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Thread: The Academy Awards

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    The King's Speech is the only nominee I have actually watched . It was amazing though and I am glad to see it get recognition.

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    Does anyone know where I can watched this.

    DAMN YOU subscription channels

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    Out of the nominees, I saw Black Swan, The Fighter, The Social Network, Toy Story 3, and The Kids Are All Right, so I won't say anything about if The King's Speech deserved it.

    I'm so glad that Natalie Portman won Best Actress. She's honestly my favorite actress ever and she looked gorgeous. Also, I thought Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Halle Berry, and Scarlett Johannsen were best dressed. The only person who I thought looked bad was Sandra Bullock. I love Sandra, but she just looked sort of washed up and lacked the glow she usually has.

    ETA: Oh, and was James Franco literally high or is that an assumption?
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    Oh ya Sandra Bullock looked totally washed out. Not blaming her or anything--she's had a rough year since the last Oscars and his probably a tired Mama.

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    I'm sad the brazilian documentary didn't won. But that's ok, I'm glad this documentary has reached so far and touched so many people for the reality in Brazil. Hope people will start doin' something about it, and try to fix it as soon as possible.

    Gosh, a friend of mine told me that The King's Speech is good, and now, I wanna watch it so badly.

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    vp, i want to see Wasteland so badly.
    it's next on my list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucyinthesky89 View Post
    -Helena Bonham Carter needs to stop looking like such a misery at these things--I love her but God.

    Those faces made my night, tbh.

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    canada, i wish

    I lovedddddddddd this show! Yeah, the hosts pretty much sucked, but the crack at Charlie Sheen was histerical, Sandra talking about Franco being on GH, Mila's dress and Natalie. I wanna see The King's Speech soooooooooooo bad! And Black Swan. And The Fighter.

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    OMG the scene they showed of Natalie when they presented her the award with her on the phone was simply superb. Definatly shows how well she can act

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucyinthesky89 View Post
    vp, i want to see Wasteland so badly.
    it's next on my list.
    I wanna see it too so badly. I hope any channel will broadcast it soon, even knowing it's a bit difficult.

    Today we had a reportag about those people that still live there, and they were so happy with everything that was going on. Anyway, as I said before, I hope people will start doing something to try to change the reality, because people there, live like trash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by youllseemeontv View Post
    Lol @ people who wanted Hailee Steinfeld. There's a big difference between a cute performance and an Oscar-worthy performance.
    No need to be rude about it. I'm sure her performance wasn't just "cute" considering all the nominations she has received.

    I love both Anne and James but I was disappointed in their hosting NOT because of them, but because of the awful writing. If they had better material to work with then I'm sure their hosting would have been better received. How do you have the best people in Hollywood in a building yet you can't have decent jokes? I find the writing at the Oscar's to be bad every year tbh so it bothers me that the blame is put on the hosts just because they're young and ~different~.

    I don't agree with The King's Speech winning. I thought it was definitely a good movie but not omgstunningamazingwow, and I actually think it dragged on too long at times. The Social Network should have won IMO. Annoyed that 127 Hours didn't win anything, it really was a great film, and I'm not just biased because of my James love.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiest View Post
    I enjoyed tonight's ceremony a lot tbh. It wasn't the most entertaining year at the Oscars but it was still great, IMO. I thought Anne and James did a fine job at hosting and I am pretty much pleased with the winners.

    Some random thoughts though

    - Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake up there chatting and presenting those awards was so... awkward.
    - Am I the only one who HATED Cate Blanchett's dress? :/ Normally I love her style but I thought what she had on tonight was atrocious.
    - @ how so many people on the internet are freaking out over that one guy simply thanking his boyfriend in his acceptance speech.
    - Okay I'm used to Oscar speeches being really long and thanking 5,000 names that I don't care about but was it just me or were they ALL like that this year? I found most of them really tedious to sit through. I mean I'm not judging them. I can only imagine the overwhelming joy they must be feeling. But damn. They all made me really nervous that the orchestra would start playing that hurry up song at any moment.
    - Melissa Leo is such a mess First her hitting on Kirk Douglas, then dropping an F-bomb, then her speech going all over the place, and then shouting that random mini-rant at the end of it. LAWD! She probably could've benefited from a hit or two from one of the bowls James Franco must've smoked before the show.
    - The whole thing seemed kind empty to me, celebrity-wise. Like there were plenty there but usually it seems like there are a TON more.

    That is all... for now.

    I already can't wait for next year.
    I agree with pretty much all of this - ESPECIALLY the thing about Cate Blanchett's dress. SO weird. Bottom was pretty, top was not. IDK if it's Givenchy, it was not working. Mila Kunis was best dressed imo. Woman is STUNNING. I didn't like most of the dresses I saw last night though...I was a fan of a fair few, but some of them I was just like oh lawd...

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    I still can't get over the fact Fincher was MAJORLY ROBBED for best director once again!
    What does this man need to do to finally get his award?
    I mean The King's Speech was a great movie and it kinda deserved to get best picture although my favorite was Inception but Tom Hooper getting best director is BS!
    I mean who is that guy?Nobody heard of him until The King's Speech whereas Fincher made masterpieces like The Fight Club,The Game,Panic Room,Zodiac and he was already nominated for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...
    I would have even been ok with Aronofsky getting the Oscar mainly because he should have gotten nominated for both Requiem for a dream and The Wrestler,and his debut film Pi is a masterpiece.
    I'm still so pissed
    The only thing that made up for this was Natalie getting her deserved award and Inception getting most of the technical awards

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    The King's Speech win wasn't at all surprising. Both DGA and SAG were lusting over this movie and usually after a film won at the DGA, it would undoubtedly earn the best picture trophy at the Oscars (I read an article about it on Roger Ebert's blog, there were only 2-3 times the DGA missed. I'm gonna find it soon). Personally, I would've chosen The Social Network. The movie is so ground-breaking that it actually deserves to be called iconic imo. I know everyone has said this but I'm gonna say it again, this movie is like the Citizen Kane of our geenration and that statement alone pretty much sums up the brilliance and ingenuity that both Fincher and Sorkin exhibit in this movie.

    I like Natalie Portman and she's done an stounding job in Black Swan, you can tell that she's really committed to her role. But personally, I prefer Michelle Williams over her. I love the way she portrays this depressed and chronically fed-up women without any sense of actorly vanity in Blue Valentine. It's not as one of a kind as Portman's role in Black Swan but in terms of impact, Williams made a more indelible impact after the movie finished, at least for me.

    U MAD?

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    Helena was such a character... I and adore her! s

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    I'm hopeful that Glenn Close will finally get an oscar in 2012. I have high hopes for her role in Albert Nobbs. She should have won for Dangerous Liasons!

    Also, I think Annette Bening deserved to win this year more than overrated Natalie Portman.

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    Praying for a Mcadams nod for Midnight in Paris. I've not even seen her performance, but I'm assuming its amazing

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    The help needs to me nominated for picture of the year and win it. It is so far the best movie this year by far!

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