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Thread: Episeauxde 12 "The Girl Who Was Further Wowed by Her Tremendous Twerking Skills"

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    The Bawx Girls Club ◇ ROUND 12 RESULTS

    NACHEAUX, you have been BAWXED OUT FOREVAH!!

    OOC: LEWL BEW! 😂 Queeighn Ivy outlasted you! Muah da internationelle bew'y!

    Jodie: Mandie will resume with the next round ghels! Say goodbye to Goldie and Ivy as the make love into the night x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icing View Post

    You are a wack-ass bitch that has a wack-ass weave, and I don't like your wack-ass ass.
    Didn't that rash bitch leave you BAWXLESS? F**k you, fat bitch. Back to the losers' circle you go, whore.

    *Bewtz struts off to bed while Cubic Zirconie and The Rash ride to the hotel in an Astro Van, with one headlight.

    Ivy, you're still a c**t. MUAH.

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    Laurelle: I didn't even have to pull a double cross? Boss bitch status.

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