were harsh on the bottom looks this week. I didn't have a problem with any of the details they were nitpicking at.

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    A pretty solid final three IMO. Probably the best one they could've gotten out of the season. But at the same time I can't say I really care who wins I like them all and any of them would make for a good winner. This time around there just isn't that finalist that I REALLY want to see win, like Rayce and Laura in the past two seasons. All three guys are equally likable and worthy to me

    Btw Eric Z is the winner of the redemption series and will be coming back for next season.

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    Ahhhhh I was rooting so hard for Wayne but I dont mind that Anthony won. To be fair, I wasn't really blown away by any of the finale looks. But I wish it was Alam coming back next season instead.

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    A pretty solid winner, but I'd have been happy with any of them. Ngl though I almost got a little choked up because of how strong the bromance between the three of them was, and it really showed in the finale.

    I wasn't really blown away by any of the finale looks either, tbh. I was expecting more things like Nicole's coral creature from last season. I LOVED the sliver/blue male that Kris did but the female looked like a giant cheeto. But I suppose they couldn't really get too extravagant, considering all the watery stunts the actors had to do. The challenge seemed more suited for a regular episode instead of the finale.

    How hot did McKenzie look in that grape purple sparkly dress btw~
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    Next season might be All Star, or at least partially. They showed an ad during Defiance with the silhouettes of Roy, Alana, Ian, and I think Laura and it mentioned tough competitors.

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