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    Mychael Knight

    Birthday: 04-11-1978
    Hometown: Atlanta, GA

    Michael Knight is not one to mince words about why he entered Project Runway. “I wanted to win the competition and take over the world,” claims the 28-year-old designer. Inspired by the artistry of the late Gianni Versace, Knight was born in Nuremberg, Germany and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. Currently a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, Knight is a self-employed fashion designer and stylist who says that his passions are food and music when he's not eagerly anticipating his next fashion move. Knight has a degree in Apparel Design and Merchandising.

    Q & A

    Question: Astrology Sign
    Michael: Aries
    Question: How would you describe your personal style?
    Michael: Sexy, street chic. I don’t mind showing a little skin. I don’t try to prove a huge statement. Whatever I like and looks good and has a street edge, I’m with it.
    Question: When did you first start to design clothes?
    Michael: It was a G-d-given talent. When I was 11 or 12, I was watching Soul Train and I saw a girl with a little outfit on and it really caught my interest. I studied and tried to recreate it and make it look better. I did my little sketches and started from the
    Question: Do you have any formal design training?
    Michael: I went to Georgia Southern University where I majored in fashion design and merchandising. Then did internships at a boutique in Atlanta – doing sales, inventory and learning the business. (I tried working at a collection agency but that didn’
    Question: If you win, what are you planning to do with the money?
    Michael: Move back to Atlanta, begin working on my line, to produce a world-renowned label, and start a fashion district in Atlanta
    Question: What are some of your key fashion DO’s and DON’T’s?
    Michael: DO - you. Whatever makes you comfortable. DON’T listen to anyone else’s opinion about fashion. DON’T wear anything that requires elastic
    Question: Who do you think are the best-dressed celebrities? Worst-dressed? Why?
    Michael: Best – P. Diddy, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan – she’s really well put together. (Her stylist Rachel Zoe.) Sharon Stone, Angela Bassett, Christina Milian (singer) – she’s conscious of her body and doesn’t
    Question: Who do you think were the best fashion icons in past decades?
    Michael: L’il Kim, Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Frank Sinatra, James Dean
    Question: Do you have a favorite clothing decade?
    Michael: 30s – it was so glamorous – silk, charmeuse, lines, hats. Everyone really dressed up. and the 70s – one of the sexier eras with hip huggers, tight bellbottoms, hot pants, halter tops – it was all about skin.
    Question: What celebrities would you like to dress? Why?
    Michael: Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan, Mary J. Blige, Eve, Oprah Winfrey, Nicole Richie, Sara Jessica Parker, Janet Jackson, Hillary Swank, Halle Berry, Naomi Campbell I want to dress all celebrities. Even if Dennis Rodman wanted to wear one of my gowns.
    Question: Where do you find the best items? Mall? Boutique? Thrift store? Sample sale? Where else?
    Michael: I find the best stuff in thrift stores. You can find all the pieces that are timeless if you know how to look for them.
    Question: What's the biggest mistake people make when shopping?
    Michael: They try to buy an outfit. I look for a piece that I can pull and build around it, even jeans.


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    I posted this before and it got eaten, but I think he is just fabulous. I cannot believe his dress from the last challenge didn't win, let alone even score high. And I can't wait for this week's episode:

    Word is, the designers are teamed in groups of three and he is grouped together with Laura and Angela. Now I know why they kept Angela around, so Laura and Michael can talk **** about her all episode!
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    I like his outfits, they all have seemed so put together and well thought out... his outfit this past week was great!

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    Michael is my second fave after Alison! He's down to earth, collected, grounded, and he truly knows a woman's body. The portfolio he showed during the auditions wasn't anything great, in fact I strongly disliked some of his pieces. However, PR has pushed him to really show what he's capable of and I'm loving everything so far!
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    I totally agree r0guish and I think that his "jet-setter" ensemble was so great and it fit him perfectly! I think he really is the most grounded, as you say.

    I have no doubt he will make it to fashion week - I believe Uli and he have been consistently good throughout and with the designers that remain there is not a chance they will send him home before fashion week.

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    I agree with you Erika, he's done great throughout the whole thing and I'm very sure he'll make it to fashion week

    Wasn't too fond of his dress this week though... but he's made great pieces in the past

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    I like this guy too! He has a good attitude, I like his style and plus he's from the South......holla!
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    I'm glad they didn't get rid of Michael this week even though his design stunk. I see him in the final 3.

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    Yeah, his dress sucked this week. Not worse than Vincent's and Laura's, but it was still pretty bad. Gorgeous color though, and I like Nazri the best of all the models.
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    I'd love to see him at the fashion week. He's developing slowly. Hopefully he'll get his piece in order. Didn't like the Foxy Brown suit he made at all nor the white outfit or himself.

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    ii love michael he is so fierce he deserves so many zsnaps

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