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Thread: Episode 5: 01/12/2019 - "Roast in Peace"

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    I don’t really see the point in a comeback queen this season. Latrice is a star, but her performance overall wouldn’t justify her winning unless she slayed from here on out. And the other three are non-entities at this point. It should’ve been a non-elimination and that’s all.

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    ^Agreed. Not looking forward to someone going home because they're bringing back a queen who doesn't deserve it, but I'm ready for the drama.

    Episode was great again, a nice mixture of queens who did well and queens who bombed. Again I loved the lipsync. It's nice to be back to a point where lipsync doesn't have to be a constant dance off to be impressive.

    Also haven't read any spoilers this season so I don't know for sure but I'm guessing that Latrice will probably come back and eliminate Monique. Sucks because I feel like Monique will be stiffed again due to a smaller fanbase when Valentina definitely could've been cut this week and it'd be fair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by feeldachange View Post
    I’m happy no one went home. This has been the strongest all star season by far. Even in season 2, we had Roxxxy in the bottom every week since the 2nd episode and yet she still made top 4. Nobody is bulldozing everyone else ala Alaska except maybe Manila but even she can be hit or miss depending on the week.
    Very much this...this season is turning out to be such a well rounded when it comes to talent & entertainment/drama. Nobody is the clear pick for winner (at least to me) and I’m loving it. I’m just praying that the second half of the season doesn’t lose it’s magic like S10 (sue me).

    Also love that Manila & Monét wrapped up the lipstick drama quickly before it got stupid. I absolutely lived for their lip sync! Their chemistry was everything. Ru is really giving it to us with the song choices this season. Always & forever a stan of Queen Aretha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpadeX View Post
    Valentina saved herself though. She didn't do great but she was a lot better than whatever trainwreck Trinity and Naomi were. Eliminating her this episode would have made absolutely no sense.
    I know,Valentina didn't deserved to be in the bottom compared to Naomi and Trinity. That's why I think the latter two should've veen in bottom 2 with Naomi going home in my og post.
    But allegedely both Monet & Manila are trying to eliminate Valentina so I guess the production team decide to save her..

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    The background music has gotten comically bad and it makes parts of the show borderline unwatchable. And I know they always over-edit reactions to roast type challenges to make it clear who did well and who flopped (and occasionally it even adds comedic effect, e.g. Alyssa getting mic feedback in S5) but something about how they did it this episode and Jersey Justice made it hard to actually appreciate the funny moments!

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    ^ Seconded.

    I literally had to go back and watch the old roasts because I didn't know if I just didn't realise beforehand and it was getting increasingly louder this season It was super distracting during Naomi's especially, hers would've been so much funnier/awkward if it was silence behind her jokes/awkward laughs.

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    As much as I love Valentina, I wish production wouldn't interfere so much with the elimination process. Manila and Monet probably chose her lipstick and so what? Alyssa Edwards proved you can leave at the top 5-6 and still become the star of the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by My popola is tasty View Post
    Loved this episode, I watched it while having a threesome with my roommate and her boyfriend mmmmm
    Henny, this is too much INFO hahaha. you a mess i love it

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