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Thread: 7/11 Show Discussion

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    7/11 Show Discussion

    Use this thread to comment on the July 11th show of Last Comic Standing!


    Wow, what a night! This is the last show before America gets the chance to vote for the Final 6... well Final 5 as we just found out!

    First the comedians did a roast on Gabriel! Everyone was funny, except for Rebecca and Kristen... but in the end the 100% well deserved winner was Chris! There was no immunity however...

    Then we had some "Laughable-Drama" when Gabriel was caught using a blackberry and was actually communicating jokes to his loved one! We then had an appearance from the producers and the furture final 6 now became a final 5!

    Right now Kristen, Rebecca, and Ty are competing in the head to head show down and only one will return! Who will it be? That's where I am running off to go find out!

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    It would be a wonderful show if all three of them stayed away. The best four comics are the ones left anyway.
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    After an eventful head to head, Kristen re-used jokes, I realized how short Rebecca is, and Ty for the first time did well! And by 69% of the votes (the number means something?), Ty is staying in the game!

    Based on THIS head to head, I think Ty was definitly the best choice to stay, based on my overall preferences, favorites, and other jokes, I think Kristen should've stayed, but I think the audience made the right decision!

    Well we have the Last Comic Standing's Final 5, and I quite happy with them all! I think each of them deserve to be there, and I think it is the best case scenario based on their comedic abilities! They are Roz, Josh, Chris, Michelle, and Ty!


    My Thoughts on the Final 5:

    Roz: I always loved her! She has a big voice and is able to make everyone have their attention on her! She deserved to be in the Finals since the very beginning! (25%chance)

    Josh: I personally always liked him, but I don't know what America will think of him! I do think he is funny and has proved himself! He deserves to be in the Finals! (24% chance)

    Chris: I have liked him more and more each week! I admit I never liked him all too much in the beginning, but once you get used to his harsh style, he is very funny and deserves to be in the finals! (25% chance)

    Michelle: She has definitly proven herself! She is very funny and has probably worked the hardest to get to the finals! I like her, but of the demographic who watch the show, I don't know if America will like her... (24% chance)

    Ty: I personally think he has no shot in hell at winning... I may be totally off base, America may like him, but I really do not think he will win! To be honest I really never thought he was funny till tonights show... (2% chance)

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    WOW. I don't know whether to be happy or sad. I guess I would choose Ty over Kristen, since I've never seen much of him, and I've seen entirely too much of Kristen and she's still never made me laugh. I think four of the five are pretty funny, but there's no one that I think is just the greatest undiscovered comic in the world.
    Light travels faster than sound. That is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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    You would think that if Ty was going to make the finale he would have some airtime. This whole season I thought they were playing Kristen up for the finale. I think that a woman will win since they are been playing the subject up all season.

    Here's my prediction for the Finale:
    Ty eliminated 1st
    Michele eliminated 2nd (although I think she should make it a place further, I just don't see Josh going and he should, because people pitty him)
    Chris Porter eliminated 3rd- He's funny but he will lose out to the Josh pity vote. He deserves final 2 if not the win.
    Roz runner up- Although I think she should win or final 2 she will lose out to the Josh pity vote. Although I won't be surpised after Dat winning
    over Raphlie that she will win.
    Josh winner- He's funny. But his material gets old. I liked him entering the final 2 but his jokes are boring now. He has the pity vote and I think he will win.

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    Roz hasn't made me laugh yet. I don't think she earned a spot in the final five. I think she's the only one of the five who didn't earn a spot. Chris, Ty, and Michelle all won head to head matchups. Josh has been hilarious and won a capital one audience selection in the pre-lims. Also, he's been consistently funny even when not performing (which Dat Phan NEVER was!) so I think he's earned his spot.

    My ideal would be:

    5th: Roz
    4th: Michelle
    3rd: Ty
    2nd: Josh
    Winner: Chris Porter

    Of course, all of this could change if somebody has a great set next week. They better bring it! No old material! I want the new stuff!!!!

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    Josh. is. not. funny. He's quite annoying IMO. I mean, maybe one or two jokes about his disability, but, after that, it gets really old.

    Roz is funny, I like her a lot.

    Ty is sort of funny, but he won't win.

    I find Chris and Michelle not funny at all. Maybe one or two jokes, but their material is not that funny IMO.

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